Reggie Bush: Playing with Calvin Johnson is a running back’s dream

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New Lions running back Reggie Bush said that when he sat down with the coaching staff to discuss what he could bring to their offense, the most exciting aspect of it was knowing that he’ll have plenty of room to run against defenses that are primed to stop receiver Calvin Johnson.

“It’s a running back’s dream,” Bush said. “That’s the first thing we talked about, when we were watching film. To see those safeties deep, see those safeties rolling over double covering Calvin Johnson, it’s a running back’s dream. We have to be able to run the ball in that situation. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to come here, to be able to bring a balanced attack and help take some of the pressure off Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford and just complement them. I think it’s going to work out well.”

Bush said he’s not concerned about how much he runs the ball, but he’s confident that when he does, he’ll be effective.

“I’ve done three or four carries a game, I’ve done 20, 25 carries a game,” Bush said. “I’m comfortable when we win. That’s what I’m most comfortable with and that’s what I’m here for is to help this team win. I’m not so much worried about my personal stats. I’m at the point in my career now where winning is the most important to me.”

Lions coach Jim Schwartz said that when the team began looking into signing Bush, what stood out more than anything was that he’d be a great locker room presence.

“We already knew his talent, we could see that talent on film and we knew how that talent fit our offense,” Schwartz said. “The thing that we didn’t know is what a good guy he is, what a humble person he is, and what a student of the game he is. We think he’s going to fit real well with the rest of our locker room.”

The Lions are a team that could use a good locker room presence. And a good running back to take advantage of all that room Megatron gives them to run.

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  1. Good sign! Jahvid, best wishes. I think Reggie just forced your walking/retirement papers.

  2. Knowing what we know about Reggie and his USC days it’s shocking to hear that he’s a good team guy. But we keep hearing it over and over so it must be true. I’m wondering if after being the sure thing in college he’s been humbled a bit by not being an NFL star. Best of luck in Detroit.

  3. I note that we never heard Percy Harvin say that “playing with A.P. is a receiver’s dream!”

  4. It’s a shame Titus Young isn’t there anymore. He was the REAL WR talent on that team. Just ask him.

  5. jm91rs says:Mar 13, 2013 2:20 PM

    Knowing what we know about Reggie and his USC days it’s shocking to hear that he’s a good team guy. But we keep hearing it over and over so it must be true. I’m wondering if after being the sure thing in college he’s been humbled a bit by not being an NFL star. Best of luck in Detroit.


    Shocking? I’ve never heard anything negative about his attitude. The violations that occured at USC involved improper benefits to his family. He has always been a hard worker and a good team guy.

  6. @ logicalvoicesays
    You mad bro? Don’t be so butthurt about Reggie, honestly if you have a chance to play in an offense where the WR makes safeties a non factor you would be a fool to play anywhere else. You should just be happy the Skins didn’t sign him to a 10 year 125 million dollar contract

  7. one has to think maybe Best skull can’t fully heal.

    Wonder if Lions will trim that 2 million off of their books.

  8. Reggie! Reggie! Reggie! Reggie!

    Reggie Jax almost left the park when he hit the light tower in the 1971 All Star Game at old Tiger Stadium.

    Reggie Bush will be taking it to the house at Ford Field. I can’t wait.

  9. As a dolphins fan, I disagree letting bush go. He was our only offense last year besides hartline. Detroit fans should be happy and I wish the best for bush

  10. For the uneducated poeple, the Redskins do not ridiculously overspend in FA anymore. They are draft focused and make smart FA pickups for guys in or approaching their prime . For those refusing to admit this change brought by Shanny/Allen are ignorant. The ‘Skins are now a better run organization that will only get better.

  11. Playing with Calvin Johnson is any quarterbacks dream, let alone a running back.

    When you possess size, speed, strength, and mechanics the way that Megatron does, how could you not call it anything but a dream?

    He’s a rare talent.

  12. The Lions are going to win the press conference, and the name on back of the jersey is going to look good on paper. On the field it going to be a different story.

    Washington would have been the best destination. Shanahan would have used him like he used Rickey Watters in ’94. Bush has a bad agent.

