NFL Network apologizes for F-bombing Bill Belichick


On Tuesday night, NFL Network aired a series of F-bombs spoken by someone off camera (it sounded like Warren Sapp) during a segment about moves that Patriots are making in free agency.

On Wednesday morning, NFL Network apologized.

NFL Network’s Chris Rose opened Wednesday’s Free Agency Frenzy news show by reading an apology, which didn’t offer many details about what the league-owned network was apologizing for and probably left viewers who hadn’t heard about Tuesday night’s F-bombs confused.

“Before we give you the news of the day we want to offer an apology,” Rose said. “Last night during some live programming, we accidentally aired an expletive. It will not happen again, so our sincerest apology to Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, the Patriots family, Robert Kraft and his entire family, a classy organization out there. Once again, it’s not who we are, it’s not what we do, and it will not happen again.”

NFL Network has not said whether anyone was disciplined for the fact that an employee could be heard saying “The f–king Bill Belichick f–king angle” on the air.

80 responses to “NFL Network apologizes for F-bombing Bill Belichick

  1. No no, they had it right, among other things Belicheat deserves to be f-bombed….

  2. Think less about apologizing and more about why a blithering clown like Sapp is on the air, NFL Net.

  3. this type of behavior is the exact reason why the Eagles draft in Mike Mamula over Warren Sapp. Eagles always count class and character.

  4. This is hilarious! I can just picture Sapp going off about this. I can only imagine how hard it must be to talk about the same topics / people over and over and over… day after day on air. Brutal, like the Flacco contract talks or Favre’s retirement. Don’t judge, we’ve all been there around the water cooler at work talking about the same things. Only we don’t have to worry about how many F-Bombs we drop.

  5. Another stupid mistake by Warren Sapp. If NFLN had the balls, they would get rid of this clown. Couple of years ago, he beat up a woman the night before the SB and was then reinstated after being off the air. He brings no level of intelligence to any conversation but his dumb banter.

    Most companies would not tolerate this type of behavior but his HOF nomination is more important than doing the right thing.

  6. Please stop apologizing. Anyone offended by this language represents a fringe element of society. Who effing cares.

    I’d like to apologize to anyone offended by the above…

  7. Sapp really doesn’t bring anything to the table as an analyst other than 3 to 4 word sentences like, “Get to the quarterback” and “Dat’s how you do.”

    NFLN, just because the guy is a HOF’er doesn’t mean you need to employ him. While you’re at it, get rid of Jamie Dukes too lol.

  8. Add Sapp to the list of 100+ ex NFL players that NFL fans do not care to listen to. Ex GMs like Polian, Pioli, and even Tannenbaum are far more insightful than “QB Killah”. Same goes for ex-coaches like Mangini and Billick.

    NFL Network – please get rid of this broke, unintelligent blowhard Sapp already….

  9. Any of the live television put out by the NFLN is hard to watch so I don’t watch it. I check it every so often to watch NFL Films productions though.

    While I think this is funny and would have loved to hear the exchange; Sapp needs to get canned. You can’t have that happen with anyone wearing a mic; makes your operation look Mickey-Mouse.

  10. Not offended by Sapp’s language, just find him to be annoying…And his quote can be altered to explain why he continues to be employed:

    “The f–king Warren Sapp f–king angle, baby!”

  11. Sapp should’ve been the one issuing the apology on camera. I think that bug-eyed toad is on drugs of some kind the way he’s twitching all the time.

  12. For being the NFL’s own network, I’m disappointed there are so many hosts and panelists and media types doing ‘fan talk’, as opposed to actual football people informing and educating fans about the game itself. Yes, I have the channel on a lot, but too much of it has become a bad imitation of the low hanging fruit and hot air we get from ESPN.

  13. Did some clown actually say that why we draft into Mike Mamula instead of Sapp lol. Sapp is a 1s ballot HOF. Mike Mamula couldn’t hold Sapp’s jock strap. It’s all about the U!

  14. I’ve said for years Sapp is a “dufus”, what an idiot. First fire the moron that hired Sapp then fire Sapp-what an idiot!!!……………….I know I already said it but it deserves being repeated cause Sapp’s an idiot!!!!

  15. You know, it shouldn’t be that difficult to find people who don’t use cuss words as part of their every hour/every day dialogue.

    Any employee at the company I work for who was caught using that language would be disciplined, and anyone caught using that language where a client could hear it would be fired.

  16. The last person in the world who would care about something like this is Bill Belichick. I’d bet that what he says in private about the media is much worse.

  17. No no no, Warren Sapp mistakenly thought that he was still on the set for BBQ Pitmasters and he clearly is disappointed with the manner in which Bellichick uses a dry rub on his brisket.

  18. New England, a “classy organization”? Are U friggin kidding me? I never knew out & out cheating was considered a “classy” move. I’m starting to hate the NFL, itself, more & more, every day.

  19. Sapp is a disgrace to professional broadcasting everywhere. A stupid, narcissistic lazy clown who doesn’t have a shred of decency in him. Get him off the air already.

  20. Warren Sapp is one of the most Classless People in Media. Maybe Warren should learn how to act like a Professional. If I were the NFL Network, I would have Fired him on the spot. He adds Nothing to their programming. He will probably go broke and file for bankruptcy again soon.

