Brady camp sees new deal as flexible

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As if there wasn’t a large enough elephant in the room between the Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady following the decision to move on from Wes Welker, Brady’s contract provides a potential point of contention between the two sides.

At a time when many assumed that Brady’s new deal, which pays him base salaries of only $7 million, $8 million, and $9 million, respectively, in 2015, 2016, and 2017, will be ripped up after the next two seasons, owner Robert Kraft insisted that the contract won’t be changed.

No, no, no,” Kraft told Peter King of Sports Illustrated.  “This is a real deal.  Look at our track record.  We don’t do fake deals.  The contract we have with Tom Brady is a real contract we will both live by.”

Now, there’s an ominous observation from Christopher L. Gasper of the Boston Globe:  “By the way, the iron-clad standing of that five-year, $57 million deal that Robert Kraft professed to Peter King was not the way influential folks in the Brady camp painted the deal.”

It doesn’t matter in 2013 or 2014, especially since Brady is now getting $3 million more than he was supposed to earn.  Come 2015, however, the Patriots and Brady may find themselves in the throes of a disagreement.

Actually, it all could have been avoided.  The new deal was intended in large part to create cap space now, and next year.  The base salaries in 2015, 2016, and 2017 are irrelevant.  For Brady, it would have been better to make them high, with the ability to reduce them at the appropriate time.

Of course, that approach would have given Brady far more leverage.  If he didn’t want to reduce the deal, the Patriots’ only alternative would have been to cut him.

Now, however, the Patriots will be holding the cards come 2015, with Brady’s only alternative being retirement.

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  1. If the Pats screw Brady, Im done with them. In free agency, they seem to be doing nothing but lose players, except for Ammendola. What’s going on?

  2. Oh, you must be confused. Brady agreed to restructure his deal because he’s a team player who cares more about winning then money. He’s not like the other greedy NFL players, you see. Right?

  3. This is just speculation based on a rumor, but…

    As a New England resident, let me tell you that Tom Brady is the most beloved sports figure in the area’s history. Moreso than Bobby Orr, Larry Bird, Carl Yastrzemski, Doug Flutie- anyone.

    If Brady holds out in two years and points out that he’s making 1/4 of what the highest paid QB in the league is getting, trust me when I tell you that the team will have no choice other than to restructure his deal and give him a significant raise.

  4. Pats will win it all next year…….they’ve been right there at the end 2 consecutive years in a row with an inept defense…..they better fix the defense right now or we could be right back where we are next offseason…..good luck to Wes except in the championship game when Denver comes to New England……Go Pats!

  5. Even an Eagles fan like me has nothing but flat out respect for Brady. Dude is a living legend.

  6. It seems to me that the contract needed some assurances and protections from the Patriots if he was going to give them money, so st speak, to surround him with extra firepower.

    His camp messed up and didn’t include any special language that required the Patriots to consume 90-95% of their allotted cap space every year of the deal…or something like that.

    This will be interesting and give them a little time Brady. Your camp messed up a little though. Welker seems like a huge loss, but you will like your new toy. The threats and “sources close to” talk is good though; it lets the team know that you aren’t playing and you have that right. But still, let it play out a little more first. I wouldn’t be too reactionary here given their track record Tom.

  7. People act like Belichick being cut throat is something new every time he lets a big name player go on their way. Ask the people in Cleveland what they remember about Bill’s first years with the Browns. Why are people so surprised?

  8. Maybe RG3 could win a playoff game and complete
    a whole season before we start anointing my mind Wilson, Kapernick and Luck are better!

  9. At this point nothing would make me happier than to see Brady stick it to the Patriots in any way possible.

  10. This whole deal has been a disaster for the Patriots:

    – They duped Brady, who thought he was restructuring his deal in part to make room for re-signing Welker;

    – They left Welker standing at the alter, rather than tell him in advance they had no intention of signing him;

    – They totally pissed off their fan base;

    – They lost the good will they had within and without the organization as a team that “knows what they’re doing.”

