Terrance Knighton heading to Denver too


The Broncos have been busy on Wednesday and they stayed that way by signing former Jaguars defensive tackle Terrance Knighton.

John Elway tweeted out the news of a two-year deal with Knighton without disclosing any financial terms. Elway called Knighton “a great athlete for his size” who had success playing for current Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio when Del Rio was the head coach in Jacksonville.

That size is certainly something Del Rio likes, as illustrated by what is certainly the finest headline work turned in at PFT by Darin Gantt. Del Rio likes his interior lineman large in the posterior and the man they call Pot Roast certainly qualifies on that front. Knighton played all 16 games for the Jaguars last year, but lost the starting job that he’d held for the previous three years. He still recorded a pair of sacks and 32 tackles after coming back from a serious eye injury in the preseason.

Knighton joins linebacker Stewart Bradley as new additions on the Denver defense, although we’re guessing their acquisitions won’t be the headline story in the Rockies this evening.

9 responses to “Terrance Knighton heading to Denver too

  1. Leaving 1st Rd pick Eugene Monroe as the only remaining member of Gene Smith’s first draft class. Small wonder new Jags GM is gutting the roster. Pot Roast will get his weight back up and will be a good addition for the Broncos. Despite the negative publicity for the club incident, he is a class act who has a great family story. You’ll be missed Terrance! Good luck!

  2. So the base defensive line is Vickerson (330 pounds) and Knighton (330 pounds) in the middle with Wolfe (300 pounds) and Ayers (270 pounds) at the end spots. Thats a lot of beef to stop the run!

  3. Pot Roast is definitely someone u build your defense around. The only knock on him is keeping his weight up-to-par during the offseason (although he “did” show up to camp in great shape last year), I don’t think that’ll be an issue for him moving forward.
    “Pot Roast” is a luxury pick for the Broncos, perhaps their best pick-up as of yet, trust a die-hard Jag. He’s a great young man who showed glimpses of the player he can be, & I believe JDR will get the best out of him. ALL u Broncos fan’s will fall in love with Knighton. He’s a force when he’s on his B-game, let alone an A-game. Great signing Denver, Terrance “Pot Roast” Knighton will surely be missed in Duval.

  4. taintedsaints2009 says: Mar 13, 2013 7:02 PM

    another 2 year deal. sounds like the broncos are banking on 2013 and 2014.
    You mean there are teams that aren’t banking on 2013-2014? Isn’t the objective to win?
    They’ve done nothing to sell out the future.

  5. Broncos are doing their best to BUY a Super Bowl…Peyton choked it away last year…Would love to see it all go up in smoke next year as well.

  6. jcjaguar: Broncos are doing their best to BUY a Super Bowl…Peyton choked it away last year…Would love to see it all go up in smoke next year as well.

    Sounds like a hater at his finest! Trying to buy a Super Bowl is what Tampa is doing. Elway is getting the right guys to fit the system. That’s why he got Welker for 6 mil and not Mike Wallace for 10 plus. Hate all you want, but it sounds a little bit more like jealousy.

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