  13. What I like most is that Mikel LeShoure and Joique Bell are pretty darn complement backs to a guy like Reggie Bush.

    Let Reggie break a 30-40 yarder while those other guys continue to pound and bruise the defense. And then…there goes Reggie again. All because Calvin will demand 2-3 guys covering him. Then when the D keys on Reggie and Calvin it will be Scheff, Pettigrew, Nate, (if Broyles gets healthy, steps up, and creates space like he did in college…oh man….watch out!) wide open.

  14. logicalvoicesays says:

    “Alfred Morris and Pierre Garçon will win Superbowls.
    Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson will win top 5 draft picks.”

    While history has shown the 2nd half to possibly be true… The first half reminds me what a delusional bunch the Redpig fans are

  15. Response to hehatemetoo saying Reggie is a flashy type of guy and Detroit is a city he’s not used to….he lived in New Orleans for 3 years!

  16. Would have loved to get him to compliment BJGE but figured he wouldnt make it out of Detroit without a deal and the Lions knew that seeing he was headed to Cincy next and we’re hurting.

  17. If the Lions’ offensive line can somehow keep three guys off of Bush before the handoff, the Lions’ offense is going to be freaking fun to watch this year.

    Draft that franchise LT and can you finally please get Dom Raiola out of there? I don’t care how good he is as a “pulling” center. The ability to be mobile is a luxury that only is nice when a center actually like… you know… BLOCK a DT instead of get run over.

  18. The Lions offense is designed for a breakaway runner like Reggie. He’ll have plenty of carries that don’t go far, but he’ll also have opportunities to break loose some huge gains (ala Javid Best burning the Bears on Monday Night).

    And the great thing about this time of year is that everyone has reason to believe their team is going to be better … unless you’re the Vikings.

  19. @jimmylions….you are talking smack about the Vikes?…seriously??..we may have not won a Superbowl but we’ve been to 4 and consistently in the playoff hunt except for a few off years whereas y’all are just cellar dwellers…

    but I guess that is why y’all have a lot to look forward to because honestly can y’all get any worse?

  20. The Lions have the worst front office in professional football. It’s not hard to find and draft Megatron (Millen), Suh and Stafford. It also wasn’t very difficult to see that Jahvid Best and Ryan Broyles had injury issues and Titus Young was an idiot before they were drafted, yet they still made it to the Lions with early round picks.

    I’m really trying to fight the hype and excitement that comes with all these free agent signings at this time of year. Why? Because 24 of these teams are still going to suck and not make the playoffs.

  21. As a hardcore Dolphins fan who has always had a soft spot for the Lions I have to say that I like this move.

    I think Reggie really well compliment this team very well.

    Congrats, Detroit.

    I’m glad a player I like is going to a team I don’t despise.

  22. Sackville Rc says:
    Mar 13, 2013 2:21 PM
    Whats not to like with this situation.

    The blocking
    They’d better draft linemen
    (as in more than one)

    Good Luck, Reggie

  23. You always see this type of comment. This idea that great passing game opens up the run game because safeties are deep. Or great run game opens up the pass game because safeties are shallow.

    Yet year in and year out the best passing teams almost always suck in rush yards per carry and total rush yards. And the best rush teams usually suck in QB passer rating, YPA, and yards per game.

    I couldn’t find the article but someone analyzed this and basically concluded that statistics show that it is a complete myth.

    Here is the deal. Teams that pass well get into passing formations and they emphasize passes in practice and they draft linemen that pass protect. Then they end up sucking at rushing while being confused why the pass doesn’t open up the rush.

    Same with running teams. My squad, the Vikings, are a great running team. Can’t pass. The one year with Favre when they passed great, they weren’t nearly as potent in the run (though they could still run that season, just not as effective despite having a great pass game).

    Bottom line is that a running back’s dream is to have a massive O-line, beast mode fullback, and two beefy tight ends paving the way. But you can’t pass for crap out of those formations. A WR’s dream is to have 4 other passing targets out in routes and split wide to create confusion and space and some nimble linemen that can handle edge rush and blitzes. But you can’t run out of those formations.

    What am I getting at? Lions put a lot of players into routes and Bush is going to find space as a WR but not as a running back. He’s going to get stonewalled as a back.

  24. Another Miami fan here sorry to see Reggie go and what is more concerning is we didnt know how to use him till it was to late, I really see him doing big things for the Lions…I’m glad he went to a team not in our division so he won’t light us up twice a year.

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