Patriots, Danny Amendola agree to five-year, $31 million deal


The loss of Wes Welker created a need at receiver for the Patriots, and they didn’t take long to fill it.

The Patriots have reached an agreement on a five-year, $31 million deal with receiver Danny Amendola, with $10 million guaranteed, a source tells PFT.

Amendola was widely thought to be a target for the Patriots, whose offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, had previously coached him in St. Louis. Amendola’s familiarity with McDaniels could make him a quick study in New England’s passing game.

Still, there are questions about Amendola’s durability — he has played in only 12 games in the last two seasons — and Amendola has never had the kind of production that Welker had. Amendola’s career best season was 85 catches for 689 yards in 2010; Welker has had five different seasons with more than 110 catches and more than 1,100 receiving yards.

But Welker is done in New England. And Tom Brady will have the next six months to develop a rapport with Amendola before the season starts.

149 responses to “Patriots, Danny Amendola agree to five-year, $31 million deal

  1. Does Belichick know something about Welker we don’t? Wouldn’t he have signed this deal in a heartbeat?

  2. I’d rather give 6M per Year to Wes Welker. Two questionable decisions by the Pats.

  3. See and people were ready to jump off the cliff when Welker left. Pats got a younger version of the same guy for just a mill more . Now we know why they told Welker to hit the bricks

  4. Too bad they didn’t let Brady in on the plan all along. Good pick up but he is no Wes Welker.

  5. If he stays healthy, Brady can finish his career with Amendola with the same success he’s finished the last 5 years with Welker.

    He’s basically a younger, less durrable welker. Im sure Brady got on the horn and demanded they sign Amendola. I would if i was him…

  6. injury prone WR with equal to less ability? questionable decision. I understand the age aspect but Tom Brady aint gonna be young forever and theres no replacing him. Pats have a 3-4 year window to win and that’s even a stretch

  7. Way to sign a huge contract to Amendola, AKA, “Glass Joe”… this is the contract they should have given to Welker and it sure seems like a desperate move… Welker is much more durable and had much better production… Not sure what the Pats were thinking… This guy will be lucky to make it through half the season w/out breaking his whole body

  8. Almost exact same salary Welker got but for a 5 year contract for a very injury-prone WR. I’m sure Brady would’ve wanted Welker back over Amendola but not a bad consolation for a faster/younger receiver. He’s actually a lot bigger than Wes and a very good goal line target. This must’ve been in the works the whole time just waiting for Wes to jump ship.

  9. What a kick in the teeth for Wes. In what way is this guy better? I still say Belicheck had it in for Welker for some reason. Makes no sense!

  10. Think about the player Welker was before he went to NE. This is Danny’s chance to shine like Wes did.

  11. Welker fan here.

    Not sure what Amendola has done to merit such a payday. Guess they’re paying him based on potential.

    I hope he stays healthy.

  12. We don’t give coaches and front office people enough credit. What ostensibly looks like questionable decision making, can be easily justified when all of the facts are laid down.

    With that said… They gave Danny Amendola 6 million per year, but wouldn’t do the same for Wes Welker!?

  13. 67 Receptions, 687 Yards and 1 TD was Welker’s best year before he went to New England. Could be some nice things for Danny if he can stay on the field.

  14. The Hoodie to Welker: “You’re not the boss of me!”. PS to Hoodie – Congrats on signing the Poor Man’s Es Welker….

  15. Like when I moved in with my gf, and the night of the move I went back to my house for some things I left and my brother was already unpacking a new TV.

  16. he aint welker but that is a great pick up. tom brady will get over welker faster with help like that. by the way go packers

  17. Amendola is good when Healthy. The thing is he is never healthy. The Patriots made a Big Mistake letting Welker go, he was brady security blanket. Now the Patriots have 2 Tight ends who can’t stay healthy, a receiver who spends more time Injured than On the Field. Lmao its hilarious how the Patriots fans tried to claim the Ravens are finished. Good Luck Patriots fans with your Injury Prone Offence and Horrible Secondary.

  18. No one with half a brain would give Welker a five year contract. The Broncos certainly didn’t.

  19. A younger Wes Welker. Plus, who was Wes Welker before he went to the Pats? A decent player yes, but nothing like the stature he rose to playing with Brady.

