Saints taking it slowly so far

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With the 49ers and Seahawks loading the cannon with new players and the Falcons getting back Tony Gonzalez and the Bucs trying to spend their way into playoff contention, Saints fans are getting nervous.

We know that because we’re hearing from plenty of them.  Repeatedly.

Between losing left tackle Jermon Bushrod on the first day of free agency and trying to craft a 3-4 defense from 4-3 personnel, the fans are concerned the urgency they’re feeling isn’t shared by the team.

Surely, the organization knows what it needs to do.  But like plenty of other teams, the Saints are deciding not to get caught up in the annual spending spree that marks the first few days of free agency.  Though a flurry of moves can generate interest and sell tickets and in Miami buy votes for a stadium referendum, rarely do the champs of the offseason become the champs of the real season.

The better approach often is to apply patience and restraint.  The market inevitably softens, and deals will be available at plenty of positions.

For the Saints, the supply will remain strong at left tackle and at other positions where they are likely hoping to upgrade, such as linebacker and defensive back.

The fact that the Saints have one of the few true franchise quarterbacks is a factor.  With Drew Brees carrying a huge cap number, the rest of the money has to be spent judiciously — and the picks in the looming draft need to be used wisely.

So fear not, Saints fans.  Your team surely has a plan.  And they definitely have an elite quarterback.  Which is more than plenty of the teams making moves and spending money right now can say.

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  1. I am the only person who thinks the Saints should take a run at Wes Welker?

    I know they don’t have a lot of cap space and need help defensively, but I think he fits there perfectly (super accurate QB, wide open offense) and I really don’t think anyone is going to break the bank for him.

    Just a thought.

  2. They’re getting their cap situation under control-no money to spend on the over-priced. Stay patient and pick up a free agent bargain or two. No one is better at finding O linemen in the later rounds than Payton and Loomis. (not to mention RBs) O will be fine. The real concern is on the D side. I like going to a 3-4 just hope it doesn’t take 3 years to coalesce.

  3. No. They CAN’T afford Wes Welker. This is what happens when you’re forced to give out $100 million contracts. Ravens fans take notice, because this is what’s going to happen starting now (bye bye Boldin, Ellerbe, Kruger and probably Reed)

  4. Darren sproles + Lance Moore > Wes welker and are also much cheaper.

    Wes Welker is about #30 on a list of what the saints need.

  5. They don’t need Welker… they already have Lance Moore who does the exact same thing as Welker, but he already knows the system, is less of a Diva, and probably costs less.

    The only offensive position(s) that they need to upgrade would be the o-line. Otherwise, focus on D.

  6. Rumor has it they’re going to trade for one of the Browns’ D Tackles. Ahtyba Rubin would be my guess. And I’d hate to see him go.

    Just rumors…

  7. They have a Wes Welker, his name is Lance Moore. They are a top offense in the league without signing WRs needlessly. If you’re going to suggest free agent signings, why don’t we start at left tackle and see where that takes us.

  8. Thanks M.Florio for keeping us up to date. To others: the Saints were big players in free agency in years past, particularly in ’11 when they went all out to make a serious run at the SB. I don’t fault them for that – there were one defensive stop away from hosting the NFC championship. But guaranteed money and “dead money” is forcing their cap dollars up. The Drew Brees contract – he was worth every penny and even if he had signed the initial offer (90 mil), do you seriously think that would solve the Saints problems (2-mil per year over the 5 years)? Nope.

    They need to get the cap situation under control so they can make another run in 2014 or 15. Next year they need a bucket-full of money to re-sign Jimmy Graham. I think they will try to address gaps this year with the draft, though they only have 5 picks (thanks again Goodell).

    Wes Welker? They don’t have the money and don’t need him (they are already a top 5 offense, why would they spend what little cap money they have on offense?).

  9. Who the hells getting nervous? We lost Daniels a backup and Bushrod. He’s not the first or last lineman we will lose. Next man up as its been. Stop trying to make something out of nothing.

  10. [quote]brownoholic says:
    Mar 13, 2013 10:23 AM
    Rumor has it they’re going to trade for one of the Browns’ D Tackles. Ahtyba Rubin would be my guess. And I’d hate to see him go.

    Just rumors…[/quote]

    Just wondering where you heard this rumor, as I’ve heard a rumor the Saints might possibly have something in the works to trade Roman Harper and am wondering if it may be related??

  11. Compared to this time last year who cares what happens in FA if your a Saints fan. They have their very good head coach back now and a elite QB under contract. Everything will just be fine in Who Dat Land I’m sure.

  12. Their elite head coach and QB are back together again. Compared to this time last season things I’m sure are much better in Who Dat Land now no matter what happens in FA. Their offense alone under those 2 will get them at least 10 wins.

  13. While we’re sleepin ML and SP are working and believe me when I tell you they already have thier plan mapped out it’s already done, so don’t worry”

  14. In Loomis We Trust.

    Knowledgeable Saints fans are not worried. We have a very good GM and a damn good head coach. IMO the only thing we really worry about is our new DC, but even he should be able to make us better than what we had last season.

    So what, me worry?

  15. yeah…umm busheid and chase is nit worrying us..stop making up stuff florio…worry anout your garbage can vikings…we have charles brown(usc) ready to step in for bushrod…and ANYBODY can replace chase daniel…we played hslf our defensive snaps in a 3-4 for years now..but of course u wouldnt know that because you’re just the average run of the mill hater…worry about who the vikeQueens have at WR and getting adrian peterson off steriods before he gets caught…

  16. Welker to N.O. is a big NO! They don’t need him, they don’t want him!

    They need defensive pass rushers —–>. (period)

    Like Flo said, rarely do the offseason champs turn into post season champs.

    Eagles anyone?

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