Person close to Brady “enraged” Patriots let Welker go


At least one person in the Tom Brady camp is not a happy camper about Brady losing his favorite wide receiver.

Just minutes after the Broncos confirmed that they reached a two-year deal with former Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker, Tom E. Curran of spoke to a source close to Brady who was “beyond enraged.”

The words “disgrace” and “disservice” were also used to describe the reaction to the fact that the Patriots wouldn’t even offer Welker enough money to keep him from signing a two-year, $12 million contract with the Broncos.

UPDATE 5:45 p.m. ET: We had initially interpreted Curran’s report as saying Brady himself was “enraged” about Welker leaving. Curran hasn’t heard what Brady’s frame of mind is but has heard from a person close to Brady who is “enraged.”



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  1. That’s weird Patriots fans are saying they could plug anyone in there and be just fine, surely Brady must just be confused…

  2. It’s funny Welker seemed underutilized with 100+ catches last season. The way the Pats handled Welker as a free agent is odd to say the least. Brady should be upset.

  3. Not quite enough for the “schism” label but there is still time. I was under the impression that complaining in public was not “the patriot way”

  4. As he should be. Losing Welker over a $2 million difference is unthinkable, especially considering how much Brady saved them with his new deal.

  5. There does seem to be some collusion going on amongst a fraction of the owners and GMs.

    They seem to want to teach people a lesson when you look at the quality of player and person that are getting cut or not resigned.

  6. He was mad when deion branch left too. Then he threw 50 touchdowns 2 years later.

  7. hearing the numbers, and hearing how amendola is getting offered less than what the rams offered him, this makes me wonder how much jennings has been/is going to be offered – maybe 6-7 million/year over 3-4 years, on the high end?

  8. Brady’s security blanket is now gone. Look for his sack total to skyrocket now that he can’t dump the ball off to Welker anymore. Lol.

  9. This is why you can’t blame Flacco for taking the money. What good did it do Brady to give a discount?…. none other than it is ok ok because his wife makes a lot more than he does. The players are all underpaid if you understand the financials of the game.

  10. How does Hartline get 5/31 and Welker only 2/12? Can’t believe NE wouldn’t match that. Seems like a steal.

  11. It is borderline criminal that the Pats let Welker walk for 6 million a year. That is absolutely pennies in todays NFL for a 100 catch receiver. Think about this….Mike Wallace just got paid 12 million a year for 5 years and Welker is getting half of that for 2 years. Who would you rather have?

  12. It’s going to be priceless to see his expression the first time there is a camera on him and has to toe the Patriots line and pretend he is okay with it.

  13. I’m happy for Welker that he finally said “enough”. A two year deal for 12 million is a bargain for this guy even if it’s all guaranteed. He may only have two years left and he’s willing to be paid accordingly.

    Kraft appears to have just been talking in platitudes. Six million a year for just two years for a guy who caught 110+ passes a season for 5 of the last 6 years??? They deserved to lose him if they weren’t offering that.

  14. The last time Brady was enraged at a Belichick roster move, the release of Lawyer Milloy, the Patriots won the Super Bowl and Milloy went on to a middle of the pack career.

  15. As a Pats fan, this is disturbing. Reports here is Welker was looking for Wallace money. 6m per for two is a bargain. If I was Brady, who took less money to keep Welker, I would hold out for a raise, or quit.

  16. This is insane! They let Welker go over a measly $2M… after all this guy did for the franchise and Brady and it’s not like he is not still in his prime. I get the whole “it’s a business thing”, but this makes no sense! AND this coming from a Dolphin Fan. I have no respect for the Patriot organization, but have the utmost for Brady and Welker. Weird? It’s not like Amendola will come any cheaper?

  17. Welker sets a single season 200 catch NFL all time record, and during his speech at the hall of fame induction …. “I owe it all to Peyton Manning”

  18. In the Chess game that Bellichek is playing, Wel Welker is a Pawn and not worth $6 Million.
    Uh oh….Perhaps Brady can have shoulder surgery over the winter and surgically implant Flacco’s arm. Otherwise, Brady is going to have a really bad season.

  19. Apparently everyone overlooked the clause in Brady’s new contract that gave him the additional title of “Personnel Director.”

  20. If Welker can deliver the goods with this other QB then he is sure fire HOF material.
    Wait, the other guy is Big brother Manning….

    The patriots work in weird ways, but it surely works for them.

  21. Here’s the thing: Props and thanks to Welker for so many seasons with 100+ catches. Of course Brady deserves the majority of credit for that.

    What always set Welker apart though was his ability to make difficult catches when it mattered most.

    And lately, when it mattered most, Welker failed to make those catches.

    That’s the difference between 0 Super Bowl rings for Welker and what could have been 3 rings

    It’s tough to justify Wallace type money for a guy who keeps dropping those critical passes

  22. How are they going to replace the loss of production by Wes Welker? Perhaps Brady can run the Brady Read Option…You that he is about to get hit, take a flop, then come up enraged looking for a flag for a 15 yard penalty.

    Suggs was right.

  23. OK, I will bring this one out of the mothballs….

    Tom Brady demands an explanation !