  20. Lots of whining about his contract last season from Welker, thats not the “patriot way”. Im so sick of that phrase. Glad to see Welker move on, now I wont mind his hundred receptions for the Broncos as much. Good luck Welker. As for “Danny I am Broken”……say hello to Ellerbe when he catches you in the railroad tracks.

  21. Amendola is highly underrated and will blossom in NE. He will fill Welker’s role quite well if he stays healthy. Happy to see him out of the NFC West – he was always huge against the 9ers. Younger too, this signing makes sense to me. He’s better than Hartline and very comparable to Welker. It’s a good deal all around.

  22. I think they simply offered him Welker’s contract. Welker probably sick of dealing with them took that money elsewhere.

  23. Guess it was either sign Amendola or trade for Brian Hartline.

    New England’s stubbornness will bite them this time.

    Amendola will play half the games and put up half the numbers Welker would have.

  24. Wow, it just became clear (to me) this was about Welker not about the money. Remember the Rex Ryan / Welker issues? I’m sure Pats fans can name a handful of other times Wes disrespected the Belichick.

    Thumbs up Amendola/Brady produce more. Thumbs down Welker/Manning produce more

  25. Just don’t get it. Amendola is probably better than his numbers, given that he’s on the Rams, but he’s not better than Welker and he’s definitely not as durable.

    Just a strange decision. Pats should’ve just signed Wes for $6M /year–that, or Wes should’ve taken the guaranteed $8M /year contract NE offered him last year.

  26. Annual salary does not matter. The guaranteed money is what matters. If Amendola doesn’t pan out in 2 years, the Pats can cut him. But yeah it doesn’t make sense that the Pats didn’t sign Welker for more than $10M.

  27. So they’ll grab vets past their prime from other teams, but won’t pay their own guys? It’s essentially the same deal Welker wanted, minus a few years, and Amendola is a beast when healthy (which isn’t often).

  28. This is a net loss for the Pats. Paid more for a guy that had half of the production of Welker?

  29. As a patriots fan I can honestly say that this is a disgrace. You can say Welker is old, but at least he isnt injury prone. Amendola missed more games in 2 yrs then Welker has his entire Patriot tenure. Great management.

  30. 5 yrs 31 million for a guy who has played 12 games out of a possible 32? Most yards in a season…689?? Lettting Welker walk out the door? What is happening?

  31. Pats will still likely draft a reciever but i’m guessing they trade down from there first round pick and pick up extra draft picks ..though i would love to see them draft the “honey badger ” in the first round

  32. I am more than okay with this trade off! Wes thanks for everything, it’s been really real… PEACE.

    Welcome to the team Danny, lookin forward to the highlight reels!!

  33. We’ll miss him in St Louis. I’m glad he got paid though. Watching him play every week I was always a big fan of his tenacity (and helmet tossing ability). Going from practice squad money to $30 million is a nice move up in the world.

  34. 6 years younger, quicker and faster. He has been injured, but so has Welker. And as far as not having the production, he did catch 85 passes 2 years ago, and that wasn’t Tom Brady throwing to him.
    This will work, relax Pats Nation. The key is Brady. He had Troy Brown, Deon Branch, Wes Welker, and now Amendola. Maybe THIS guy can hold on to a pass in a playoff game, or Super Bowl for that matter.
    Thats right, I’m still sore about that 3rd down pass. It could have been a bit lower, but a premier receiver CATCHES that ball to win the Super Bowl.

  35. Seams like a downgrade to me,he cant stay on the field. Money was about the same. I wonder which side didn’t want Welker back.

  36. Welker’s 100+ catches also have to do with who has been hitting him with the passes, and the Pats offensive scheme. Who really thinks he’d have had the same number of catches with Sam Bradford throwing the rock to him for the past few years (as is the case with Amendola)? Not saying they are equal in talent, just saying any comparison is apples and oranges at this point. We’ll know better after the 2013 season.

  37. Its Crazy how the Patriots don’t value Welker. They wouldn’t put up 12 Million for 2 years for Welker but Pay 31 Million for 5 years for Amendola who is always hurt. The Obviously think Amendola is an Upgrade Over Welker. I think Belichick arrogance will come back to bite him.

