Report: Welker “seriously considering” leaving Patriots

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Anyone expecting a quick return to the Patriots for wide receiver Wes Welker appears to be in for some disappointment.

On the heels of word that the Patriots and Welker were “miles apart” in their negotiations on a new contract comes a report from Albert Breer of the NFL Network that offers more evidence that Welker could be shuffling off down the road to another team. After receiving an offer that was “substantially lower than expected,” Breer reports that Welker “is seriously considering bolting” the Patriots and has started looking at offers from other teams.

Now’s a good time for a reminder that the negotiation process involves a lot of posturing and things like “considering bolting” and soliciting offers from others are a good way to spur an offer that’s a bit more to your liking from the original suitor. That feels like it would be especially true in this case since Welker is free to go sign with anyone else in the league and has not chosen to do so as yet.

That could be because he thinks the Patriots offense offers him the best chance of success, it could be because the other offers aren’t much better than what he’s seen from the Patriots or it could be a combination of the two. Either way, it’s looking like free agency hasn’t opened exactly the way Welker might have hoped.

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  1. He’ll stay, Belichick fell on horseshoe at some point & got it wedged up his keester,,,,sometime before they drafted Brady in the 6th rnd

  2. Im seriously considering not giving a damn until there is some actual news to report. This thing has gone back and forth a million times in the last few weeks. Wake me when he makes a decision.

  3. If Manning had a guy like Welker to throw to, I bet he does not take a knee against the Ravens…

  4. Wes, don’t give in to the Patriots. Even if another teams offer is of equal value, leave those cheapskates. It will be amusing watching those “geniuses” in Foxborough figure out how to replace your 110+ catches per season.

  5. Of course Welker wants to leave the Patriots. Tom Brady is great but he is no RG3. Any WR would like to play with Brady but they would love to play with RG3. No question.

    RG3 and the Redskins will dominate the next 15 Super Bowls. There’s no reason for a regular season. Just start the playoffs and send the sacrificial lambs to get slaughtered by the Redskins.

  6. This is impossible – The great Peter King said the two sides were very close just the other day!

    I said that Peter King reports whatever his friend Robert Craft tells him too, and that the deal was far from close, but ignorant know it all Patriot fans gave me 50 thumbs down for speaking the truth.

    Patriot fans are great, just not very knowledgeable.

  7. I think that system made him and everyone knows he will not be the same player outside of it. I hope they can compromise I’d hate to see his judgmental girlfriend back at hooters.

  8. He wants more then what he’s worth (position wise) he’s a Slot receiver. Probably the best..ok um maybe top 5. Patriots are stingy just like the Steelers when it comes to that position. Except it and move on..or except it and stay

  9. I dont believe the Pats are gonna fall for this one. I think he is bluffing and to be honest I dont see any team pitching him any wherer near wallace money as the way welker was used in the patriots system made welker look better than he really is.

  10. As much as I like Welker, the Patriots would be better off letting him walk. They already gave Hernandez and Gronkowski big contracts, and if they give Welker a big contract they will have over 20% of their cap space used on receivers. Tom Brady is good enough to make any receiver look at least decent. Look at teams who have won Super Bowls…they all had great defenses. They need to start spending more money on their defense, the offense will be sufficient as long as they have Brady and their stable of RBs.

    Offense wins games, defense wins championships.

  11. Does WW know who he is dealing with? The team where even Tom Brady takes pay cuts. They will ax a big name player and not even blink an eye.

    They tried to phase you out of the offense last year.

    You dropped some key passes.

    Dude, wake up!

  12. Pretty sure a guy who can get open underneath on almost every play will have success no matter where he goes.

    High school QB Matt Cassel was able to get him the ball 100+ times, the Dolphins didn’t even know what they had in him and still managed to get him the ball 67 times in a part time role with guys like Cleo Lemon and Joey Harrington throwing to him

    If Welker is such a ‘system player’ why did the Pats give up a 2nd round pick to acquire him from the Dolphins when he was still an unknown?

