Chiefs should set Cassel free


The Chiefs keep Matt Cassel hanging on.

As Adam Schefter of ESPN explained it earlier today on Twitter, the Chiefs still hope to trade their former starter.  Meanwhile, Cassel’s opportunities as a free agent are drying up.

With the Cardinals signing Drew Stanton, Arizona’s interest in Cassel likely has evaporated.  Which leaves the Vikings and the Buccaneers.

If either team signs a backup quarterback elsewhere, Cassel will have only one obvious destination if/when he’s free.  Which means he’ll have no leverage.

While the Chiefs aren’t compelled to let Cassel walk, at some point it becomes the right thing to do.  New coach, new G.M., new quarterback(s).  Why not let the holdover go, when he’s clearly not part of the plans?

Part of the problem is that Cassel’s contract contains no provision that forces the Chiefs to make a quick decision.  Former Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was promptly cut on Tuesday because of a $3 million payment due Wednesday.  Likewise, Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil’s $12 million salary becomes fully guaranteed as of Saturday.

With contracts being negotiated now, agents should keep in mind the value of forcing early decisions in future years.  If Cassel’s deal had a provision like that, he’d already be gone.

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  1. Why bother setting him free? We’re constantly switching between “it’s a business” and “it’s the right thing to do” memes here.

  2. Considering the level of play he gave the Chiefs the last few years, Cassel will be lucky to just get his release. The organization should ask for its money back, as they were paying for an NFL quarterback and got–him.

    He’ll long be remembered by Chiefs fans as the centerpiece of the Scott Pioli “era”.

  3. The “right thing to do” is whatever is in the interest of the team. If the players don’t like that, then make a provision in the next CBA or write your contract better. They can squat on Cassel all they want.

    The only ramification are if other players see how a particular player is treated, but honestly, throw another 1-2 hundred thousand guaranteed on to their contract, and they won’t care one bit.

  4. They gave up a 2nd round pick for him and paid him A LOT of money. They don’t owe him anything. If anything he should be apologizing to them. If the organaziation thinks there is even a 5-10% chance that they could get a 6th or 7th round pick for him, then I’m okay with them at least trying.

  5. I see that issue differently. Early decisions make you unemployed quicker. Kc remains his best option. Smith is just as likely to bomb as ponder or freeman. Luckily for him, he’ll make $ this year instead of waiting for his phone to ring in september

  6. “While the Chiefs aren’t compelled to let Cassel walk, at some point it becomes the right thing to do.”


    No it’s not. This is a business, and the Chiefs are trying (however futile it may be) to get something for Cassel.

    The notion that they owe him anything is absurd and nonsensical. Cassel didn’t negotiate a roster bonus. He DID negotiate a huge signing bonus, and the Chiefs ability to hold onto him now was paid for by that signing bonus.

    Every time you’re wrong Florio, it’s in defense of the poor helpless players. I don’t feel sorry for a player who earned (yes they work hard for their money) tens of millions, and now has to wait around a few extra months before moving onto his next team. Boo hoo, cry me a river.

  7. Sorry but Cassel was given a gift by Pioli at a tune of 64 million, while it will never all be paid, the least the new regime could do is squeeze out something from the losers before them. And if Cassel thinks he should be set free then he should’ve played up to the level he was paid, then someone might think he’s worth a 7th rounder.

  8. The NFL is a business. If the Chiefs can harbor even a 7th rounder out of Cassel, they should do it, if they have no contractual obligations. I wouldn’t give something away if I could sell it, unless it was to charity or family/friend, why should the Chiefs?

    Honestly though, I would have been happy for the Chiefs to GIVE a sixth or seventh rounder to get rid of Cassel years ago.

  9. Are you advocating agents make contracts easier for teams to cut sooner rather than later?

  10. i realize they paid Chase Daniel a lot but, it might be wise to keep Cassel as a backup, seeing how Chase only has 9 regular season passes under his belt and Alex Smith’s injury history

  11. Why not restructure him and keep him? Reid has shown the ability to coach up a quarterback and get above average play from them. A solid backup quarterback is important to have and if all Cassel has to look forward to is holding a clipboard why not restructure and stay put?

  12. Hey Mr. Lawyer, why does it become the “right thing to do”? The Chiefs paid Cassel a lot of money. That pretty much allows them to do what is best for the team. Maybe Alex Smith tears a knee training tomorrow and Cassel might fall back into their plans, whether they like it or not. Until he is due money or they need the roster spot, they can hold on to him, regardless of how that affects Cassel’s prospects. Since Cassel already got a chunk of money, I don’t feel sorry for him.

    As is repeated often, it’s a business.

  13. Don’t feel sorry for Cassel. He made a boat-load of $ in KC. Chiefs trying to leverage any value they can. If he had performed better, he’d have a starting job. That said, I don’t see any takers of his $7.5 million salary. But Andy’s going to try to get something for him. Now if we can get another starting CB (ahem, Smith), then let Cassel go for the cap space.

  14. This may represent a Mexican standoff between the Chiefs, Cassel and Cassel’s agent. The Chiefs know that Cassel has trade value as a backup, if the price were right. Cassel may want to renegotiate his salary downward to facilitate a deal, but his agent is probably arguing against such a move. In the end, the Chiefs will be ahead if they get anything, even a Hooter’s gift certificate, for Matt Cassel.

  15. I saw Matt Cassel play the best season of his career and duel Brett Favre into OT for 400+ yards in a game he should have won…

    And I STILL don’t get why anyone would want him to quarterback their team.

  16. The Chiefs don’t owe this bum anything. In fact, he should be sued for being a thief.

  17. If the Vikings trade a 6th round pick, that could have netted Anquan Boldin, for this guy, I will literally go cry somewhere.

  18. This one is easy… Chiefs trade Cassel it frees up 2.5 Mil in Cap Space. Why aren’t we talking about something tangible like Mike DeVito?

  19. “The right thing to do”?

    Cassell should be staying under the radar, durned happy he is a back up making elite QB money!

    Either way, KC is the component getting screwed here.

  20. by monday,,He will be a patriot again,,for like 1 million a year,,,and pats will listen to offers for Mallet,,,win/win for pats,,mallet and even cassel…I can’t believe how moronic people are on here…they bitch and moan about patriots manuevers whaaaaa. then later they bitch,,how the heck did they do that? I mean they let welker walk right….oh…everbody says this is the end of the world…and next year when they win 11-12 games…..WTH,,,,how did they do that without welker?

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