PFT Live: Florio and Tucker discuss the first day of free agency

Mike Florio talks about the very active first day of NFL free agency with Ross Tucker. Tucker touches on the teams that have impressed him so far. The pair also go over where they think the rest of the big name free agents will end up.

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1 responses to “PFT Live: Florio and Tucker discuss the first day of free agency

  1. Bash the Dolphins for being the bridesmaid yet bash them still when they get their man in free agency. You can’t have it both ways, now you just come off looking like haters! The deal for Bowe and Harvin set the market and Miami DID NOT over pay for Wallace period. Some ludicrous assumption that they were bidding against themselves doesn’t justify your hypocrisy. They also got younger and a lot stronger against athletic TE’s at the LB position. Obviously to match up with the Pats so that was also a great move since it was money they already had tied into Dansby and Burrnett anyway. And you keep harping on the stadium referendum missing the whole point of this off season; Jeff Ireland’s job is on the line. If he fails to make moves or his moves do not result in more wins next year he is gone, period. So what we are seeing is his last ditch effort to save his job. Unfortunately your eyes are so clouded by dislike for the Dolphins you fail to see the situation clearly and objectively. Try to improve your performance going forward.

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