Report: Saffold “likely” to ask for trade if Rams sign Jake Long


If the Rams sign tackle Jake Long on Wednesday, it will take one left tackle off the market.

It might also lead to another one coming back onto the market. Bob Glauber of Newsday reports that current Rams left tackle Rodger Saffold would “likely” ask for a trade if the Rams and Long come to an agreement.

Saffold’s rationale is easy to understand. He’s set to become a free agent after next season and left tackles are generally paid more handsomely than their offensive line brethren. Whether Saffold was moved to right tackle or guard, something that was bandied about last season, he’d lose a potential chance to cash in as a free agent.

But there’s a reason why the Rams are in the market for Long’s services and it isn’t that Saffold was so great at left tackle that the Rams couldn’t pass on a chance to see how he played other positions. Without other moves, it would also be hard to see them deciding to trade Saffold without an overwhelmingly tempting return.

He’s making $880,000 in 2013 and the Rams would be a better overall line with Long at left tackle and Saffold at another post on the line. Saffold could make things difficult, but he has very little leverage to force a trade.

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  1. ….I’m very leery of believing reports like this – this guy isn’t even a local reporter. It’s pure speculation

  2. If he is versitle and can play any spot and proved he can be at left tackle already, his trade value or free agency value will be okay, maybe enhanced. The team should keep him. Long should work out, but who knows.

  3. iced107, I agree. Saffold is a right tackle that was forced to the left side because the Rams had no one else. I’ll bet he would welcome a move back to his college position.

  4. Where do people get this idea that Rodger Saffold is a right tackle? He played a ton of games at LT at Indiana University. He is every bit athletic enough to play LT only knocks have been his size. If he was a couple inches taller, no one would ever talk about him playing guard.

  5. I wonder- Does it bother the national sports media that they basically become little more than unpaid assistants to agents and GMs at this time of year?

    I guess it can’t be helped- if an agent or GM calls you and gives you a piece of information, what are you going to do? If you don’t get it out fast enough, they’ll call someone else.

    Still, I would think it would be a little humbling to be so shamelessly used and abused by the people you are supposed to be covering year in and year out.

  6. The Rams drafted him to play RT but Alex Barron was out with injury for a period of time. They moved him to LT but it was never presumed to be permanent. His play at LT actually went down after his rookie year and not just because of injury. The consensus in STL radioland and apparently from the new coaching staff is that he is a RT.

    He’s not getting traded regardless.

  7. @joemontanawasthegreatest Did you watch football last year? Rams didnt look to “out-gunned” to me in the NFC West this last season…

  8. They are outgunned…. but doesn’t mean they won’t have a decent record, don’t expect anything more then 3rd place in the division!

  9. joemontanawasthegreatest says:Mar 13, 2013 2:07 PM

    The Rams are really outgunned in the NFC West, 9-7 would be a miracle.

    Just like it was a “miracle” last year that they had the best record in the division and didn’t lose to your beloved Niners?

  10. Actually Alper, he has the leverage that every other player has…sit out till, what is it week 8 or 10 before they have to report or lose the whole year? Yeah that hurts his reputation with the rest of the league but it helps his situation with his current team. Its a double edged sword, but a sword nonetheless.

    JOSH ALPER: I’m not sure sitting out half the year before free agency is the best of options when you’re a middling player in most people’s eyes, but he can do that.

  11. Don’t believe anything until you hear it directly from the player/agent. If he wants to go then a trade is ok. Just be sure you get a high enough pick (he was a high second rounder) to compensate. He is a solid but not great tackle. Really. What do you folks think the Rams could get for him in this or next years draft? Just asking.

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