Steelers release Willie Colon

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After cutting James Harrison, the climate wasn’t good for overpriced veterans in Pittsburgh.

According to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Steelers have released offensive lineman Willie Colon.

This one has been coming for a while, and was no surprise. Colon was scheduled to make $5.5 million, and when the Steelers didn’t approach him about a restructure, it was clear they were ready to move on with younger linemen.

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  1. At right tackle he was an ok run blocker and not a good pass protector. He showed promise at guard. This has less to do with being an over priced veteran and more about him not being able to stay healthy.

  2. It is the right time for this team to get younger. Wait any longer, and they could be in the cellar of that divison for awhile. Do it now and they remain competitive.

  3. Colon suffered a severe high ankle sprain while receiving the news he’s been cut. He has been placed on IR for the 2013 season.

  4. The real question is are they cutting him outright which saves them a little more than 1 MM this year or with the June 1 designation which saves them all 5 this year but costs 4 in dead money next year? I hope its the former.

  5. Don’t understand why the Steelers didn’t try to trade this guy? Would think they could have gotten at least a 7th round pick for him from a OL needy team like the Cardinals or Bears? Don’t understand why the Steelers never trade these players instead of just cutting him. My understanding is they will probably use June 1st as a cut date so why get rid of him now?

  6. Really hope this is a precursor to locking up Keenan Lewis long term. We need him if we expect to succeed defensively this season.

  7. Roethlisberger will probably spend training camp parading around in his buddy’s No. 74 jersey in an effort to convince the Steelers’ front office it made a mistake. Undermining management’s decisions is what “leaders” do.

  8. Somehow I doubt the Steelers just cut him without considering a trade. But, if you reach out to a few teams and they are also disinterested in paying someone $5.5 million to pick up a handful of holding penalties and false starts before going onto IR you cut the guy and move on.

  9. Never understood why so many in the league considered Colon a top talent. But it’s been so long since he played a full season, it’s hard to remember back that far. Nothing personal, but I’m glad to see the dead weight go. If he can find a place on another team and stay healthy, I wish him well.

  10. Steelers can’t make any moves because they are broke, B-R-O-K-E, broke! Maybe if their fans could understand a little accounting they might see how Colbert was ruining their franchise.

  11. steelers have around 9.5 mil left after they release colon in june… typical know nothing ravens fan can’t even do basic math. I’m shocked…

  12. Yes congrats you have some cap space this year after releasing the entire core of players. What about next year when it balloons again and your team is in the same position, or the year after, or the year after that? Then what? Release Pouncey? Hahah, get ready, cause that’s what’s going to happen. Your front office decided it’d be a good strategy to rob peter to pay paul. Awful, and now you’re starting to see why you sign the likes of Plaxico and not a top tier receiver to replace Wallace. Have fun with that mess. Cheers!

  13. The steelers have a pretty young team that just got younger. Its not like colon controbuted much the last three years. The steelers have plenty of young talent on the offensive line with the top six guys at 4 years or less. I’m excited about this line and if it can moderately avoid injuries they are going to excel.

  14. I created an account to leave a comment just to say I love Ravenator. I hate the Ravens but the fact that he spends every waking moment reading Steeler articles and commenting on them makes me think he secretly has a pink Roethlisberger jersey he wears everyday. As a Steeler fan I could learn from his dedication and passion for the Steelers.

  15. In the last 12 months, the Steelers have lost James Harrison, Willie Colon and Hines Ward. That is a LOT of NASTY to lose — we are a much less intimidating presence on both sides of the ball. It’s downright depressing.

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