Report: Mike Wallace deal worth $60 million over five years

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The Miami Dolphins made a splash on the first day of free agency bringing a trio of new players to South Beach.

The Dolphins signed linebackers Dannell Ellerbe and Phillip Wheeler to new deals, but neither signing was as big as the one for former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace.

According to Jeff Darlington of NFL Network, Wallace’s new deal with the Dolphins is for five years, $60 million.

Wallace was our top ranked free agent available.

34 responses to “Report: Mike Wallace deal worth $60 million over five years

  1. They must be out of their minds. Essentially $12 mil a year for Wallace?! So overrated…

  2. By my math, that is $1 million per pass dropped at a critical time per year.

    Not a bitter Steeler fan (Steeler fan, yes), just keepin’ it real, yo.

  3. They will find out what steeler fans knew for years let hem think they got some great receiver who can catch. He’s nothing more than a 9 route running brick handed buffoon. If he caught the passes that he dropped he would be worth that much money. But he doesn’t and never will. It’s not like all the sudden he’s gonna have great hands. He’s fast and that’s about it. He is like having a race car with no steering wheel. Just goes fast and straight, no turns!

  4. When you dont pay for a franchise QB, you can afford it. But what happens when your QB wanna get paid?
    If you have success, your QB wanna get paid. If you dont have success, you pay $60M for…nothing.
    I cannot see this end well.

  5. What is he playing quarterback for the dolphins now? $60 million over 5 years crazy better live up 2 it

  6. Miami really bent over and overpaid for this guy, once these athletes get paid like this; they usually become a bust and can’t live up to the contract.

  7. Regardless of what people think of Mike Wallace, this signing bodes well for the future of Miami. It proves that Miami can land a big free agent after getting snubbed by so many. Yeah sure, Jeff Ireland had to change his ways and put more money on the table, but at least Free Agents will want to come here rather than just using us to ride the price up. You did good Jeff.

  8. It beats the 5 year $50 million deal the Steelers offered last year. Don’t come on here hating Steelers fans. Especially since you offered that contract and Wallace turned it down. And no Antonio Brown is not better than Wallace and you know who thinks that? Steelers management who offered Brown a lower value contract than Wallace.

  9. Even though Ross demanded this signing in hopes of tricking voters into paying for improvements to HIS stadium, it will end up being the nail in the coffin of Jeff Ireland’s term as GM. With a fat wallet and no Big Ben to throw to him, Wallace will never even come close to doing what he did in Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, we now have no cornerbacks to match up against the Patriots.

  10. This signing makes Miami’s offense better and less predictable, something they’ve needed for years. Great pickup no matter what the haters say.

  11. This deal makes me go, “Hmm..” more than “Slam dunk,” but the Dolphins have a ton of cap room, so if nothing else, good for them for going after the guy they wanted and making sure he’s happy.

    That said, I hope for their sake Wallace lives up to that paycheck, because otherwise it’s gonna be hell on them, hell on him, and hell on the fans.

    We’ll see. Could get interesting.

  12. A lot of money for someone who had like 110 balls thrown to him and caught less than 70 of them. Good luck Fins!

  13. Good money but another player that would rather play in an empty stadium than for a contender. Raven players doing the same. SHOW ME THE MONEY, show me the wins.

  14. I hope he fits in and the Dol-fans get another reason to cheer. Congrats and good luck.

  15. Hey Rodgers419 – go pound sand. He didn’t want to stay in Pitt b/c the Haley offense is correctly geared to shorter passes & allow Ben to not get hit so much. Wallace is gonna have fun on South Beach -he’s gonna need that considering the misery of trying to catch balls from the hideous QB’s the Dolphins have on their roster.

  16. footballfan says:
    Mar 13, 2013 9:58 AM
    There is no way this works out good for the Fins.

    Except if he catches a few 20+ yarders that keeps ds from stacking more defenders in the box…

  17. Yesterday, PFT (the pinnacle of reporting accuracy) had several stories that said $65mil/5 years.

    Those stories are nowhere to be found now. Anonymous retraction?

    @benroethlisberger7- you really need to get a life.

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