Chase Daniel gets three years, $10 million

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Undrafted in 2009, quarterback Chase Daniel has done well for himself in the NFL.

How well?  How about $10 million over three years from the Chiefs.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, Daniel received a $3 million signing bonus.  He’ll get a base salary of $750,000 in 2013.

In 2014, the base salary moves to $2.35 million, $1 million of which is fully guaranteed.  He’ll earn a base salary of $3.75 million in 2015.  In each year, Daniel is eligible for a $50,000 workout bonus.

The final two years are voidable, if Daniel throws for 2,000 yards and 12 touchdown passes in either of the first two seasons of the contract.

Daniel served as the backup to Drew Brees in New Orleans.  Last year, Daniel essentially ran the team’s offseason program, since Brees was holding out.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, whose minimum-salary rookie deal can’t be renegotiated for at least two more seasons, possibly is flabbergasted.

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  1. im sure there will be some fan from another team that will say ” that much for a backup” but he must be a backup that they wanted, im sure teams wont waste money on bad players

  2. Actually, dude learned from one of the best ever and acquitted himself rather nicely in New Orleans when given the chance. I wish him well.

  3. Insanity.

    More than a million per pass attempt in the league.

    Short, fat and weak armed.

    Just a crazy signing all around.

  4. “The final two years are voidable, if Daniel throws for 2,000 yards and 12 touchdown passes in either of the first two seasons of the contract.”

    He signed a 3yr contract so this statement should probably be re-typed.

  5. It’s a lot of money, but C. Daniel is a very servicable backup. Guy is a little short, but he has the “it” to win games if Smith goes down.

    This guy played lights out for the Skins in the preseason in 2009 – threw some great fades to Malcolm Kelly. Very nice touch.

    Vinny Cerrato dumped this guy, so that in and of itself should tell you that Daniel has something good going on.

  6. haha wow KC is dumb! 10 mil for a back up QB and not even a good one at that. They coulda got a mid tier WR for that much and actually give Smith a semi decent option since Baldwin is garbage and Bowed is overrated. Its laughable how they think they’re a real NFL team! As aBroncos fan I’m glad I get to laugh at the idiots in our division hahaha

  7. Why should Wilson be flabbergasted? He is aware of the rules, even if whoever planted the story last year about him wanting a raise, isn’t.

    I’ll bet one thing and that is that the NFLPA will change the rookie salary cap next CBA. As a matter of fact, that’s reason to call for a special review. The4y went from one extreme to the other, leaving players like RG3, Wilson and Luck in the lurch.

    Owners pay guys like Daniels and then they moan when someone truly deserving wants a raise.

  8. I’m not going to comment on Chase Daniel’s ability, as quite frankly I’ve never seen him play. But to pay $10 million over 3 years to a complete wildcard like Daniels as your backup QB doesn’t make sense. That’s a lot of money to pay a player that hasn’t showed you much of anything as a starter.

    He could end up being a great QB, or he could end up not. You just don’t know because he doesn’t have a real track record as an NFL starter.

    I don’t wish him anything but the best, and am not beriding his ability. Just pointing out that seems to be a lot of money to pay someone with very little NFL starting experience. As Kolb and Flynn have shown, it’s a big difference playing as the regular season starter week in and week out vs mop up duty during pre season or injury fill in.

  9. Can’t blame Chase, he could end up playing 7y in the league, take minimal punishment (unless the clipboard gets him) and retire a multi-millionaire before he’s 30. Sounds like a pretty smart dude to me.

  10. I’ve watched Daniel ever year in preseason and he’s pretty decent. Not as good an arm as Brees but can make some brees style throws and is more mobile than drew. He will take the starting job from smith.

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