Pats pay Amendola a lot more than they offered Welker

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Yes, Danny Amendola will make more per year on average than Wes Welker.  The latter gets $6 million per year over two from Denver, the former gets $6.2 million per year over five from New England.

But here’s where it gets even more intriguing.  Per multiple reports, the Pats offered Welker only $5 million annually — $10 milllion on a two-year deal.

Welker is the better player than Amendola now, but it’s possible the Pats made this deal with the intention of giving quarterback Tom Brady a reliable slot receiver for each of the five remaining years of his contract.  While Amendola has had plenty of injuries, he has the potential to become much better while working with Brady and the versatile Patriots offense.

As to Welker, maybe the Pats weren’t willing to pay more than $5 million per year because they believe he was grossly overpaid in 2012 under the franchise tag, at $9.5 million for one season.  Then there’s the awkwardness that has unfolded in recent years, with Welker being benched for a playoff game after he defied Bill Belichick’s edict to stay away from the Rex Ryan foot-fetish story and Welker possibly being phased out early in the 2012 season and Welker saying it’s “nice to stick it in Bill’s face every once in a while” after a 13-catch performance in October.

Regardless, he’s out and Amendola is in and we’ve got a feeling the Pats will look for even more weapons.

76 responses to “Pats pay Amendola a lot more than they offered Welker

  1. The Broncos 3rd “worst” WR is better than the Patriots “best” CB. Could luck that with that in the AFC Championship.

    Danny will play 8 games, tops.

    I keep repeating to myself: In Bill We Trust, In Bill We Trust, In Bill We Trust, In Bill We Trust, In Bill We Trust, In Bill We Trust over and over again but this has Josh “I traded up to draft Tebow in the First Round” McDaniels written all over it.

  2. Amendola is in his 5th year in the league and he only got 10 mill guaranteed. If his injury history really is a cause for concern this is only 1/30th or so of the cap if not less with the way they work it

  3. Pats lowballed Welker, while ignoring his history of production.

    Then overpaid Amendola based on potential.
    While disregarded his history of injuries.

    Wonder how this is going to end.

  4. If he couldn’t come back to the Pats taking 1 mill less then what the Broncos offered after getting almost 4 more then the broncos offered then maybe it’s good he is gone ..he has gotta to be a bit of diva and maybe sticking it in Bill’s face cost him some money ..honestly the Pats treated him pretty well he is a slot reciever and has never gotten double digit TD’s in his patriot career ..

  5. Who knows what will happen. Can’t wait to see it. Patriots got plenty of weapons on offense. Wish I could say that about that horrible secondary

  6. Consolation prize I guess. If you look at both of their numbers in the season before joining the Patriots, it’s pretty similar. So Danny might be on the verge of the same success, but I would still rather have Wes though, I like a proven commodity.

  7. I have a feeling Wes Welker and the Broncos have a butt kicking waiting for the Pats if/when they meet in the playoffs.

  8. People are acting like Welker isn’t replaceable. Remember what his numbers looked like with the chargers and dolphins before he got traded to the Pats? He was a product of the their system and not the other way around.

    Amendola is not as good a route runner as Welker but he brings the same skill set. He is a lot quicker though in open space and real tough to bring down. And he put up some amazing numbers with bradford throwing him the ball. Who’s to say he can’t get even better numbers with Brady thowing him the ball?

  9. Amendola injured his shoulder signing the contract. Just thought I’d get that out of the way.

  10. 2-3 years from now, this Amendola deal will look like a steal. Remember Welker wasnt anything, before he came to the Patriots. Amendola now has a QB who wont hang him out to dry, so his chances of staying healthy are greatly improved. Just wait and see….Amendola will have a better year than Welker. He’s younger, faster and stronger. Great move by the Patriots. In Bill we Trust!

  11. Couldnt have said it better myself florio. You did well on this one. Aging welker or a Younger ammendola to finish toms career? Easy answer- dola

  12. Anyone else find it a little odd that the Pats immediate and logical replacement for Welker was automatically the only other under-sized free agent white guy?

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  13. He was grossly overpaid in 2012 because they wouldn’t man-up and pay him last year either. So that is om them. (not a pats fan, just the truth)

  14. I think this is a great signing for the Pats and shows why they are contenders every year. Contenders have to make tough choices, but they are typically smart choices and this is one of them. Nice move by the Pats; they essentially get the same guy but he’s younger and he might be faster.

    Sad that you can’t read the comments in a Pats related article and not have the hate burn your eyeballs of of their socket. It’s getting that way for the 9ers too. It should be taken it as a sign of respect though.

  15. That is a lucid, intelligent, well thought-out commentary on the Patriots, Wes Welker and Danny Amendola.

    Nothing here to overrule.

  16. As they should Armendola is way younger than Welker and his stats represent him playing in the toughest defensive division in football 3 top 7 def and Luke another at 12. Add in Bradford s
    Inconsistent ways with no OL and he didn’t have the opportunities Welker got. Expect Armendola to put up Welker #s this season.