    I like the Patriots and think they are (or at least have been) one of the best run franchises in the NFL. But, coming after some more recent free-agency fiascos and disappointing finishes, there is more doubt about the Patriots today than at anytime in the past several years.

  11. “azarkhan says:
    Mar 14, 2013 7:32 PM
    When the Patriots are done with him, they’ll throw him away, just like they did Welker.”

    You’re an idiot. They paid Welker, an undrafted FA, 9.5 million last year and several millions the years before. He’s rich for life and has the Pats to thank for it. Wish the company I work for would “throw me away” in the same manner.

  12. swagger52 | Mar 14, 2013, 7:33 PM EDT
    Cindy Brady won’t be playing in 2015 so who cares?
    You do because your stiffy will be gone for ever… Get over it child.

  13. this all assumes Tom doesn’t hold out…he still has plenty of leverage. the team needs him more than he needs them.

  14. Patriots might be cut throat but is this really unique? Please name another NFL team that has never cut, traded, or failed to sign a formerly productive member of their franchise.

  15. logicalvoice !!!!

    do you use drugs daily.. almost every post you do is.. HTTR.. or all other teams suck except the deadskins… come on man!!

  16. It will be interesting to see what the Patriots do now.

    Something everyone on here has overlooked is all of these teams signing these “BIG” free agents to big $$$ are going to be hard hit over the next couple of years, because the SALARY CAP isn’t moving up until 2016.

    I have a feeling Bill and the coaching staff are planning for this now.

  17. The rest of the league is playing Checkers, and Bellichek is playing Chess, but Brady is playing Poker…because….baby he got STRIPPED.

    Now we will see how good Cindy is without Welker and how good Welker is without Brady. My money is on the tough SOG from Texas. I am pretty sure that Peyton will go out of his way to pass to Welker a 100 times in the game with New England.

  18. Last eight Super Bowl winning QBs–

    P. Manning
    E. Manning
    E. Manning

    And yet the legend of Tammy Brady continues. Mystifying.

  19. Hey swagger, your team just won a SB, why do you continue to troll all Pats threads? Kind of silly and juvenile really.

    WW has the two most talented downfield WRs with him he’s ever had. I think that makes his job easier than it was before. I doubt he gets 100 catches. He’ll still be great at what he does, but the numbers likely won’t be there.

    TB knows that when his time is up, he’ll be gone too. I hope he gets to go out on his own terms, and gracefully (before he’s a shell of himself).

  20. Isn’t it a little too premature to be passing judgement on free agency after three days?

    Now that the high-profile players who teams traditionally overpay for are off the board, the Patriots will now begin to make their moves. Yes, Chung and Welker are gone, but there hasn’t been much news about the other free agents – Vollmer, Talib, Edelman or Arrington. They are also increasing the number of free agents from other teams who are visiting Gillette. Furthermore, Amandola is not exactly chopped liver as a receiver.

    So, lets wait until it all plays out and see who else they sign and draft before passing judgement on the most consistently successful team in the NFL over the past decade.

  21. To Those who say RG3 is better then Tom Brady give me some of what you smoking . lol RG3 is good but Tom Brady is Great talk to me 3 Superbowls down the line. Me as a die hard eagle fan and even realize that.

  22. youngmouth83 says: Mar 15, 2013 8:38 AM

    To Those who say RG3 is better then Tom Brady give me some of what you smoking . lol RG3 is good but Tom Brady is Great talk to me 3 Superbowls down the line. Me as a die hard eagle fan and even realize that.
    Uh, it’s a joke 83; of course he’s not as good as Tom Brady.

  23. Mr. Crafty said he would keep Tom as long as “he stays productive.” I won’t be surprised at all to see Tom in another uniform in a couple of years if he doesn’t want to retire. The organization has no respect for him or any other player. Kraft said in another article that he “doesn’t often think about the player’s opinions” regarding Goodell. The guy is a total clod who likes SOCCER more than football. Just like Lurie he’s another billionaire who doesn’t know jack about football and is in it for the publicity it gets him. And don’t tell me how he had season tickets for 50 years and had Jonathan sitting on his lap during the Grogan years. It’s just another product to him.

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