ProFootballTalk: Ravens are free agent losers. Now what?

Many are crowing the defending Super Bowl champs as free agent losers, but is there more the Ravens’ surprising purge? Mike Florio touches on the report of a potential mutiny, and discusses what’s next for Baltimore.

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9 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Ravens are free agent losers. Now what?

  1. You have to chuckle at Ravens fans, calling YOU an idiot for questioning Flacco’s deal “because he only counts 6.8 mil next year.” Hey, that’d be great if you only signed players for ONE year, you could afford them all! Unfortunately, up-and-comers like Kruger and Ellerbe look to sign for five years, and you might want to check what Flacco will be making by then. (Hint: it ain’t just 6.8 mil.)

    You can’t offer a top guy 4 or 5 years worth of good money when one guy on your team is eating up all the cap space. But yeah, Ravens fans, WE’RE the clueless ones here, right? Ha ha! Hilarious!

  2. I think the Ravens wanted to clean house 2 years ago, but Ray kept hanging on. Thankfully he got another ring. This clearing house is a welcome for me. It is a new era of football. Look at NE, they restock constantly and remain one of the most competitive teams in the league. The Ravens are trying to avoid what the Steelers put themselves through the past few years – clinging on to aging players and their contracts, only to fall short in the playoffs. Rip the band-aid off, I say.

  3. Our defense was ranked 26 and finished 17….it was the worst D in Raven’s history…it was time to clear the house. They were old anyway.

  4. Can’t beleive the haters here, making silly predictions. It looks foolish, maybe wishful thinking. Ravens are SB Champs. They haven’t lost a game since. Let’s see what the players that were let go will do. And, let The Ravens play their games too.

  5. It’s funny how all the haters will blame Flacco’s contract for the house cleaning. If Flacco would have taken less money we would have still lost the players we lost. The only player that Baltimore wanted to bring back was Ellerbe. the players lost were not worth paying what was paid to them. everyone says Q can make a catch while covered. Well he better because he cant get seperation. Kruger better have someone on the other side. He didn’t start coming on until Suggs came back. Ozzie Newsome knows what he is doing. The RAVENS will be fine. It may take a year or two but hell we just won the Super Bowl we can take a year to compete for another one. But this is not Flacco’s fault. He will be worth the money he gets from that deal. Which is a 3 year 50 million deal. Before the 4th year they will redo the deal.

  6. It doesn’t matter who gets cut and who gets signed in the offseason, the AFC NORTH will always come down to the steelers and ravens. Both teams are reloading and bringing in the youth movement that both desperately needed, the rivalry gets more hyped and more physical every year , and both defenses are outstanding against each other when they play, even though Pitt. has been earning a top 3 defensive spot for the past 5 years, hopefully Baltimore will be a top 3 contender in the future . The players are getting faster and the teams are getting younger, this rivalry is only reaching its prime..

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