Report: Lions offering Reggie Bush starting job


The Lions want Reggie Bush to sign a contract with them before he goes to visit any other teams.

According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, part of the package that they’ll be offering Bush is the chance to be their starting running back ahead of Mikel Leshoure. That would seem to be significant for a player who proved in Miami that he could handle a more rigorous workload than he had in New Orleans, especially with some of the other teams perceived to be bidding for his services unable to offer the same kind of playing time.

The Redskins have Alfred Morris and the Bengals have BenJarvus Green-Ellis, players who would at least split time with Bush and might even push him into more of a passing down role. Bruce Arians has talked up Ryan Williams in Arizona, although it’s less clear how things would shake out since we’ve seen so little of Williams during his first two professional seasons.

The Cardinals have quarterback issues that none of the other three teams have, however, and that would likely be on Bush’s mind before choosing his next destination.

24 responses to “Report: Lions offering Reggie Bush starting job

  1. With the hiring of Bruce Arians as head coach, the Cardinals may be more interested in RB Rashard Mendenhall at this point. After all, Arians was offensive coordinator for the Steelers for 4 of the 5 years Mendenhall has been in the league.

  2. does anyone remember the days when there was the “bush bowl” when people were saying teams were sucking just to have a shot at reggie?

    reggie, come to MN… Adrian needs someone to carry his jock around.

  3. I like it – good combo.

    I like Leshoure, but not overly impressive last season. With his size, he didn’t pack the north/south punch I hoped to see. Too much juking and not enough power. I believe he has he power.

    We need a menacing fullback who can pound and punish. Neal, Johnston, Rathman type. Make those middle linebackers flinch when he leads the way.
    Either that, or a TE who is able/willing to do the job.

  4. Why does every Redskin fan think the skins are the best team in the league? are you f’ing kidding me! Bush makes most sense for Detroit.

  5. The Lions would have a better roster with Reggie on it.

    But whats likely to be on Bush’s mind in making his decision is warm weather vs cold; closer to SoCal or farther from SoCal; glitzy Miami vs Motown…things like that.

  6. That’s why they are the Lions.

    Why would you GIVE any job to a player, without him earning it? Seems desperate.

  7. bush griff and morris in the backfield..that would be a matchup nightmare…just can’t afford him..sure up that secondary bruce!!!

  8. Cincy would be a good fit.. He would split time with BJGE.. But lets face it.. the only reason he’s able to make this kinda money after 8 years in the league is because he’s never been a true bell cow.. He has plenty left in the tank… Not sure we’d be saying that if he was an every down back carrying the load consistently

  9. City jokes aside, it is by far the best playing situation for Bush. So, if I’m the Lions I state my case and if he leaves town unsigned, I move I and focus on other options. It’s not like they’re getting to the Super Bowl this year.

  10. Logical voice….first, Pierre Garçon is going to toast someone…lol…and now the Redskins are going to win Super Bowls?? Multiple? Hahahaha. Please check yourself into the funny farm. They haven’t sniffed the Super Bowl in 20 years! You mustn’t no anything about the sport.

  11. I think we get all three today. Reggie and his agent are at the facility. Jones is wrapped up. Quin looks to be close.

    Hopefully this eases the symptoms of Mayhew derangement syndrome suffered by some Lions fans.

  12. I think Reggie might have a problem playing on the turf in Detroit. Look what happened to Kenny Irons a few years back. 2nd carry of his career boom….over. Not to mention, Detroit’s oline isn’t the greatest.

    Arizona the qb situation is terrible plus a new coach to boot.

    He wouldn’t get enough burn in Washington with Alfred Morris and RG3 getting a majority of the work. Shannahan has never been a committee coach, its all or nothing with him.

    The most stable place where he will probably see the length of his contract play out will be in Cincinnati. You have a good offensive line, stable coaching staff, decent qb, and an elite wr to help take the pressure off. If the Bengals can get close to what the other teams are doing, it is a no brainer.

  13. Bush as the starting RB should scare the crap out of opposing defenses on a team with Megatron.

    Especially if the Lions draft an LT at 5 and fix that O line.

  14. Would add a great dynamic to the zone running/read option that the Skins run but that may be a luxury the team can’t afford right now. CB in free agency Safety in draft

  15. Not exactly the most exciting place for someone who likes South Beach and the bright lights.
    Hopefully he stays healthy if he’s the starting running back. It’s a pity the Dolphins are not keeping him.

  16. If he wants to win, he’ll come to Cincy.

    3 playoff berths in the last 4 years.

  17. I don’t want him in my division. He came out of college overrated, but I think now he is very underestimated. He can do some damage wherever he goes.

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