    Drafting him on my fantasy team.

    No dog in this I’m a Seahawks fan.

  17. Amendola will thrive in this offense. I am not a pats fan but this is a great signing

  18. Mrs. Welker is calling the shots now! Big change in Wes in last 2 years regarding “attitude.”

  19. Sounds like they have a plan. Always moving on a year sooner than later. Lots of DB talent available, how about Darrius Heyward Bey as the next WR aquisition ?

  20. Even if Welker was aging, does anyone really think that Amendola will be as good as Welker? It would be pretty tough to match Welker’s numbers…

  21. I remember when Amendola was an undrafted rookie free agent with the Cowboys….and then they cut him….I truly hate Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett. I really do.

  22. I have no dog in this fight but both Brady and Manning are QBs that make their receiver better, along with Rodgers and Brees. So this to me is pretty much a wash. Pats may end up getting the better end of this because Danny is younger than Wes. But he has an history of injuries. Either way I don’t think either team will miss a beat.

  23. Sad that you can’t read the comments in a Pats related article and not have the hate burn your eyeballs of of their socket.

    If Bill doesn’t win the Super Bowl he’s a failure in their eyes.

    They’re complimenting him and too dense to know it.

  24. I like it when fans of teams are so optimistic about any signing lol, Amendola is more injury prone than the China doll. Yes, he has upside, but what use is it when you are always in the training room. Then again Pats fans are used to that, so no biggie in that department.

  25. good riddens Welker… you dropped the super bowl

    Maybe if you made that catch you would’ve got the 10 million/year you wanted or maybe if you were bigger than a Hobbit…

  26. I think the real news here is that the best offer Welker could get this year was $6 million a year for two years.

    Whether it was $5 mil from the Pats or $6 million from the Broncos, that’s pretty low for a guy who has caught over 100 passes 5 years straight – do they know something we don’t?

    As far as Amendola, let’s see how much of that is guaranteed before we count the grand total. Florio should know contracts are never as much as they claim to be.

    I’ll bet the Patriots can ditch that contract after 2 years with minimal cap hit if he doesn’t work out – i.e the same length of time Welker got guaranteed

  27. I don’t like the Pats but they do seem to plug in players and just keep trucking alone. I don’t think this is going to be that big of a deal losing welker

  28. I love everyone saying, “Amendola isnt as good as Welker.” Before Welker came to the Patriots, he had the same exact type of numbers as Amendola does now. Ive learned over the years, that Bill and the Patriots know what they are doing. If they think this was the better way to go, then I fully trust them. After Amendola has 100 catches for 1300 yards this year, this contract will look like a steal.

  29. With the game on the line to win the superbowl, I’ll take my chances with Amendola any day. Love you Wes but you cost us two superbowls. Take a Deep Breathe N.E., the curse of losing superbowls has been lifted.

  30. Love the comment about Welker not being anything until he came to NE. Guess the same can be said about Amendola. Undrafted and cut by the Cowboys.
    Welker is tough and plays injured. Signing Amendola to replace Welker has to be a joke. Welker catches around 100 passes a year. Do you really think an injury prone Amendola can stay healthy running the short crossing routes that NE is good at and taking hits from LBs? As a Fins fan I’m glad to see Welker leave NE. As a football fan I feel bad for NE.

  31. As much as NE is respected this time they disrespected a guy that gave them a lot of field movement.

  32. I’m a lifelong Rams fan and as you’d imagine, I despise the Patriots after Cheater-Bowl, but I have to say that Amendola is completely under-rated by those who haven’t watched every single play. The guy is unbelievable. I think Pats fans will forget about Welker by mid-September.

  33. Cool, I think we are seeing the begining of the end for NE. It’s got all the signs. Now they are working off with a WR and 1 TE with injury problems and maybe another TE not far behind having that same issue. I know a lot of teams in the league have too much class but I hope enough of them remember when NE would run up the score on teams. But of course by the time the is happening Bill will be on a boat and Mcdanials will be dodging all of the questions.

  34. bennyb82 says:

    Even if Welker was aging, does anyone really think that Amendola will be as good as Welker? It would be pretty tough to match Welker’s numbers…
    It’ll be pretty tough for Welker to match his own numbers.

  35. Amendola has gone through one total season out of four playing 16 games in has career, and has yet to break 700 yards in a season.

    Welker’s worst season as a Pat was better than the best Amendola ever had. He also missed 3 total games since becoming a full time WR. The year before he landed with the Pats, his first as a full time WR, he had 2 less yards than Amendola’s best year.

    Sure seems like backing the wrong horse. On the other side, I love the deal for Welker. If you can’t play with Brady, might as well play with Manning.

  36. I honestly could care less at this point when you argue about .2 million.

    I will never be in the market for that kind of money.

    Neither will many of my coworkers…. A whole lot of them carry purple hearts and are true “warriors” from a real battle field.