  13. He was supposedly offered 16 Million for 2 years, all of it guaranteed. How is that not fair? If he is still Wes in three years he signs another fully guaranteed year.

  14. Logicvoice your a bigger idiot than ravenator your Redskins wont have a QB for anyone to play with because your coaching staff dont know how to keep him healthy he will be out the league in 5 yrs.

  15. LMFAO this story cracks me up! This is how I read the headline;

    *Seperate Ways by Journey blaring in background*

    “I’m really leaving Bill! *sniffle* Here I go…*gentle sob* Don’t even try to st- *uncontrolled sobing*”

    I probably missed some sort of cursing of Hernandez.

  16. I’d rather see GB invest $10 Mil for Welker than Jennings. I’m wondering if GB isn’t silently playing Jennings against Welker. Jennings is a TT draft choice, which carries a lot of weight with TT, but Welker is a TT type of guy through and through. I wouldn’t count out the Packers on this, as absolutely crazy as it sounds.

  17. Reminds me of my ex wife….

    I’m leaving….this time I am serious….I am really leaving this time….

    Me….Get Out.

    Seems like an agent play trying to drum up a market for a guy that is more a product of the system.

  18. He’ll get a better offer and the Pats won’t match. He’s been great, future HOFer, but has taken a lot of abuse and won’t be able to stay as healthy in his 30’s. Bill figures he can match his production with the 3 TE’s and Edelman….when healthy.

  19. wes wasnt that great before the patriots and wont be if he leaves. he should ask the long line of players that played great in the system they have but did awful after leaving….. if he was smart he would take whatever they offered… a long term deal isnt worth much if you are cut after two years.

  20. Thank you for just rephrasing the last article and the article before that and the one before that.

    I mean seriously, go away Welker. You’re a situational player in a system with an outstanding system QB (yes I said it. Need proof? Cassel even done great in that SYSTEM). Leave NE and go back to being a player that gets kicked around, because you simply aren’t that amazing.

  21. Unless you go to the Donks, Wes, you’re not going to get as many balls coming your way, and the inaccuracy of those passes is going to get you knocked out / knocked around.

  22. Not surprised by the dissonance between the Patriots and Welker’s camp. Welker is on the wrong side of 30 and was a beneficiary of the system and an elite quarterback. That is not to say that you rack up 750+ rec. on fortuitous circumstance alone, but with Edelman (26), the expected candidate to fill the void, expected to make <1 M on a team with D issues and little cap space, letting him walk is a no-brainier. The fact that negotiations are still ongoing is an illustration that Welker values being on a competitive team, but money talks.

  23. This article is merely a leak from the agent to try and get a higher offer.

    Welker would be a fool to leave NE. Try getting 110 catches anywhere else. Stay, take what you can get, and retire a Patriots Hall of Famer and potentially an NFL Hall of Famer if you stay that productive.

    NE doesn’t need you to be playoff viable. Ask Deion Branch how leaving an offense he was perfect for worked out for his career?

  24. Looking FOR offers not looking AT offers means that they are not there. Welker is replaceable and incapable of replicating what he does in NE. look at his numbers pre- Brady. his numbers after will be the same. Wes wake up Brady took a “pay cut” and the team was never ones to pay big to their free agents and always ones to let a guy go a year early rather than a year late. you want to go the Mayweather route go ahead. you aint getting 13 mil though you should have looked for this kind of $$ last contract

  25. ‘I’d rather see GB invest $10 Mil for Welker than Jennings.’

    You have a better chance of licking the center of your own back than the Packers signing Welker for $10M.

  26. Hey Denver fans. No question Wes would look great in your offense this season, but here’s the problem. What are you going to do the next year when Thomas is going to want $12MM/yr and Decker is going to want $8MM. You can’t have over $50MM in cap space spent on 3 WRs and a QB….and he’s not coming to be a one year rental.

