Louis Delmas visiting 49ers


The free agent safety market has started to thin, but several accomplished players remain available. Among them: Lions free agent Louis Delmas, who will visit the 49ers, ESPN’s Adam Schefter said Wednesday night.

The 25-year-old Delmas, a 49-game starter for Detroit in the last four seasons, visited St. Louis to begin free agency. Now he will be hosted by the Rams’ division rivals, who have a clear need in the defensive backfield with free safety Dashon Goldson moving on to Tampa Bay.

Delmas, ranked No. 49 on PFT’s Free Agent Hot 100, would be a solid replacement for Goldson on his best form. The primary potential concern with Delmas is durability. He missed eight games in 2012 and five in 2011 because of injuries to both knees.

The Lions added Texans free safety Glover Quin on Wednesday, filling one starting spot at the position.

23 responses to “Louis Delmas visiting 49ers

  1. Take him…..please.

    Biggest trash-talker that can’t stay on the field.

    All of us in the D thought Titus was a jerk. Who knows…..maybe Delmas deserved to be sucker-punched.

  2. He is better in coverage but Dashon was a tank. For the right price he is worth the risk. A coverage upgrade toughness downgrade. As long as he can stay healthy I think the better coverage outweighs the harder hits

  3. Damn man I’m not really liking any of our options… It’s hard thinking of somebody else besides Dashon back there.. I think we should sign Reed… And draft a safety in second round to learn from him! GO NINERS

  4. I agree goldrush36. It was fun to watch Goldson knock people out, but everytime he did, i was anticipating the yellow laundry come flying and the other team getting 15 yards and a first down. Goldson will be missed for sure, but we got burned way too much on the deep balls throughout the season…though not entirely his fault

  5. –goldrush36 says: Mar 13, 2013 10:27 PM

    He is better in coverage but Dashon was a tank. For the right price he is worth the risk. A coverage upgrade toughness downgrade. As long as he can stay healthy I think the better coverage outweighs the harder hits–

    Lions fan for a long time here… Delmas isn’t the greatest in coverage nor is he a tank, but i’ll tell you what, if you guys get him and he stays healthy, the guy’s a heck of a player.. A true playmaker, very instinctive and plays with 120% effort and heart. Plays bigger than his size.. If you guys add him, hope he stays healthy for you.. I guarantee you will have a fringe pro bowler if so.

  6. Delmas isn’t great in coverage, he is a gambler who falls in love with the big hit. His time in Detroit was a huge disappointment and he was one of the more over-hyped players on the Lions over the past decade. Although he is a good player when healthy, he is nearly always hurt/injured. I’m glad the Lions are going in a different direction.

  7. If he goes to the 9ers they will be getting one of the better safeties in the league (when he is healthy) and one hell of a team leader. Good luck wherever you end up Mr. Delmas.

  8. We need a Goldson replacement, maybe he is it. I wasn’t all that sad to see Dashon go. He wanted the huge contract and got, good for him. He was a fierce hitter, but that talent is not as valuable as it used to be with the rule changes. He pretty much go one personal foul per game. Some of those were in bad moments that kept the opponents drive alive. As Balke says, you can’t pay everyone. Being a GM is an interesting job. Your success is dependent on getting players who are not getting paid all they deserve. The more players you have in that category, assuming you are near the salary cap, the more success your team will have.

  9. He might not have been the best in coverage but when he was in the game he made a difference. Calling out plays, making changes pretty snap. In the niners system he would no doubt flourish and be one of the best safteys in the league. For the lions he could only do so much, he made us just a better defensive team when he was out there. But with our poor run defense he had to have his eyes in the backfield which made him look worse in coverage than he actually is. Part of me wants him to go to the niners so I can see his full potential come to, but we need you back in the D so baddd. And another issue I can’t remember him coming into the season at full health, last year he had surgery to repair an injury from the previous year which for some reason we thought would heal by itself and then he rushed back, so if he passes a physical and checks out, your getting one of the better safety’s

  10. I agree with the above sentiment; Detroit fans are impressing me with their honest assessments and lack of hate or trash talk.

    I was thinking the 9ers would end up with a guy like Delmas and was wondering what Lions fans thought of him for real. Sounds like he is the type of guy who, if healthy, would play well surrounded by other talented players. Sometimes guys who you think are garbage look good on a better team, no disrespect intended. Hopefully they can land Delmas, but the 9ers like to go for deals. They sit back and never, never pay full price in free agency. I can see them going for Kerry Rhodes or even Michael Huff. I much prefer Delmas though.

  11. There’s no question that Delmas has heart and intensity. He energized the team when he was on the field and they played better when he was out there, but him being healthy enough to stay on the field is the major issue. He’s at risk of becoming Bob Sanders 2.0. Like other’s said he’s also a gambler that is more interested in making a big hit.

    I’ll miss the guy but his health made him a liability. I’m glad the Lions didn’t gamble on resigning him and I’m happy with them picking up Glover.

  12. With 12-14 picks next month SF doesnt HAVE to grab a FA for th backfield – but nothing wrong with kicking the tires on a few to see if there is a fit.

    I dont want Huff – anyone who cant make the Raiders doesnt interest me.

  13. 49er fans trying to clown Avril. You lose All Pro S to the Bucs and Louis Delmas is who you are now selling to yourself as his replacement? Oh man that’s good comedy.

  14. Here is what will happen. San fran gets delmas or asomugha. Seattle gets woodson, then the seahawks begin their decade long dominance over the forty-whiners. Go hawks!

  15. I am with the rest of the Lions fans chiming in.

    Delmas is a gambler and a constant concern in terms of health; with that said, it is OBVIOUS to anyone with a set of eyes that the entire feel (and play) of the defense is different – in a good way – when he is on the field.

    I really hope he sticks with Detroit but if not I wish him the best.

  16. goldrush36 says:
    Mar 13, 2013 10:27 PM
    He is better in coverage but Dashon was a tank. For the right price he is worth the risk. A coverage upgrade toughness downgrade. As long as he can stay healthy I think the better coverage outweighs the harder hits

    I think you are thinking of the wrong Louis delmas.. his coverage is ok, but he is much more known as a killer back there

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