    I just can’t stomach that this kind of money is an after thought to a single person playing a game. I wonder what it would take for Welker or Amendola to sign to have a bullet and not a ball thrown there way?

    .2 million is not in that contract.

  37. @cfosoo. Comparing Amendolas season without Brady to Welkers seasons with Brady is laughable at best. Nice try though. How about Welkers seasons PRE Brady. Yeah, not so great. In fact Amendola has the better PRE Brady numbers. Amendola played 14 and 16 games his first two years. Missed all of 2011 and had a freak injury last year. Nothing in his past says he’s “injury prone”. Lets see how he does with a QB who doesnt hang him out to dry like Safford did, MULTIPLE times.

  38. You get the feeling every so often Belichick tosses a $20 bill out the window, just to prove he knows what he’s doing.

    This seems like one of those times.

  39. Im a rams fan and for the people talking about amendola being injury proned and weak theyre wrong. I hate to say it but bradford did put danny in bad situations and when he did get hurt he always battled back and returned early. He has better hands hes younger and faster. Idk why the rams didnt pay him Fisher must have a lot of faith in pettis or hes goin to have cook playing out of the slot. I love that pickup fisher said the reason he chose the rams is cause Bradford was Brady esque. Hqvin cook and Kendrick is a poor mans hernandez gronk

  40. Did bellechick do welker wrong, yes. If your a patriots fan you should love it and dont think brady is any different. If bill finds a better option than brady he’ll replace him. You wont have to worry about that for a few years but it will hqppen in time

  41. this will be a big mess up ,, it dosent make any sense . welker was the patriots best receiver hands down and , he was tough as can be … now they got a guy who is fragile and they pay him more ,,, maybe if they gave welker a contract 2 years ago and not putting the tag on him , he would have been more plesant to deal with …

  42. LOL!!!! Dolphins might just have a chance to beat the Patriots twice a year now! All the defense has to cover is the TE’s!

    Unless the Pat’s pickup Victor Cruz, then it’s back to normal.

  43. What scumbags that Patriot front office is filled with. Won’t match Welker at 2 years and 12 for a guy that has been the key go-to guy for years and the true ingredient to Brady’s success, along with a good OL?!
    It is no surprise, they treated Seymour like crap and they almost did it to Wilfork but their replacement must have fallen through.

    That is the true story here. They shat on the guy that created a mismatch for years being mousy and uncoverable by larger DB’s, leading to much success….and paid a guy whose name that arrogant HC probably cant pronounce yet.

    and if Belichik was such a genius coach, why have his D’s sucked when he is a D oriented coach?! The truth is luck in the gem that was Brady and his go-to guy Welker..the constants.

    Failing to pay Welker is an indication they believe what BSPN spews about them! BS!

  44. He left Dallas because he couldn’t stay healthy, left the rams for the same reason and this is who they are gonna replace Mr. 110 catches with? Good luck with that.

  45. While it’s true that the Patriots MO has been to ‘just plug another guy in and keep moving’…I believe Belichik let his pride write a check his butt can’t cover this time. Welker has been the quintessential ‘go to guy’ for Brady…his security blanket if you will. And early reports yesterday had the Golden Boy ‘enraged’ about this move. It may be the tipping point for them; sooner or later when ya step in pooh yer shoes are gonna stink!
    As for the Rams letting Bradford’s security blanket go…it would appear that he has been more or less weaned from Amendola by injuries. 12 games in 2 years is a very telling number. What suggests this pattern is ever gonna be different? Love DA’s heart but…according to a good friend of mine…it’s “next man up” time for the Rams. Let’s hope management has a plan to get SB some help!

  46. Welker has toughness, he took some unbelievable shots over the years and always popped back up. Also seems to have a better grasp of the game and what’s going on on the other side of the ball. I have seen a lot more of Welker though.

  47. The Pats knew something. Welker didn’t want to be here anymore. Maybe those big drops were his way of “sticking it to bill” and making sure he got what he wanted – out of N.E.

  48. I love Welker but for the record, last year the Pats offered him $16 million over two years fully guaranteed and he turned it down so they franchised him, so I think he overestimated his market value. Here’s hoping Amendola stays on the field…

  49. Dude had 115 catches last think that is easy to replace..please Danny has injury history, Welker put it out there..That is the Pats believing the system is more important then the player..Big safety net gone for Tom now..He can’t be happy about it.
    This will affect the locker room also, every guy on that team knows Welker was the ultimate warrior and this is how he gets treated..Im telling you it will be an issue.

  50. There are a couple of puzzling ways to look at this one.
    didnt they pay Chad Johnson 6 per year? Was that just huberis?
    Danny is a great player, loved him since he was on hard nocks and it says lots about the cowboys that they didnt keep him. But he is frail, way more frail then Wes is.
    I think that he will be very effective with Brady throwing him the ball, there is no doubt really, and on kick returns.
    But the Broncos seem to have gotten Welker for less then market? Anyone else think that?

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