Saints starting to check out secondary options


The Saints slow approach to free agency seems to be picking up a bit.

Their first priority, it seems, is addressing the secondary of the worst defense (statistically) in league history.

According to Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the Saints will have Jaguars cornerback Derek Cox in for a visit tomorrow.

But he won’t be the first in, as Steelers cornerback Keenan Lewis just tweeted news that he was on his way to visit the Saints today.

While it’s unclear if the Saints have the room or inclination to sign both, the need is apparent.

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  1. Try doing some research, RJG427. Keenan Lewis had the most passes defended/broken up in the NFL last year.

    It would be Christmas Day for Saints fans if we could land Keenan, Derek Cox or Cary Williams, and Dashon Goldson or Ed Reed.

    I think there are NFL fans without internet in the Philippines who realize the Saints D needs toughness/physicality in a MAJOR way….

  2. Don’t be silly, guys. The Saints have never been ones to go after “big names” in free agency under Payton/Loomis. Even Brees wasn’t very coveted. Cox and Lewis are solid players at their position. Let the big dogs do their job.

  3. Seriously RJG must not be a saints fan or knows little to nothing. Both guys are better than what we had. Plus with our cap situation how are we suppose to get the tip top of the free agent list. As for needing de dt backup qb te and what not…we know that. Have faith and be patient. Do you remember how much we saved when we waited out for Lofton Bunkley and Hawthorne? Had we tried signing the first day or two they would have been more expensive.

  4. Only team I was worried about with losing Lewis was the Saints. Guy is a great player and will have a great career. I hope they find a way not to sign him.

  5. Cox is a really good football player. You may not know his name, but that’s because he played in Jacksonville, not because he’s not good. The only concern is he’s had trouble staying healthy the past couple of seasons.

  6. hey denverwhodat..hows this for research for ya:
    he defended the most passes, because he was the highest targeted corner last year..qbs didnt want to throw at Ike Taylor, so they opted to throw Lewis’ way..He held his own granted..but no offense when your defense was the worst defense in LEAGUE HISTORY, ya might need to spend a lil extra cash in that department, and stop filling money brees’ pockets

  7. As a die-hard Jags fan, if you sign Derek Cox, your defense will instantaneously upgrade when he’s fully healthy. The new regime here is still in contact with resigning Cox, who “should” be considered one of your cornerstone’s when rebuilding a team like the Jags. It’s just his health, he missed some time, but unfortunately everyone gets injured here in JAX for some unknown reason. Either way, he would fit any scheme you insert him in, especially man. When he’s on his A-game, the opposing offense will try to take shots at him, then eventually look elsewhere cutting the field in half. He’ll be a luxury pick-up if he stays healthy, & he’s a fine young man, the type of guy you’d want revolved around his peers (teammates). I think that about summarizes ALL I can say. He will be missed in Duval.

  8. Better get a left tackle soon or in the first round of the draft because Charles Brown gets beat like a drum every time he lines up…how about going after Matt Hasselback for back up QB…I like the CB’s they are looking at, we’ve had success with middle of the road names in the past

  9. High profile players do not fit in Payton or the Saints system. If you believe otherwise you are not a Saints fan and need to educate yourself before proving you are a moron. Also, please if you are going to make a wise crack about the Saints please use new material and get off the played out “bounty” jokes. Whichever player/players they pick up through free agency will be developed to fit their system or he/they will become a free agent/agents once again.

  10. Saints cornerback play would instantly improve if they could simply find one decent pass rusher.

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