  27. If he’s looking for the final big pay day…someone is out there who will seriously over pay. If that’s his main goal, then I wish him well. It’s not like his wife pulls what Gisele makes. If he’s interested in winning…only a few teams would work (Green Bay, N.O, Denver, ATL, Dallas, SF, Maybe Indy.). I don’t know if those teams can pay him what he wants but he can still put up huge numbers with those teams.

  28. They don’t have the dough, but I can sure see him in New Orleans with Brees, Graham, Colston and company…….

  29. Wes Welker will not be playing for the Vikings next season. He can’t run block. That’s why edelman was out there much more than Welker this past year for the Patriots in two WR sets. Vikings don’t run too many 3 WR sets to warrant paying this guy the money it will take to sign him. Get over it Vikes fans. It’s Greg Jennings, or nothing good outta FA for WRs for the Vikings. Pray to hit some gold in the draft MN!

  30. Someone needs to tell Wes’ agents that the Patriots are calling his bluff as we speak.
    If there’s a better deal and a better scenario out there for ya Wes, go for it.

  31. Wes, Time for you to leave and get paid.

    The patriots chew you up and spit you out.

    If you stay then it’s B.O.H.I.C.A and nobody wants that.

  32. Hey Wes, just make sure to give Percy Harvin a call before you sign that contract with Minn. I’m sure you would love playing with a QB who has an arm like a wet noodle and will hang you out to dry on those crossing patterns whereas Brady’s accuracy right now keeps you from getting beheaded.
    Lets see… Amendola, Cribbs, Edelman, gee what on earth would the Pats do if you leave Wes?

    This two year whine-fest with you Wes is getting old. You keep the chains moving, and thats good. You scored 4 TD’s last year, thats not so good.

  33. I think we all agree that we would appreciate if you would “seriously consider” stopping these stupid “reports” . you guys are puppets for both sides, i almost expect a disclaimer at the bottom of posts…”this post has been brought to you by camp Welker/Kraft”……and im a pats fan, sheeesh!

  34. Some of u Pats so called fans crack me up,the guy catches 100 balls a year in his sleep & your complaining about a pass he didnt hold on to that oh by the way Cindy brady threw behind him,I think you guys are getting nervous cause you feel my Fins hot on your heels…what are you going to do when Wallace torches your pourous secondary?

  35. Dude you were nothing before you got with Brady, and the offense is taylored to you, maybe if you stop dropping balls in big games and costing your team the Super Bowl 2 years ago maybe you have a legitimate gripe!!!!!

  36. Oakland Raiders have contacted Wes Welker, This according to a source that used to run Raiders News FlASH that now works for CBS Sports. No word if the money was higher than Pats or lower, I m thinking it was lower since Welkers agent has not responded

  37. Love these Pat fans who think Wes is known for dropping balls. For the rest of the league, we call him “clutch”.

    It must be tough to play in an area so critical.

  38. Welker has turned into a china doll when the pressure is on. He is so worried about getting walloped (again) that he chokes in the clutch. Dropped balls by Welker have contributed to the unhappy ends to a number of Patriots seasons. Time for Wes to take the money somewhere that can live with 16 game seasons.

  39. I love fans who think Amendola can take Welker’s place on the Patriots. You might want to check out Amendola’s stats before you make that comparison, because other then breathing oxygen and being white, there is no comparison.

  40. I’ll say it again :

    Cue up the next “Welker/Pats close on a deal” report.

    Absolutely ridiculous – the whole thing.

  41. The patriots arent the only system the throws 5 yrd dump offs all game long… so he will find a home with a qb that is not good with a deep ball. Got a couple yrs left in his tank.

    As for oack fans saying bring him there.. dumb idea.. he drops more passes thrown at his back shoulder.. u know ARs best throw… and u have randall cobb… why prolong this kids career.. hes gunna be great

  42. @Nite2al

    Does WW know who he is dealing with? The team where even Tom Brady takes pay cuts. They will ax a big name player and not even blink an eye.

    They tried to phase you out of the offense last year.