  38. So u can only give welker 5 mil a yr… who has been more of a proven asset to the pats 4 yrs… but give this guy who had one good yr in his career (before he broke his leg ill add) the extra mil a yr welker was asking for. Questionable

  39. I actually sort of like this swap for the Patriots. Here’s the thing – Welker wasn’t going to address their big need at WR (a take the top off of a defense deep receiver). They need to either make a play for that type of guy in the draft or in FA/trade (there really isn’t much left in the FA market … Cribbs sounds like he’s headed to the Cards and he isn’t really that deep guy either).

    So, if Welker isn’t going to make the world’s difference, then why not go with the younger guy? Yes, there are some durability issues and he has to build a rapport with Brady, but Wes Welker wasn’t “Wes Welker, stud slot receiver” when they got him in 2007.

    Maybe I’m in the minority, but this feels like a smart swap, even with the additional years. Now, they can focus on the secondary, some trench work, and a deep receiver – admittedly a lot of needs.

  40. I’m far from being a Patriots fan – hate them actually, but I do respect their front office. They get rid of players without remorse if they think it will help the team. On top of that they always seem to know something about the players they pick up that the rest of us don’t. They’ll find a way to make this work or Danny will be an ex-Patriot pretty darn quick.

  41. Ive learned to no longer question Bill. If he would rather have Amendola than Welker, Im all for it. Remember nobody wanted Welker before the Pats got him. I think Amendola is gonna thrive in NE. He now has a QB who wont hang him out to dry. Just wait and see. Amendola will have a better year than Welker.

  42. So apparently the Patriots and Broncos feel they can’t live without a short, quick, white slot receiver to complement their franchise QB?

  43. As a football fan that doesn’t have a horse in this race (Go Chiefs) I’ve got to wonder if they were trying to get Welker at a reduced price and never really thought he’d leave . Amendola was probably plan B but for a guy that’s spent more time on IR than playing in the past two years, I can’t figure why Welker at 6 million a year wasn’t the better play.

  44. Funny how $10 million is guaranteed and that’s what the Patriots offered Welker. To me, it’s still a head scratcher.

    $2 million total ain’t enough to part ways. Something else has to be in the mix. A few of you out there saw this coming. Now tell us why?

  45. Curious move by the Patriots.

    Looks like they thought Welker would cave to their demands, but he bailed instead. Hence the quick deal with Amendola.

    Patriots lost on that deal.

  46. Everyone saying he is injury-prone just read one random article about him and is saying that. He has had 2 freak injuries which does NOT make him injury prone. Don’t just comment without knowing anything about the guy.

  47. Hmmmmm, we shall see. Rather knee – jerk, IMO. I’d rather have Welker for 2 years/$12 mil. Might work out fine, but it seems like the Patriot ego machine got charged up.

  48. ravenator says: Mar 13, 2013 7:38 PM

    He’ll be injured after the home opener vs the Ravens
    Are they bringing Pollard back, or is Joe going to come off the sidelines and lay him out?

  49. Welker was signed for 6 million a year and Amendola was signed for 6.2 million a year. I dont get what the pats are doing. they signed a worst player for more money.

  50. Wes probably wanted more from patriots than 6 million and felt disrespected. Can u see a Denver New England AFC championship game? I can

  51. The Broncos 3rd “worst” WR is better than the Patriots “best” CB. Could luck that with that in the AFC Championship.

    Danny will play 8 games, tops.

    I keep repeating to myself: In Bill We Trust, In Bill We Trust, In Bill We Trust, In Bill We Trust, In Bill We Trust, In Bill We Trust over and over again but this has Josh “I traded up to draft Tebow in the First Round” McDaniels written all over it.

  52. Saying this is the same guy as welker is asinine. He can’t stay healthy and does not have all these years of experience with Brady, who is not a spring chicken anymore.

  53. So much for all the expert commenters on here predicting that he wouldn’t get a good contract.

  54. Welker fan here.

    Not sure what Amendola has done to merit such a payday. Guess they’re paying him based on potential.

    I hope he stays healthy.


    Contracts are in large part based on future potential, not history.
    Which is exactly what Wekler will be in 2-3 years

  55. Good job Josh McDaniel…getting the Pats to DOWNGRADE their receiver corp…right when Miami is upgrading there’s.

    End of the line for New England.

  56. Sure, most of you guys know more about coaching football better than Belichick. While you are at it can you teach Warren Buffett how to invest?

