Vasquez gets lower annual rate than Welker


With receiver Wes Welker likely feeling chagrined by the all that talk that he will be paid only $6 million per year over the next two, he can take heart in the fact that he’s making more per year than one of his new team’s other free-agent arrivals.

Guard Louis Vasquez, per a source with knowledge of the deal, will earn $23 million over four years from the Broncos.  That works out to an average of $5.75 million per year.

Vasquez receives a signing bonus of $5 million, a 2013 base salary of $2 million, a 2014 roster bonus of $3 million, a 2014 base salary of $3 million, a 2015 base salary of $5 million, and a 2016 base salary of $5 million.

So Welker shouldn’t feel bad about making only $6 million per year, after all.