    You dropped some key passes.

    Dude, wake up!
    How did that work out for the Pats last year with the phasing?

  43. One key to Wes’ production is a QB that can make those short precision passes with velocity. That’s where Brady excels. I don’t see another QB (even an elite one) throwing passes that suit Wes’ abilities.

  44. PFT Welker headlines from the last 6 days :

    Report: Welker “seriously considering” leaving Patriots

    Wes Welker deal with Patriots “isn’t anywhere near close”

    Robert Kraft: I want Wes Welker to be a Patriot for life

    ProFootballTalk: Has Welker found a deal elsewhere?

    Wes Welker expected to stay in New England

    Could Patriots thrive with Welker-Amendola tandem?

    ProFootballTalk: Welker, Patriots on verge of deal?

  45. The Patriots have done the honorable thing and let Wes get to FA instead of franchising him a second time. His future is up to him. He should have no I’ll will towards the Patriots. They have helped make him a wealthy man.

  46. The market has determined his price and obviously he has overvalued his price. He will sign with someone when reality sets in. He’s a system guy more so than anything.

  47. As a Patriots fan, I would love to see Welker get paid serious money. It won’t be with the Patriots, but I would love to see it. I don’t begrudge either side in this, however. Ultimately, Welker would’ve gotten a fat contract the year he blew out his knee (wasn’t his fault, or the Pats). That was the year it would’ve gotten done, and no team is going to offer a big contract to anyone fresh off a major knee injury, and major off-time for rehab without knowing he’ll rebound (Well, no team who wants to remain competitive anyway).

    You can’t fault Welker for wanting to get paid, and you can’t fault the Patriots for having to look at the big picture. If he goes, I wish him all the luck in the world, and hope he makes bank. Would love for him to stay, but I don’t think the Patriots are ‘lost’ without Welker, there are plenty of options in that offense, not to mention they’d be able to get yet another receiver if he leaves.

  48. oh no, who will do the 5 yard down and in/out pass and then run to pad marcia’s stats???

  49. bennyb82 says:
    Mar 13, 2013 11:48 AM
    If Manning had a guy like Welker to throw to, I bet he does not take a knee against the Ravens…

    If Manning could have thrown AT ALL in that weather…oh, wait. John Fox made Manning take a knee.

    I said it before say it again with John Elway have ever taken a knee?

  50. tokyosandblaster says:
    Mar 13, 2013 12:01 PM
    Come to GB and get another Lombardi!

    6 19
    Report comment
    He doesn’t want to waste his career there

  51. “pad marcia’s stats”

    Marcia must be pretty good because the players voted her the best player in the NFL a couple of years ago.

    Speaking of “pads”, Marcia just built a nice one in Brentwood where she lives with a super model that makes $50MM a year.

    Speaking of “stats”, Marcia owns many NFL records.

    Of course, compared to you Marcia’s a dog.

  52. Welker has the worst agent. I love the guy but he is way overvaluing himself. His agent keeps putting out these “threats” that he is leaving. I think the Pats are like ‘See ya’.

  53. Everybody is getting in line to give a 32 year old midget with butterfingers that can’t go deep $13 mil. Duh.

    Thanks for the “worst nightmare” memory Wes. Giants should pay the man for giving them 46.

  54. Leave the Pats, Wes. I want to see if not being in the Belicheat system also has an adverse affect on other positions than QB.

  55. “vaphinfan says:
    Mar 13, 2013 12:59 PM
    How did that work out for the Pats last year with the phasing?”

    I don’t know, how’d it work out for the Fins watching the playoffs from the couch yet again ?

    “SAV says:
    Mar 13, 2013 1:18 PM
    You know what’s funny. This headline.

    “Welker signs with Ravens.””

    Lol yeah right, they won’t pay Boldin 6 mil but they’re going to pay Welker 9+ mil a year ?

    And laughing outright at all the people who seem to think Brady never throws a pass over 5 yards. You either never watch the Pats or would rather just be ignorant.

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