Don’t rule out Saints in Nnamdi chase

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The 49ers have lured cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha back to the Bay Area for a visit.  But don’t rule out the team that employs one of the men who coached Nnamdi when he played in Oakland.

Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is believed to be making a big push to get Nnamdi to New Orleans, per a source with knowledge of Asomugha’s situation.

Other interested teams include the Cardinals, Texans, and Broncos.

When Asomugha signed with the Eagles in 2011, Ryan’s Cowboys provided the stiffest competition.  In the end, Asomugha picked Philly, but only after Ryan nearly convinced him to choose Dallas.

Said the source of Asomugha’s attitude toward Ryan:  “[Asomugha] loves him and trusts him.”

If Nnamdi, who has never played in a playoff game during 10 NFL season, gets out of San Fran without a contract, the Saints could be the team to watch.

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  1. He’s already made stupid money and can earn another 4 mil sitting on the couch.

    It is on him if he wants to play for a winner or wants to make more money he won’t ever spend…

  2. That why we need to sign him, we let Desmond Bryant go and bunch of other guys so if we let him go and Woodson they will sign with other team and that will leave us with crappy corners.

  3. If he wants to be a legit contender then SF is his choice. He would fill a needed gap in New Orleans defense who was horrid in every aspect of their game. Things could get interesting…

  4. Will be hard to leave SF if a quality contract offer is presented. I agree with Richiedean, that he doesnt leave w/o contract.

  5. What is the hype with Nnamdi??? He was a total bust in Philly so I don’t see what the big deal is that teams are chasing him down. Sweet dream team eagles hahahahaa!

  6. logicalvoicesays says:
    Mar 14, 2013 1:12 PM
    Oops I meant Rob Ryan. But you can understand why I would forget the irrelevant Ryan of the family.

    ^ nobody cares what you have to say… Ever! Your biased opinions based on Washington being relevant for the first time since 1992 mean nothing.

  7. 49ers possess a way stronger front seven than New Orleans. Seems like a no brainer if he really wants to reestablish his career.

  8. Clearly he was quick and could cover during his Raider days, but he is built like an 8th grader. His ego and lack of a killer instinct in the running game led to him being cut.

  9. I’d love to reestablish my career as an astronaut. But I’ve never been to outer space.

    Kinda like trying to reestablish yourself as a winner when you have never been to the playoffs.

  10. He’s a press corner only. He’s long and thin. In zone or off he looks from OK to totally lost. He would excel in Seattle or now in Dallas.

  11. last I checked you can’t coach speed & that’s where Nnamdi struggles the most – he can’t run with NFL receivers anymore. He was never a fast guy, and he’s not gonna get any faster at 32 years old this year. But hey, if you guys who didn’t watch every snap he played over the last 2 seasons think he still has something left in the tank based on his name alone be my guest and sign him. All these fans that want him will be saying “oh well, he’s washed up anyway” when he signs with another team.

  12. Oh My Golly, I think I may agree with LogicalV. Namdi and Rob Ryan do have something in common, failed 2012 campaigns. Good Luck SF/NO, I am sure these two will get you another SB.

  13. When word got out that Rob Ryan was entering the “Who Dat Nation,” I like many other Saints fans questioned this decision. Looking at Nnamdi’s stellar performance as a Raider under the direction of Rob Ryan in Oakland this move could win Saints fans over and force us to jump on the “Rob Ryan Bandwagon” if Nnamdi can find his groove again. After his play in Philly the last two years running the Wide 9 and other outlandish schemes many have forgot the last time he was a free agent he was arguably the best corner in the league besides Revis and ONLY REVIS!!! The way our defense played last year Nnamdi will be a tremendous pickup even if he is 50% of what he were in Oakland.

  14. hey ttommytom:
    He especially proved last year that “press corners” are only as good as their legs are at running. Did you watch anything of him this past season?

  15. Both of these teams will be in the playoffs next year regardless adding him will only help. It won’t hurt to add experience an depth at corner. Both have a bad secondary and saints running a 3-4 will improve a lot

  16. What happen to Keenan from Pittsburgh I prefer him over what ever his name is. Just think if we would look in our own backyard we would have some Stella players right at home. just saying”

  17. blippityboom,

    I assumed he could still run and was in the wrong system.

    I saw him ‘OK to lost’ vs the Giants twice.

  18. I know Nnamdi better than any of these PFT bloggers. Nnamdi was respectfully envious of his friend C Woodson because of the defensive system he was in at Green Bay. That was Dom Capers defense and pretty much the same system that Frisco runs under Fangio – Capers’ protege.

    Nnamdi may love Ryan but I doubt he wants to play in that system again.

  19. Dude, the 9ers are not going back to the Superbowl this year. How many Superbowl losers return to the Superbowl game the next year in the last 10-20 years?

    It’s extremely rare and give the defensive coordinators a year to study Kaep and he won’t be able to pull as much of that running around crap like he did when he took everyone by surprise in ’12.

