Saints jump into the Nnamdi chase, too


A quartet of teams emerged earlier today as the potential suitors for cornerback Nnamdi Asomuga.

Here’s a fifth one:  The Saints.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Saints are among the teams interested in Asomugha.  The others are, we’re told, are the 49ers, Cardinals, Texans, and Broncos.

Asomugha played for Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan during their mutual time together in Oakland.

But if Asomugha wants to return to the Bay Area, the Niners could be his best bet.

28 responses to “Saints jump into the Nnamdi chase, too

  1. He likes to eat his lunch in his car in the facility parking lot.

    The only thing he can still lockdown is himself in his car.

  2. Nnamdi wants to be in SF. He still does a lot of charity in the bay area and let’s face it, they have the best chance to get a trophy.

    However, I doubt the 49ers are as interested as he is.

  3. Why would the Saints have interest in this guy? There defense is terrible as it is, this guy would just make them even worse. Hate to say it, but buyer beware, there is a reason the Eagles paid this guy 4mil to just go away, he was THAT bad. Can’t cover or tackle, what good is he?

  4. Kansas City is also in the Nnamdi Asomuga chase as well

    I have a feeling that Andy Reid wants to reunite with Asomuga in Kansas City…This would be a huge signing for the Kansas City Chiefs

  5. “Nnamdi wants to be in SF. He still does a lot of charity in the bay area and let’s face it, they have the best chance to get a trophy.”

    The only thing he does is charity work….
    Dont get me wrong that’s great. But when you cant balance your career when people are paying you 15 million a year to be the best corner in football, you need to rethink what your priorities are. I think Nnamdi has too many extracurricular en devours and distractions outside of football to still be even considered a good corner back in the NFL. Game tape the last 2 seasons proves that wholeheartedly.

  6. Good corner that was asked to play a style that doesn’t fit his skill set. Eagles mis-managed everything as badly as the Jets have in 2012.

  7. Wouldn’t mind having him but Cox seems to be a better fit at a better price

  8. Anyone that says he played in a bad system and was mismanaged, just hasn’t watched this guy play for the last 2 years. The eagles let him play man coverage all year and he couldn’t cover anyone. He was a weak tackler against the run, and teams were picking on him. It was awful, there is a reason the Eagles gave this guy 4mil to just go away, he can’t play

  9. In Philly he was burned so many times for TD’s that he reminded me of another Eagle corner that was given the name Toast. Nnamdi can not longer keep up with WR’s.

  10. The guy has NEVER been on an NFL team with a winning record…… hopes are that the Cowboys join the chase ASAP.

  11. 49ers do not need him. He had his chance to join the 49ers two years ago but he wanted too much money. Now he wants to move to the bay and join our team? The tables have turned! And I for one am happy that he is not on our team. If I was in the 49ers organization I would only take him for the minimum at this point.

  12. this is his best fit becuase of how well rob ryan uses him in his defense and not only that there wont be as much pressure now after the dream team failures and how bad he played in philly he can just do his thing with the saints he is good in ryan;s system..

  13. vikesfansteve says: Mar 13, 2013 6:28 PM

    Seriously, where are the 49ers getting all this cap space from

    Well their starting QB is making about $1 million a year and they traded away their backup QB and his $8.5 million contract so for this year they will have roughly $2-$5 million allocated to the QB position. Most teams have anywhere from $10 to $20+ million allocated to the QB position.

  14. if he wants to return to the bay area the raiders are his best bet….get real Stanford = niners, cal bears= raiders …it’s a east side west side thing.

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