Colts reel in Ricky Jean Francois


Ricky Jean Francois left Philadelphia without a contract.

He won’t be leaving Indianapolis without one. Just after Colts owner Jim Irsay promised news of a big new signing, Adam Caplan of scooped him by reporting that the former 49ers defensive lineman had agreed to a four-year, $22 million deal with the team.

There’s no word on guarantees or how the contract breaks down, but it’s a pretty nice contract for a player who has been a reserve for the 49ers throughout his career. He’s done a good job in the role and filled in well for Justin Smith when Smith was injured in the second half of last season, but he’ll still be asked to play the lion’s share of snaps for the first time in his career.

Jean Francois played all over the line for the 49ers so we’ll have to wait and see exactly how Chuck Pagano plans to use him up front for the Colts in 2013. Defensive end would be the most logical spot, but the Colts are adding players quickly so things could wind up differently.

UPDATE 3:46 p.m. ET: Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee reports that there is $8.5 million guaranteed and $6.5 million fully guaranteed and that Jean Francois.

32 responses to “Colts reel in Ricky Jean Francois

  1. Wow. $5.5 Mil/yr?!! Good for you RJF. A good 49er and for Indy’s sake hopefully a better Colt.
    I like the Dorsey deal that much more now.

  2. Good guy to have as a backup/swing man, but a starter? Did you see how the Niners played defense when he was in for Justin Smith? You really want to grab a piece of that magic?

  3. Overall depth is critical to teams when it comes to making runs to the end. Thus, any player leaving SF and going to AFC is a good thing for the rest of the NFC, regardless of position and standing on roster. SF has top players in reserve as do many of the better teams in the league. What impact this has may not be felt until someone gets hurt. Only time will tell.

  4. @logicalvoice; if they wanted him, he wouldn’t have left Philly w/ out signing. they have the cap space. they would’ve given him more money. I suspect you call your voice “logical” ironically, huh?

  5. Nice deal, dont know much about him, maybe hes ready to be a starter, in grigson i trust, maybe that deal is back loaded????

  6. I know why people look at the entire $$ amount and divide it by the years….but you never know how much is window dressing. See how it is structured before you just say “$5.5 million for a career backup??”

  7. I would’ve liked to see him sign in Philly, but not at that price.

    Unrelated, but would you guys just go ahead and ban all these obvious trolls? Logicalvoice, ravenator, this new clown flavordave… they’re just obnoxious for the sake of being obnoxious, they don’t add anything to the discussion.

  8. Indianapolis has handed out some horrible teams the past few days.

    Perhaps they’re tanking for a top pick to help Luck next year?

  9. “gochargersgo says: Mar 14, 2013 3:39 PM

    Irsay is such a tool. Couldnt land any top free agents so he just spent top free agent money on second rate free agents. Loser.”

    Aren’t you glad that your Chargers hired one of his guys to run the show. Mr. Telesco started as a Polian gopher and ended up as Irsays right hand man (but never good enough to be the guy making the decisions for them).

  10. I think this deal reflects more positively on the Niners front office than on the Colts front office. RJF is being replaced by a former top 5 pick for a little more than a quarter of the money.

  11. Wow that is alot of dough to dish out I really liked the idea of him in midnight green but at that price I am really glad they passed on him. Best of luck to him in Indy hope he pans out

  12. @ shutupyouhack

    Hes being replaced by a complete bust of a top 5 pick! Dorsey is useless, you’ll find that out soon enough…if he even makes it thru training camp without hurting his knee

  13. The Colts were somewhere in the bottom 5 in total defense last year and still made the PO’s.
    I like what they have done…added possible starters and added debth on defense. plus a couple of vet. OLinemen.
    That should make them better and thats what matters.

  14. Maybe some teams feel like someone on one team that was a backup is ready to be a starter on their team, we’ve all seen it before and could be a positive or negative signing, i trust exec of the year Grigson

  15. I can finally stop sweating bullets and agonizing over the possibility RJF would NOT get picked up and wind up back with the Niners. Whew!

    The one thing you can say for Ricky Jean is that he brings everything he’s got consistently. Unfortunately, what “he’s got” is nothing to shout about. Justin would go out, RJF come in, and the quality of play would take a nose dive right in front of your eyes (just between us, that is why the Niners were relieved to see him test the waters). I have no idea what his new team “thinks” they have. Oh well!

  16. What a nice set of compensatory picks coming the niners way next year.

    Goldson 40+ Million
    Sopoaga 13+ Million
    RJF 20+ Million
    Delanie Walker 17+ Million

  17. @gochargersgo

    Yeah, look at all the top FA signings. Irsay isn’t enough of a tool as some other owners to hand out such ridiculous over-payed contracts to players like Mike Wallace and Ellerbe. RJF was a need and I think they got a quality player from a great team that is good at developing young talent. And how is Cherilus not a big pickup, he immediately fills an OL need? I think every FA move Grigs and Irsay have made to this point (minus the Walden pickup) have been immediate upgrades. Also note, most of these players are in their 4-5th year of their contract and are in their prime. They picked up experienced guys who were not given the chance to shine or prove themselves on teams over-saturated with developed talent. I’d rather get “good” quality players across the board than throw huge money to get one or two big names on my team and blow all my cap space in doing so.

  18. Also, “one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure.” Maybe RJF isn’t viewed as a starter or as good as JSmith, but he is better than who the Colts have now and arguably an upgrade. Thats the beauty of the Free Agency, talent is in the eye of the beholder, and just because one man doesn’t fit or flourish in one system doesn’t mean he can’t blow up in another. Its about team chemistry, coaching, good scouting, all of which the Colts have. And I believe these FA’s the Colts have picked up are all buying into the system that carried over from last season.

  19. sure the contract isn’t $2 m for the first three years and $16 in the last ?

    That’s a crazy contract for RJF, after mental ones for Sopoaga, Walker and Goldson too.

    Starting to understand why The Niners weren’t too bothered on negotiations for players who were good soldiers but can pretty easily be replaced.

    Actually hope they don’t sign too many free agents and get a haul of compensatory picks next year.

    Good luck to all four though, played their hearts out for the team.

  20. Roll out the Niner fans, who will quickly tell you how much this guy sucked, just like they did when they lost All-Pro safety Dashon Goldson.

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