    Besides the most glaring factor working against them: they seem to be the offseason champs.

  20. Cracks me up when people same Nnamdi was playing at a high level in oakland and philly ruined him by not using him in the right scheme. Go check your facts and you will see that in Nnamdi’s last year in oakland he was thrown at 17 times, everyone like me back then when he hit the open market never paid attention. When he started to do bad in here in Philly I looked up his stats and videos from Oakland and found that besides a couple years he was never really tested, no one ever threw at him and also he never got any interceptions. So when he came to philly he was already slowing down and was not use to being thrown at that many times. He was exposed in Philly so bad and not because of there scheme, if you watched every play of every eagles game last year they actually reworked their offense for Nnamdi and had him in man coverage that was even worse because he would get torched so bad by recievers. Believe in this guy all you want like me and most of the other Eagles fans did because of his name and his hype. I will tell you right now he does make defenses worse because he gives up the big play and once teams see that they will continue to throw at him on deep plays. watch the Carolina philly game last year. The only thing you get with Nnamdi is a guy who does great community work, but is an awful teammate and player. In every press conference last year he always was blamming someone else never would say he was a problem and had to fix it.

  21. Im sorry I said he was only targeted 17 it was 27 still a very low amount of targets

  22. Who are some of you trying to kid? The saints are one of the few teams who cold crush the 49ers. Weve had 4 great receivers, a monster tight end, not to mention our running backs. Teams out there are itching to sign devery henderson, whose a free agent, and hardly any casual fan even knows of him….and his monster speed. With a (hopefully) better defense AND OUR COACH BACK, we’ll see where we stand later in the year. I just love it that everyone think the saints are automatically out of it this upcoming year. Not to talk trash ( we respect every other team and its fans…except the dirty birds).

  23. New Orleans Saints has one of the best GM in the NFL Mickey Loomis. He’s a guy that studies these players and the Saints are a smart organization, Sean Payton knows what he’s looking for and what he want to do in 2013. Everybody talking about the New Orleans Saints and don’t have know ideal what they all about one thang for surer they will be contenders.

  24. Please, please rule out the Saints. Last year was bad enough and this year is not exactly looking real pretty at the moment. Don’t make it worse by signing this dude. I’d rather see them cultivate new talent than throw good money away chasing a DB whose best days are behind him.

  25. @socal64

    Where have you been the past two years. It appears the Niners have crushed your Aint’s the past two years. You remember the playoffs game in 2011, when Alex Smith beat you guys on the Vernon Post. Okay I see you have a short time memory, You remember when Kap, basically a rookie in his second full start, beat the Aint’s in NO. Matter of fact, when was the last time, the Aint’s beat the Niners?
    There are only two teams in the NFC that will get in the Niners way of getting back to the SuperBowl and those two teams are the Giants /the SeaHawks.
    The below teams are too one dimensional to beat the Niners:

    (1) GB – Dominated 2x last yr by Niners
    (2) Detroit – Beaten 2x the past two years
    (3) NO – Beaten 2x the past two years
    (4) ATL – No running game / suspect defense.

  26. @ninershatersring6

    I do remember…i remember brees hitting graham for a 60 yard touchdown (remember that?) I also remember us having the dumbest possible play ever on that TD, where we blitzed everyone for no reason. The saints periodically kill the giants, except for last season (i wonder why? could no sean payton have anything to do with it? winkwink) The 49ers are an enigma, if not for thier defense, which will change, you fools would be in the basement, where you belong. Although i will admit last season was special for the 49ers. Dont count on you guys being dominant, when teams figure out how to stop your QB, youre done.

  27. ripster65 says:
    Mar 14, 2013 2:51 PM
    I don’t understand why people keep giving logicalvoice the please of the “thumbs-down”….
    first, I meant pleasure ^…..but I do believe he thrives on even the negative attention…he does get more votes than most anyone else, therefore he’ll never stop. If no one votes either way, he may shut ‘er down and be forced into a new username again…(right, hulkhogansays?)

  28. @ninerhatersgetready4ring6

    Crushed?!? Frisco beat us by 4 points in the playoffs. You call that crushed?!? What is 5 points? Demolished? If it was 6 points would you say that we’re not in the same league as Frisco?

    Last season Frisco won by 10 points to the worst defense in league history. Yeah, Frisco crushed the worst defense in the history of the league by an astonishing 10 points.

    Does your mom’s basement have a window? Because you need some fresh air. Or a thesaurus.

  29. oh and yall keep running that mouth im not saying the saints are going to the superbowl this year but whatever the saints gain will be alot better than last year and the 49ers arent cutting it this year the last 2 years they were thattttt close dont count on it this time kaper… is done after this year just like aaron brooks was after his blowout rookie season haha goodluck losers should have never let alex go…

  30. You like to talk a lot of crap do you @rayb, my Niners have a dangerous offense and the d-fense is going to get more dangerous of the signing of Asomugh/Woodson.

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