LaRon Landry signs with Colts

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The Colts have signed Jets free agent safety LaRon Landry, the club said Wednesday night.

CBS’ Jason La Canfora first reported the Colts-Landry pact. PFT has learned the deal includes $14 million in guarantees — with $11 million guaranteed.

Per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the four-year contract averages $6 million per season.

“We’re ecstatic about this signing,” Colts GM Ryan Grigson said in a statement issued by the club. “We feel LaRon is an absolute game changer and a true impact player. We’re talking about a 220-pound safety that runs 4.3 and plays to that speed. His approach to the game and his style of play are lights out and embody the culture we’re building on the defense and this team in general.”

The 28-year-old Landry recorded 100 tackles for the Jets in 2012 and made the Pro Bowl. He forced a career-best four fumbles and equaled a career-high in interceptions (tw0).

The Landry signing takes another member of the PFT Free Agent Hot 100 off the board. Landry was ranked No. 47 on the list.

Earlier Thursday, former Jets starting tailback Shonn Greene joined the Titans.

26 responses to “LaRon Landry signs with Colts

  1. all he cared about was the big hit and then flexing his roided out muscles. he could have cared less being in that mess last year. its about the paycheck and the highlight hits for him.

  2. The Colts are getting a lot of work done so far in free agency. This is the first big name that they’ve signed so far, but they’ve added four other key pieces to their defense.

  3. Good pickup. The Colts have historically struggled against the run except when they had Bob Sanders. And Landry is very similar to Sanders from a playing standpoint. Physical, aggressive, tackling machine.

  4. Landry definitely played better than I thought he would last year, so hats off to him for using the Jets a springboard and proving his worth. No sarcasm – he played really well given the circumstances last year.

    That said, now that he has more than a “1-year prove yourself” contract, I’m not certain… but I expect more “go for the big Superman hit vs. wrapping up and tackling”, more issues with his unaddressed-Achilles problems, more personal foul penalties, and more blown coverages.

    That said, Part 2: Anyone who owns a mirror company in the Indianapolis area should expect their profit margins to soar in the next few years.

  5. If I was a colts fan (which in not) id be alittle concerned that my GM gets all G.A.Y over any player. Successful GM’s keep their eye on the bottom line… which is cost/production. Grigson sounds like he wants landry to give him a reach around.

  6. that’s funny all you people are thinking that the players are dumping the jets did you hear of any these players get contract offers from the jets hmmmmm ahhh NO if the jets wanted them they would have offerd them a contract right

  7. We needed a player like Landry..hard hitting game changer, him, Toler, Davis, Bethea, Butler, wide recievers are gona get clocked catchin the balls

  8. The Jets are broke and they are rebuilding everything.

    They are not spending any money on free agents at all or even try to keep the super star they have on their roster.

    It is a sad day and year coming yet again for Jets fans.

    Going to miss LaRon

  9. LaRon will be a beast for us!! Needed some safety help, now i just hope he can stay healthy…which is the case for every player I guess!

  10. Landry whiffs on tackles, makes plays after the player got a first down on 3/12, and runs his mouth entirely too much. So glad this malcontent isn’t in DC anymore, and even better he landed in Indy. He is so bad he will probably injure Leaf on an offensive play. Welcome to the basement colts fans.


  11. @andylucks**ck
    Not only are you an ass you compound it by being a dumbass. First the name. It is very apparent you are struggling with your man on man love feelings. It’s ok we live in an open society. Feel free to “come out”. This so called malcontent (Landry) is actually a true striker that makes recievers and qb’s who think they are a running back, weak in the knees because when he lays the wood to somebody (not the way you like) it can be a game changing moment. The basement is where trolls live in their parents house playing x box and writing silly posts all day hoping someone finds them witty. Sorry bro, go back to playing “Call of Duty” and leave the writing to the grown ups.

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