Vontaze Burfict tops all NFL players in performance-based pay

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The formula for performance-based pay in the NFL rewards players with the lowest salaries who get the most playing time. And no one fit that bill better in 2012 than Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict.

As an undrafted free agent, Burfict played for the rookie league minimum salary of $390,000 last year. (He also got a $1,000 signing bonus.) And as a starter and every-down player, Burfict got a whole lot of playing time.

So it’s no surprise, via Yahoo Sports, that Burfict got the highest performance-based pay bonus of any player in the NFL, a whopping $299,465.

So Burfict was rewarded, as he should have been, for a great rookie season. Burfict has come a long way since the days when he was complaining that Mike Mayock had hurt his feelings by calling him a “non-draftable kid.”

44 responses to “Vontaze Burfict tops all NFL players in performance-based pay

  1. im glad for the young man, he got a bad rap, and seems to have turn turmoil into a starting gig with the bengals, keep up the good work young man

  2. Mayock was right. He wasn’t a draftable kid but he has worked out so far for the Bengals.

  3. I am still mad that my Eagles did not draft him.I knew he was going to be a beast,but every scout and GM in the NFL doubted him and thought he was going to be a lazy bum and never be productive in the NFL.Now he dominated his rookie year and made all of the doubters shut up.

  4. Well I think many teams wished they at least used a 7th rd pick on him. Hate that he’s in the division though. Props to Marvin Lewis for taking a chance.

  5. He didn’t “get a bad wrap”…. He was a nut job, that figured out how to turn it around just in time to not miss his big pay day.

    He had way to many issues in college, to say he just got a bad wrap.

    I do however agree, that I am glad for the kid, and that he got his life turned around.

  6. @ peytonsneck.

    Truth is Vontaze didn’t get a bad rap, he created every bit of heat he got with his actions. That said, I’m glad he turned it around and I’m very happy he is a Bengal.

  7. I’m happy for the guy, i’m rooting for him, but he didn’t dominate by any stretch of the imagination, he filled the void and proved he could compete, that’s all. He still has to show he’s longterm starting material. We’ll see.

  8. Not sold on Burfict; yet. For those of you who follow HS football in California you will know what I’m talking about. One quiet season does not change a leopard’s spots.
    That being said, I hope he’s turned the corner.

  9. I like this system. I just wish it worked both ways where the players that don’t come close to the value of their contracts have to pay back money.

  10. I really wanted this guy. He’ll be the next Navarro Bowman….maybe Patrick Willis.

    Obviously a 49er fan.

  11. Great for Vontaze, going to be fun watching our new mlb for years to come… and fellow Bengals fans, stop complaining about our activity in FA’s which would you rather have, us going Philly way and having “Dream Team 2.0” or signing the faces of OUR franchise bext year…We can’t over spend and then look lost next year, besides free agency is not the Bengal way, Hate it or Love it

  12. Finally, a guy getting paid for what he did on the field. Hope this kid gets a big contract, next time around.

  13. could have mentioned CB Chris Culliver: $229,200 – he did make it to the SB, or does he have to say something gay……before we talk about him

  14. the bad part is he had to give his agent a percentage of that…smh



  15. Hopefully he keeps it up. With all that money comes the possibility of big time trouble. If he can stay clear of the temptations, he’ll be alright. If not, It will be a re-peat of another Bengal.

  16. He earned his reputation. But now it appears he’s grown up and is working hard. I say good for him.
    There will be a big pay day for him someday soon.
    Most peoples tax refund is bigger than his signing bonus.

  17. 1000$ signing bonus? most nfl players find more than that in their right sock after a late night.

  18. I remember, everyone on here was calling him a damn scrub. That includes mike mayock.

  19. 1ninerfan… Bruce Miller led our team in P-B pay. But I digress.

    Good job Vontaze! Keep your head up & stay out of trouble then you’ll really get rewarded in 3 years when that rookie contract ends! (unless undrafted FA have different rules)

  20. As a proud ASU alum that wanted Burfict to succeed, I know as well as anyone that Mayock was absolutely right when he called him undraftable. The geniuses here that are ripping Mayock now how the benefit of hindsight and should not be breaking their arms patting themselves on the back. I have no doubt these people are the same geniuses that rip the Bronocos for drafting Maurice Clarett when everyone knew he was undraftable. (Right after flamed out of course, they knew this).

    Besides, by telling it like it was, Mayock did Burfict a huge favor. And if someone drafted Burfict in rounds, say, 1-4, he might have flamed out as unmotivated already.

  21. They found him in a trash can, so to speak, while the Raiders are trying everything possible to trade their 1st round MLB before they end up cutting him.
    Being a 40 year Raider fan is very hard…

  22. whoops….. we all missed on this one…maybe teams should start using their own resources to study these kids.. not listen to mayock et all…

  23. The Cincinnati Bengals, as an organization, seemed to have developed (this took quite some time & heartaches) talented and troubled young men. Their recent success with Adam Jones, Andre’ Smith and Vontaze Burfict are excellent examples. Mike Brown and Coach Marvin Lewis don’t get the credit that they deserve as supportive mentors for young professional athletes.
    I hope that Vontaze continues with his positive maturing process.

  24. catfanatic1979v1 says: Mar 13, 2013 6:45 PM

    With as much cap space as the Bengals have, you would think they would be much bigger players in free agency.

    They don’t need to be. Building through the draft. Plus they”ll need to save as much cap money as allowed for future contracts for A.J. Green, Dalton, Geno Atkins, Burfict, Dunlap, etc. It’s going to get expensive to keep them all.

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