  24. This is all Belichick. Remember at the beginning of the season where the tension between the two was almost palpable, and Welker was really being underused. It’s amazing that he got 100+ last season after getting only 8, on very few chances, in the first two games. Belichick was willing to risk losing games rather than let Welker demonstrate how important he really was to the team.

    I really believe Robert Kraft when he said he wanted Welker a Patriot for life. Unfortunately for the Patriots, Kraft, who is a fine and ethical man, has given the keys to the team to Belichick.

  25. I’m not sure leaving Brady to go work with Manning isn’t a bit of a shot to the head by Welker. I hope so. He’s been treated poorly in Boston for too long.

  26. ONE CATCh away from SB # 4.

    Welker can be replaced. Most fans don’t have the faith or vision to see it. That’s OK.

    Talk about it next January when the playoffs start.

    Sad to see him go and he’s been a beast, but they never won a SB with him. Lets see what they have up their sleeve as the backup plan.
    I for one would like to see more down field throws.

    Manning needs him more because he cant throw the ball more than 20 yards with any velocity.

    I can see it now:
    AFC Championship game; Broncos only need a first down to seal the victory. PM relies on “old faithful” to get the job done and Welker drops yet another Manning wobbbly duck.

  27. How much do you want to bet Tom Brady IS enraged???? Especially now he will be catching passes from Peyton. What I will say is good riddance from the AFC East. @footballady52 🏈

  28. Amendola’s agent called to tell him the Pats were interested but Danny tripped on his way to pick up the phone and broke both collarbones and sprained his knee.

  29. If Brady is that upset over losing Welker, maybe he should’ve went to the Patriots brass and told them he’d be willing to take a paycut to help pay Welker. Again, it’s a business! Tommy will get over it.

  30. The Patriots offseason this far has been horrendous. You’ve got tons of probowl DBs in the market and what do they do? Nothing. Welker needs to be resigned. Nothing. Pat Chung walks too. Despite Brady restructuring they did nothing. If I was Tom, I’d be beyond livid

  31. I’m amazed that the market for Welker was so anemic

    Welker turned down a fully guaranteed $24 million year contract last year.

    Even counting what he got last season under the franchise tag, he’s getting less over the three years than if he had taken the Patriots $8 million a year guaranteed.

    So Welker gambled, rejecting the Patriots 2012 offer and lost (just over $2 million, but he still lost)

    Amazing for a guy who has 5 years catching 100 plus catches – do the Broncos and Patriots know something we don’t giving him such low offers?

  32. Julian Edelman will be used in Welker’s place. It’s a shame that Wes had to go out like this, but complaining about receptions because of Hernandez and Gronk’s involvement pretty much sealed the deal on his fate. It was time to move on to a younger slot-receiver who hasn’t taken as many shots as Wes has.

    Trust in “the hoodie.”

  33. The last time Brady took a below market deal, the Pats let Moss walk. Now Welker. Oh boy.

  34. I am shocked and dismayed that so many bandwagon fans here could even doubt for an instant the genius of BB.

    NE has a plan! They always do! Don’t you think Brady’s on board? Tom knows it’s a business. He’ll miss Wes but he won’t mind throwing to his new receivers Amendola and Jennings.

    Relax. Everything will unfold EXACTLY as BB intends it. It’s the Patriots way.

  35. Will always love 83 and the way he plays. I will also keep his jersey and wear it when he finishes his career with the Pats in 2-3 years.
    That said, (in a non bitter or bandwagon way), how many SB’s did the Pats win with him?

    I also doubt that Brady was not consulted all the way through. #12’s a professional and a team player and his restructuring will not be for nothing.

  36. So apparently the Patriots offense will suffer mightily with Welker gone and Amendola in?
    Exactly how established was Wes before coming to N.E.?
    The Patriots will be just fine…

  37. Kraft is the worst owner in the NFL right now. Its obvious he has no intention of fielding a championship team. The Pats have NO deep threat, and a weak secondary. That will never win a SB. I feel for Brady who has done everything he could to help his team and all Kraft did was put Tom’s money in his pocket. BTW, Amendola won’t even stay healthy until the playoffs.

  38. Who the eff is Belichick anyway??? Other then being an incompetent HC and embarrassment to the game and that franchise, aside from being in the right place at the right time back in 2000, what good has he done for this team and/or the sport???? Anyone?? Look up his résumé of 25 years “experience” before landing in NE in 2000 AKA “The Right Place at The Right Time!” Kraft should have cut him loose years ago after “Spygate” at least we’d still have Welker!! If I had to choose between losing Belicheat or Welker I’d fire Belichick’s all day everyday for the past 5-6 years easily! I’d have more faith in a monkey standing on the sidelines doing his “job” and negotiating player contracts instead of that clown!!!!! They have incompetent leading the senile up in NE right now and it’s about to crash and burn real soon if they continue to leave incompetent and senile in charge!

  39. PS I hope Brady plays just once for another team after his contract ends just to see what he’s been missing all these years AND see just how much HE’S appreciated and/worth!!!!!! Stick it to ’em all in NE!!!

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