  57. YES!! One less suitor for my man Victor Cruz. With the Welker signing, it also shows that the going rate for slot receivers is 6M per. Perhaps we can keep him and Nicks after all!

    Get er done Jerry.

  58. I do like Welker a little better, but I think it just came down to his being on the wrong side of 30. Very similar players, to be sure. Hopefully Amendola can stay healthy.

  59. It’s this simple, Big Bill is still angry about that dropped pass in the Super Bowl. That fourth Super Bowl puts Bill on a planet only occupied by one. Bill knows his place in history and that missed catch by Welker eats at him. Call me crazy, but I can’t think of any other reason why the Patriots would treat a guy as good as Welker the way they have!

  60. For all of you talking about Brady turning “average” guys into stars like Welker did, yes, i’m sure it helped having Brady throwing to him, and I think Amendola is a very good WR, but their last two attempts at turning average receivers into studs didn’t pan out quite so well…have we already forgotten about Ochocinco and B. Lloyd? I’d venture to say both of them were ABOVE average before joining NE and neither came close to their best seasons before going there…

  61. How many genius commentators does it take to realize Welker’s concussion history and realize they don’t go away (the same way you can’t get back the fact that you cost the Patriots a Super Bowl and AFC Championship Game victory over the Ravens with dropped passes)?

  62. As a Pats fan, this sucks. I don’t know much about Amendola but I know Wes was possibly the toughest player on a team that had guys like Logan Mankins and Vince Wilfork. Ya Wes is just a slot receiver, but he’s a GREAT player. Tough as nails, loves football. Amendola has tough shoes to fill.

  63. Another stupid personnel move by the Pats that will keep them out of the Super Bowl. Again.

  64. As a 49ers fan, firsthand I can say Amendola is a game changer and a better younger version of Welker. That being said he has the tendency of getting injured, if he can avoid injuries he’s a steal. That being said thank you for taking him from STL.

  65. At 6 million a year they could have resigned welker. Weller has been much healthier throughout his career and more productive. Have fun playing with your broken toy Brady.

  66. Just a reminder that we don’t know yet what incentives were attached to Welker’s offer. Until then, it is impossible to compare to two contracts. If Welker’s offer contained 5 million in incentives, then the Patriots offer looks pretty fair. Any team looking at a 32 year old player who has taken a beating for ten years, especially the team with the complete inside medical/physical scoop, would be crazy to not make incentives a part of the deal. Before passing judgement on NE, I’d wait to hear more details. Maybe we will learn that the Pats were secretly hoping Welker would move on, maybe not.

  67. The Patriots just cut the cost of their slot receiver from $9MM in 2012 to $6MM in 2013. The question is did they also cut the producition.

  68. Remember…….get rid of them a year early, not a year late.

    This falls into that category, and I have no problem with it, but the money for Amendola seems a little fat.

  69. Doesn’t it take time to develop chemistry with your receivers? It took years for Brady and Welker to really be on the same page. How long before Brady and Amendola have the same chemistry? Brady may not have that long to wait.

  70. Everyone’s talking about how amendola never had a 1000 yard season, yet no one mentions how Welker had less yards than him when he was with the dolphins, so what’s your point? Patriots turned him into that.. Welker had 434 and 687 with Miami…

  71. Based on what has been reported by each player’s respective team, Amendola appears no more, and no less, injury prone than Gronk. I think both will be fine over the long term.

  72. Tom Brady = system QB

    He’s just like all these other pieces – interchangable, and a product of the system

  73. This is a $10 million dollar contract. The exact same amount BB offered Welker. The man had a price in mind for this position and stuck to it. Now let’s get some defense.

  74. How many genius commentators does it take to realize Welker’s concussion history and realize they don’t go away (the same way you can’t get back the fact that you cost the Patriots a Super Bowl and AFC Championship Game victory over the Ravens with dropped passes)?

    Pats aren’t even in the Super Bowl if Lee Evans catches that pass

  75. what was Welker before he got to NE and hooked up with Brady .. A guy who basically got cut from 2 teams and was more a special teams guy so don’t let Amendola’s lack of production fool you .He is about close to Welker as you are going to find except in the stat deptment . and that will come with Brady throwing him the ball . I see minimal drop off here

  76. Someone call Jets to see if they are ok. Is a lot of their staff on vacation this week? Hope they aren’t considering folding or anything crazy.

