Ryan Fitzpatrick: We didn’t get it done

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On the day that he lost his job as quarterback of the Bills, Ryan Fitzpatrick said the reason was simple: The NFL is a results business, and the Bills didn’t get results during his four seasons in Buffalo.

Asked on WGR 550 whether he has any regrets about his tenure in Buffalo, Fitzpatrick said he feels badly not only about losing his own job, but about not being able to save the job of the head coach who put so much faith in him, Chan Gailey.

“I don’t know if regret is the right word, but the biggest thing is the fact that we didn’t get it done the last few years,” Fitzpatrick said. “With Chan, his whole staff being let go after the season. That was a guy that gave so many people on this roster right now opportunities to play and to shine and guys have stepped up and took advantage of opportunities. The fact that we weren’t able to win, not only to win for the city of Buffalo because they certainly deserve it, but for a man like Chan, that’s probably something I was most disappointed that I couldn’t do a better job of that, a better job of bringing in more wins for a guy that put a lot of faith in me.”

Still, Fitzpatrick said there were good times as well, particularly the win over the Patriots in Week Three of the 2011 season, which made the Bills 3-0.

“I’ve got so many good memories,” Fitzpatrick said. “The first one playing wise that popped in my head is when we beat New England and just kind of the way the fans had reacted to that victory. The fever within Buffalo, I mean all that was really cool.”

Fitzpatrick also talked about his “FitzScream” after beating the Raiders in Week Two of 2011.

“That was just pure and utter joy. That was, I don’t know, unbridled enthusiasm,” Fitzpatrick said.

Unfortunately, after the unbridled enthusiasm of the Bills’ 3-0 start in 2011, they lost 20 of their next 28 games. That’s what led to Ryan Fitzpatrick’s downfall.

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  1. He’s banked a ton of dough and he’ll get a backup job soon. Not like he’s destitute or anything…..

  2. The fact that the Bills reminisce and celebrate a 3 point victory over the Patriots in Week 3 of 2011 should shut all Pats fans up who are enraged we haven’t won a Super Bowl since 2004.

  3. Great example of why players should always try to get the most amount of money as soon as possible in the NFL…

  4. Ryan, you didn’t get it done. Y-O-U. How many hundreds of open receivers did you miss? How many unnecessary hits did those receivers take because you threw a poor pass? How many gallons of Alka-Seltzer did Bills fans have to choke down every week during your games? But, to be fair, you were put in a horrible position by horrible football minds.

  5. He’s a good guy.

    I’m not even going to say this guy is trash, he was the Quarterback for the Bills. Stevie Johnson was literally the only legit target the guy has had in years. CJ Spiller would be if he wasn’t a walking glasshouse.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick is an average quarterback that has random glimpses of being an above average quarterback.

    He can start for any low standard team, but his best option would be to serve as a back up for a contender. Thats where he would be of most use.

  6. …added Fitzpatrick, “Just imagine how good we could have been if we didnt deposit 19% of our salary cap into Mario Williams’ bank account…”

    Quite possibly the worst big money free agent signing in NFL history. The only deal that could be compared is that Haynesworth contract from the Skins. Was there a defensive player in the league who made less impact on their team than Williams’ impact in Buffalo last season?

  7. I forgot about New England.. Weren’t they supposed to be a dynasty or something? It seems like the only times I’ve seen that team play in the last 10 years has been witnessing them lose a Conference Championship game or another Superbowl.

    It’s good to hear that they’re still plugging away..

  8. Ryan Fitzpatrick has made the most of marginal talent. He’d be a solid backup QB somewhere, and a very good spot starter, a lot like former Bill Frank Reich.

    I was rooting for him to make good on things, but the reality is, he’s just not talented enough to be a full-time starter. I wish him the best going forward.

  9. flash1283 says: Mar 13, 2013 12:50 PM

    No, you didn’t “get it done”!


    Jealous flash1283? Are you mad because your team doesn’t have fans like we do here in Buffalo?
    #BillsMafia says your wack.

  10. kw27p says: Mar 13, 2013 12:55 PM

    Their biggest victory since ’96 was beating pats in week 3 of 2011. Enough said lol

    The beat the Patriots twice in 99 with Flutie and went to the playoffs.

  11. “Guys have stepped up and took advantage of opportunities.”

    This guy graduated from Harvard? Must’ve skipped English class.

  12. Why should Fitzpatrick be held accountable for a DEFENSE that couldn’t stop an Ivy League team?

  13. Jokes aside, Fitzpatrick has the perfect skill set to be a second string QB. Just like in baseball, some guys get exposed when they play too much but are effective coming off the bench. Fitzpatrick can play well in stretches but the more he plays the returns diminish accordingly. On the right team, with an injury prone starter, he could have value. Otherwise, this is a story of boy meets bench.

  14. I still maintain this guy is a serviceable QB who has taken the rap for a rotten defense that in many cases had them behind by a zillion points and forcing him to pass to catch up.

    If they had even a DECENT defense last year, I think they would have won 9 or 10 games, and he would still be the starter…

  15. Pimpin’ aint easy unless you are Chuck Norris says: Mar 13, 2013 1:01 PM

    Was there a defensive player in the league who made less impact on their team than Williams’ impact in Buffalo last season?

    Perhaps you were being hyperbolic, but I’d guess it’s more likely that you don’t know what ‘hyperbolic’ means. I’m not going to defend the size of the Mario Williams contract, but that statement is just plain stupid.

  16. Fitz is class act and a great guy. Was really routing for him to get it done in Buffalo. He won’t have a problem landing elsewhere. Best of luck to him.

  17. A little surprised at this. I think Fitzpatrick was often put in the position to have to take a lot of chances playing catch-up ball, largely due to a suspect defense.
    I thought that with a new coaching staff in place, with a well-regarded, offense-oriented HC like Marrone, the Bills would use a season to see if they could possibly take Fitz’s game up a notch. They must have intently studied enough film to feel that for whatever reason or reasons, that wasn’t viable?
    I still believe that Fitzpatrick could be an above-average starting QB in the NFL, given the right situation and coaching.

  18. Every article I read is laced with irrelevant comments from Patriot or Steeler trolls. Neither team is a dynasty anymore. Your just a normal team, just like the rest of them. Deal.

  19. This guy will probably hang around as a backup on various teams for a long time. He just seems like one of those guys who will play into his late 30s without ever having really done much.

  20. No team in the NFl (or the Arena League for that matter) will touch him or his noodle arm.

    Someone with his qualifications should have no problem finding a top-flight job in eith the food service or housekeeping idustries.

  21. Still believe that the defense and play calling were number one and two problems. Gailey should not have trusted his arm, but rather the running game. Defense was also supposed to keep games close.

  22. jpaq68 says: Mar 13, 2013 2:19 PM

    No team in the NFl (or the Arena League for that matter) will touch him or his noodle arm.

    Someone with his qualifications should have no problem finding a top-flight job in eith the food service or housekeeping idustries.

    Fitzpatrick will definitely have a job as a quarterback in the NFL next year.

    What is your huge contribution to society that empowers you to scoff at Ryan Fitzpatrick?

    p.s. Fitz has a degree in finance from Harvard.
    p.p.s. Nice spelling.

  23. Goodby Fitz you are a standup guy, but you are right, you didn’t get it done. @footballady52. 🏈

  24. Still remember his game when he came in as a backup for the Rams against the Texans, if you dont know what i am talking about youtube/google. What a game.

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