Broncos safety Quinton Carter charged with casino cheating

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An allegation that he added money to a craps table after the roll of the dice has resulted in three felony charges in Nevada for Broncos safety Quinton Carter, the Associated Press reported Thursday.

The alleged incident occurred at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where he was arrested on Saturday. Per Nevada law, a first offense for committing fraud in a casino can result in a prison sentence of between 1-6 years and/or a fine up to $10,000.

The AP also reports that Carter faces a warrant after not finishing counseling in connection with a 2011 marijuana charge. According to the report, Carter pled guilty to the marijuana charge, a misdemeanor.

Carter, 24, was a fourth-round pick of the Broncos in 2011. He was limited to just three games (no starts) in 2012 because of a left knee ailment. The previous season, he made 10 starts for Denver, the bulk of which were at free safety. Rahim Moore got the call at free safety a season ago, and the Denver Post suggested in February that he will keep the role.

The Broncos said they are aware of the charges against Carter, the AP said.

Finally, it’s unclear what the industry term is for sneaking money onto the table when a game is in play. “Capping” the bet could be term. Or perhaps it is “pressing” your bet. I am not sure. I am sure of this much — casinos appear to take such allegations pretty seriously.

36 responses to “Broncos safety Quinton Carter charged with casino cheating

  1. I’m not sure I believe this, if the movie Casino taught us anything they would have dealt with him by breaking each of his fingers or putting his head in a vice. Las Vegas has gone soft!

  2. Stupid. How much you want to bet Nevada punishes these casino (fraud) offenses more severely than they do violent offenses like armed robbery, assault or attempted murder?

    Just like they probably punish these offenses more seriously then they do actual white-collar fraud.

  3. It’s adding chips to a bet after the deal has commenced (not legal additions as in splitting/doubling down).

  4. I live in Las Vegas. I know exactly where this casino is located. As a Broncos fan, I really hope this is an honest mistake that can be quickly cleared up. If not, bye bye…hope it was worth it….

  5. I must have misread this. Somewhere I thought I read in this article that Rahim Moore would be keeping his role as free safety.

  6. Thanks for crashing our free agent party with the bad news,I’m really disappointed I was looking forward to his return he was becoming a ball hawking safety picking off Big Ben and Tom Brady,now he for sure has a league mandatory suspension coming if this holds true,we really need a safety now,let’s go after Bernard Pollard.


  7. Rahim Moore made an idiotic mistake at the worst part possible, but before that he was having a great season. PFF backs it up. As for Q…c’mon man!

  8. “Capping” is one of the terms for it. Vegas takes this VERY seriously because gambling is the state’s economic lifeblood. They run honest games, because the percentages will favor the house without having to resort to cheating. They expect the customers to play honestly, too.

    Attempting to cheat the house is a VERY dumb thing to do. People shouldn’t even joke about it, just like one shouldn’t joke about hijacking while in the TSA line at the airport. Not only are the dealers, pit bosses, and other supervisors trained to look for it, but there are multiple cameras trained on every table game.

  9. Before you go passing judgements on Quinton, the Palace Station actually has an above average buffet for $11.99 (Lunch).

  10. A casino accusing someone of “cheating” is akin to the wolf saying the coyote is killing innocent lambs.

  11. Maybe while he’s in jail he can rent Casino, Ocean’s 11, and Ocean’s 13. I believe these movies all demonstrate that casinos do in fact have cameras. Especially the ones in Vegas.

  12. It’s called “capping” your bet if he added money after the roll. A post bet is placing a bet after the roll if there was no bet prior. I worked in surveillance in Atlantic City grave yard when I was in college. It is a common cheating move.

  13. It’s called “capping” your bet if he added money after the roll. A post bet is placing a bet after the roll if there was no bet prior. I worked in surveillance in a Atlantic City casino when I was in college. It is a common cheating move.

  14. How is this even possible. You have to lean over the table to do it with 3 dealers and a boss watching. I can understand, maybe, possibly, at blackjack when you see you have a good hand and as you slide your cards under your chips you tuck a little blackie under there…but craps?

  15. we need to go after adrian wilson!!!! on the cheap no one talking about him and he is good

  16. casinos call it “card coonting” there are card players with the ability to remember each card of the several decks that are used at one time on a blackjack table. its like casinos are saying ” we only want stupid players NOT smart people to play our games” fact a card counter as they call him does NOT cheat. he simply remembers each previous card so he hones in on odds of what will be drawn next. he will be barred at every casino in te world. this gambling business is what rooney, mara, dw bartolo and arizonas owner all built this league from. some still involved.

  17. Just watched the late local news. It was at the Texas Station and he did three times and a $5 chip each time.

  18. Agree its capping. “Pressing” would be to legally increase the bet on the next hand following a win, based on a belief that it might be a “hot streak.”

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