Vasquez gets lower annual rate than Welker


With receiver Wes Welker likely feeling chagrined by the all that talk that he will be paid only $6 million per year over the next two, he can take heart in the fact that he’s making more per year than one of his new team’s other free-agent arrivals.

Guard Louis Vasquez, per a source with knowledge of the deal, will earn $23 million over four years from the Broncos.  That works out to an average of $5.75 million per year.

Vasquez receives a signing bonus of $5 million, a 2013 base salary of $2 million, a 2014 roster bonus of $3 million, a 2014 base salary of $3 million, a 2015 base salary of $5 million, and a 2016 base salary of $5 million.

So Welker shouldn’t feel bad about making only $6 million per year, after all.

10 responses to “Vasquez gets lower annual rate than Welker

  1. That classy “Patriot Way” organization punked tom Brady and Welker.
    The same organization that sues old widows who can no longer afford the season tickets anymore.

  2. Well going by your guy’s top 100 FA List…
    Welker was Ranked 10th Vasquez was ranked 50th so Ya I could see the problem.

  3. a guard usually dont get a big payday, their position is easier to replace than a starting caliber LT or RT

  4. Vasquez is slightly above average in the NFL at offensive guard. Durability in his favor, but that can change in a heartbeat for anyone. Good luck:)

  5. Wow. Vasquez really got the Broncos didn’t he? He’s a very good guard but it looks like the Broncos want to win NOW and maybe sacrifice a little of the future to try to get that ring. It’s a good strategy since Peyton’s age but where’s the future? Who’s being groomed? What’s their salary cap #’s going to look like? Did they give up on Doom to sign a GUARD?
    My question is where do the Chargers go from here? Worst OL I’ve EVER seen and just lost their best lineman (though not great). Oh well, eyes are focused on Warmack.

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