  77. “I don’t know much about Amendola but I know Wes was possibly the toughest player on a team that had guys like Logan Mankins and Vince Wilfork. Ya Wes is just a slot receiver, but he’s a GREAT player. Tough as nails, loves football. Amendola has tough shoes to fill.”

    Very true.

  78. charliedamon says:
    Mar 13, 2013 7:46 PM
    Pats sign Amendola to five year contract..or as Danny calls it, 7 games

    That was the funniest thing I read all day!

  79. UPDATE: The Patriots have rescinded the offer after Amendola was concussed at the signing ceremony when an unusually heavy oxygen molecule landed on his head.

  80. How long before BB starts stuffing his cheeks with cotton balls while demanding that people kneel and kiss his ring all the while talking in a Marlin Brando voice?

  81. Once again, BB is a step ahead of the rest of the NFL. Amendola is locked up for short money and there’s still ample cash left to shore up the secondary and make a run at Jennings. Believe me, Tom’s been on board all along.

    Patriots will win the SB going away next year.

  82. ayoungandres says:

    ” ..this has Josh “I traded up to draft Tebow in the First Round” McDaniels written all over it.”

    I agree…Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall got run out of Denver ’cause they weren’t McDaniels’ guys, and now Welker gets run out of NE in favor of his guy Amendola.

    Next up…”Welcome to New England, Mr. Cassel.”

  83. How do you write a story about Welker being replaced by Amendola and not mention that they are both undrafted Texas Tech slot receivers? Just saying……

    And this is just another example of BB’s ego getting in the way of the Pat’s getting another Superbowl…….Welker averaged 112 catches a year with the Pats, why not keep him? He wants to show that he can make anybody do the job. We’ll see…..

  84. So Welker gets $12 million guaranteed and Amendola gets $10 million guaranteed.

    If he sucks they ditch him with no real cap consequence after 2 seasons. If he blossoms under Brady the way a no name WR like Welker did after going from team to team – then they’ve got Amendola locked up for 5 years?

    That seems like a low risk high reward scenario to me.

  85. Some of you people are in denial. Amendola is better than Welker. Sleep tight Pats fans!

  86. Here’s the thing. Before last year the Pats offered WW 2 yrs 16 mill fully guaranteed. He didn’t like it so they franchised him to the tune of 9.5 mill. This year he didn’t like their offer and signed with Den for 2 yrs 12 mill. So, had he signed the 2 yr deal the Pats offered him before 2012, he would have made 16 mill guaranteed for 2012 and 2013. The way he went about it he made 9.5 in 2012 and will make 6 mill in 2013 which adds up to….15.5 mil. So he would have made more money for 2012 & 2013 had he just accepted the 2 year contract from the Pats to begin with. His choice and that’s his right. But let’s not act like the Pats were paying him far far below market value.

    WW is an emotional guy on the field and I love that. It’s part of why he’s so good. But I think he may have let emotion come into play here also. I don’t think he will be catching 100 passes a year in Den. Time will tell.

  87. iamipatriots says: Mar 13, 2013 8:20 PM

    How many genius commentators does it take to realize Welker’s concussion history and realize they don’t go away (the same way you can’t get back the fact that you cost the Patriots a Super Bowl and AFC Championship Game victory over the Ravens with dropped passes)?

    Oh, you mean the AFC Championship game he cost you by being your leading receiver with 8 catches for 117 yards and your only touchdown of the game…yeah….you’re right. That guy is garbage. It couldn’t possibly be that you couldn’t stop the Ravens in the air or on the ground…or that you just got manhandled by a more physical team. Haaaa

    …and I like how even if you blame him for losing you the Championship game…you go ahead and just assume that he cost you that Superbowl that you were going to automatically win…over SF…who smacked the sh!t outta you in your only other meeting. Right. Typical unrealistic and ungrateful Patriots fan. I honestly can’t wait to see the old garbage Patriots again…let’s see how many fans are left. I live in NE. There were never even half this many before Brady. I actually like the team…but the homerism is wayyyyy over the top revolting here. Have another glass of Bradyade buddy.

  88. I would like to know what Welker was asking for, that Patriots didn’t want to give him.
    But I’m sure that its the increasing number of dropped balls, that had something to do with it. But when are you gonna stop drafting and signing injury prone players. Please stop.

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