  21. Why did they apologize to Robert Kraft and his family?

    Pandering to the eternally offended.

  22. Sapp is the biggest blowheart in the NFL alumni. Over the years, on and off the field, he has proven many, many times that he lacks class, and is a loudmouth 24-Karat A-hole.

  23. Trent Green should replace Warren Sapp in all NFl Network programming. Trent is a Class Act. His NFL takes are Much More Astute. He would Not Embarass anyone or making Dumb comments on the air.

  24. I couldn’t agree more enough about wee welker and the pats,that being said sapphire plays the fools rolealways laughing and making exaggerated expressions on the NFL network

  25. The instant someone is hired by a company they, by definition, become part of what that company is.

    So it is exactly ‘who you are’ and the spineless attempts to dodge accountability are also ‘who you are’.

    They know plenty about the people they hire before they hire them. They know ‘who they are’.

    Own it for once.

  26. The instant someone is hired by a company they, by definition, become part of what that company is.

    So it is exactly ‘who you are’ and the spineless attempts to dodge accountability are also ‘who you are’.

    They know plenty about the people they hire before they hire them. They know ‘who they are’.

    Own it for once.

  27. Haha… It was pretty funny. And while I certainly agree Saap is a ‘blithering clown” as rc33 aptly pointed out, he can’t be considered any worse than Jaimie Dukes, who is so useless to any segment he appears on. I am still trying to figure out why he appears at all! NOTHING he says is worth even listening too… As little use as I have for Skip Bayless, I would rather listen to his inane garbage than anything Dukes tries to enlighten us with…

  28. Warren Sapp is garbage. This is at least his second incident that I know of. He also said that Dwight Freeny would be a good fit for the Eagles and their wide 9 scheme. I agree with him if this was 2012, but the wide 9 was scrapped 6 monthas ago, and they’re moving to a 3-4 this season.

  29. I for one am getting sick and tired of listening to all these ex players turned broadcasters. Its just getting too much……… All the networks are full of guys that can’t speak and can’t dress.

  30. Saw this live yesterday, am I the only one who also noticed during that segment that the topic bar said “Patriots Draft Philosiphy”…

    I was shaking my head about that, while laughing at Sapp’s comments at the same time.

    Plus Sapp – for once – was correct, it’s the same thing Lombardi did for NFL Network (go on and on about “Bill’s way” and how Belichick is smarter than the rest of the league while always mentioning stories of them working together in Cleveland)…they brough in Pioli to do the same thing, be the Belichick connection that can talk about the Belichick angle, to everything (i.e. any projected NE move is talked about as if they can do no wrong because the guy talking has/had relationship with Belichick and won’t bring up any of the moves that haven’t worked out for them.)

  31. I’m as sick of hearing about the poor man’s Marv Levy as Sapp is. Belichick is called the ‘greatest’ way too often. He hasn’t won the last couple big games, and he’s nowhere near Marv’s IQ or class, let alone consecutive appearances at the big show.

  32. If you heard the audio, you’d see that he never said anything bad about the Coach. He was annoyed because of the subject. The A1(audio guy) probably got more heat from the Network than Sapp.

  33. just another person jealous of the patriots and the organization they have up there in New England. while everyone hates them for being so good for the past 13 years most of us fans wish our teams were run as well as that one is.

  34. Blame the sound team! Lol if you not on camera you not suppose to be heard! #Comical

  35. I’ve worked with these guys from NFL Network and some from ESPN. They all say stuff like that off camera. It’s their personal opinion. They’re within their rights to be annoyed by and opinionated about any subject.

  36. Warren sapp is a bigmouth that adds nothing to the show and should have been fired back when he blamed Shockley for telling the league about bounty gate

  37. “Please stop apologizing. Anyone offended by this language represents a fringe element of society. Who effing cares.”

    People with kids are a fringe element of society?

    Let me guess, you live in New Jersey right?

  38. It was the conservative evangelical religious fanatic group, the “Parents Television Council” who complained. This conservative group sits around watching TV all day looking for the slightest “offense” like skin, language, or sex. Yet, they don’t have a problem with killing, gun shootings, or violence, on TV. They send form letters for their “members” to forward on to the FCC, all in the name of protecting children. Such hypocrisy.

  39. I’m pretty sure Sapp also said, “like you had in Indy” to Scott Pioli, clearly getting him mixed up with Bill POLIAN.

    Of course, this might have been on purpose after Pioli, with Sapp beside him, talked about how money wasn’t the only important consideration for Tom Brady because Brady has managed his money so well. Awkward!!

  40. “Why did they apologize to Robert Kraft and his family?”

    Because he runs the NFL along with Goodell

  41. Should have apologized for preventing Warren Sapp from saying exactly what he thought.

  42. Please, They are the Yankees of the NFL. The only thing the do every year is buy a Super Bowl championship. They can no longer CHEAT to get them. The only problem for them now is they are not acting fast enough to get who they want. The other team that has not won anything in 20 years is beating them to it (Bolden and Reed). So keep it up Winers, keep moving faster…… It’s EGO time, enjoy it Billicheat.

  43. Big bad Warren Sapp has to hide behind the NFL Network skirts because he’s not man enough to apologize himself — even though it’s clear he’s the one talking. Coward.

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