Dan Skuta visiting 49ers


Nnamdi Asomugha isn’t the only player visiting the 49ers on Thursday.

The other player headed to San Francisco doesn’t have quite as big a profile, however. Adam Caplan of TheSidelineView.com reports that Bengals linebacker Dan Skuta is also meeting with the 49ers.

Skuta only played 116 snaps as a reserve on the Bengals defense last season, but the Niners aren’t in the market for starting linebackers. Their interest is likely in adding Skuta to their special teams units because he’s done well in those roles for Cincinnati over the last two seasons. After giving up a touchdown on a kickoff return to Jacoby Jones in the Super Bowl, that’s probably pretty appealing to Jim Harbaugh.

Three of the 49ers’ backup linebackers from last season — Larry Grant, Tavares Gooden, Clark Haggans — are currently free agents, which makes finding a spot for Skuta easy. He also had a brief stint at fullback early in his time with the Bengals and Harbaugh has deployed other defenders that way in the last two years.

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  1. They let Blake Costanzo last year and the ST coverage units suffered all year with the most noticeable failure in the SB. They must believe Skuta can be their new Costanzo. Hope so, but I know nothing about him. Bengal Fans?

  2. As a bengals fan, I’m getting tired of seeing cincy lose their talented free agents and not replacing them. Pat sims, will hurt. And so will skuta. Not starters but key role players in a top ten defense IMO.

  3. The Bengals have not lost Skuta until be signs. And Sims has had one good year. Get a grip.

  4. There would’ve been not TD in the SB if Brit Miller wasn’t held by not one but two guys. Watch the tape. No amount of talent can make up for a ref whose mind is made up.

  5. Skuta would be a good signing for the Niners as a special teams player….he has been very solid on the punt and kick coverage teams for the Bengals during his career. The fact he couldn’t beat out Maualuga for a spot on the defense tells you all you need to know about his skills as a LB.

  6. He is a solid depth guy and Special Teamer. Nothing more, nothing less. He wont be your future starter so dont get all giddy.

  7. welcomeback85 is being a tad bit dramatic.

    Yes Sims will hurt but we also have Thompson and Still 3rd and 2nd round picks that were rookies last year. Sims is also injured a lot. Skuta will hurt on special teams but he wasn’t a factor on defense and only played when an injury occured.

  8. i thought the whole point of the 49ers not bring back blake costanzo was versatility so what is this guy going to play other then special teams

  9. i thought the whole point of the 49ers not bring back blake costanzo was versatility so what is this guy going to play other then special teams…………..

    It says in the article that he has played some at fb.Perhaps with Sopoaga gone now he can do a little bit of that.

  10. 49ers fans – Skuta is one hard working son of a gun. He’s been on the team for a while, working with Zimmer – so he’s a great Zimmer trained lb. His real value lately has been on special teams. Seems like a great guy to have around. Works hard, plays hard, gets results. He takes advantage of his opportunities. Plays where you put him.

    If you sign him – I think that’s a good signing. But how many players to you guys need? Don’t you have 11 or so picks coming up? Seems you could find a guy to do the same job there who would help with cap space issues.

  11. Thanks for the sucka low blow about Jacob Jones KR in the SB D.bag! Anyways it was a huge hold on Ravens which wasn’t called. So suck it and this stupid article!

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