Drew Stanton: I want to be the answer


Quarterback Drew Stanton hasn’t been a member of the Cardinals long, but he’s been there long enough to know exactly why he’s there.

“They need to find an answer at this position,” Stanton said, via the Arizona Republic. ‘I want to be that answer. I’m going to do everything in my power to be that answer, and given that opportunity, I feel like I can.”

It’s shaping up to be as good an opportunity as Stanton will ever get. He’ll be playing for a coach in Bruce Arians who knows Stanton from Indy and feels strongly enough about him that the Cardinals offered a contract that will pay Stanton as much as $20.2 million in the next three years if he hits certain incentives. He also has very little in the way of competition with Kevin Kolb ticketed for an exit from the desert and Brian Hoyer possessing even less NFL experience than his fellow Michigan State product.

Unless the Cardinals take a quarterback in the first round, Stanton appears set to enter training camp as the favorite for the starting job. From there it will be up to him to prove that he’s the answer the Cardinals have needed for a long time.

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  1. Sh!t- Larry Fitzgerald. All joking aside, Stanton has never had a legit chance to be a starter. He played pretty well in Detroit a few years ago. I wish him all the best.

  2. If they miss on Geno Smith on draft day, New England or Philly’s phones are going to be ringing off the hook for a QB that can get the ball down the field for Arians.

  3. Stanton’s career has certainly been questionable. And by the way, Stanton played for Michigan, not Michigan State.

    JOSH ALPER: I think you’re either thinking about a different Drew Stanton or are pretty terribly misinformed.

  4. Longtime lions fan, always liked the way he played. Given the right opportunity I think he can perform at a high level, I hope this is finally his chance. Good luck Drew!

  5. Does this end the Max von Sydow era, or whatever 4th string Max qb was on the Cards recently. All I remember is that his name is Max and he was about 5’4 145.

  6. let me start by saying I like Drew, seems like a good guy and is a good leader. That said, he doesn’t have a pro arm. When he has been successful it’s because they have game planned to his strengths but in a full season defenses would figure that out very quickly.

  7. It is so interesting how potential will earn you $$ in the NFL; no legit fan in my opinion could feel good about DS being your starter and if you gave these GMs truth serum they would say of course he think he is mediocre at best. But I guess it is testament to the weak over0 over all QB market this year. I’d take Derek Andersen (sp?) over DS, and DA was already in ‘Zona!

  8. I’m glad Drew is finally getting a chance. He did play well for the Lions a couple of years ago. I’ll always remember the Detroit-Tampa game a couple years ago, where he ran the two minute drill to perfection, got the ball and went into OT to beat the Bucs and end the longest road losing streak in NFL history.

    Although Calvin did make some ridiculous (as always) catches in that game.

  9. Hmm… last year if he would have stayed in New York, he would have gotten a chance to start… but since he threw a hissy fit when they traded for Tebow, he missed out on his opportunity…

    I can’t imagine the Cards don’t draft a QB this year… and as expected, they are going to do it during a poor QB class…

  10. @ germanstingray
    Drew Stanton played at Michigan State. Drew Henson played at Michigan with Tom Brady…went on to play baseball…
    Not sure Stanton is the answer but Im assuming Arians has a system that he can plug Stanton into that maximizes his skill set…good luck, Fitz deserves better…

  11. The people bagging on Stanton don’t have a clue. He’s got what it takes to win in the NFL and he’s a high quality character guy.

    He was great at Michigan State and really pretty effective in the few games he played for the Lions. He doesn’t have the strongest arm, sure, but he has the ability to find a way to win.

    I’m a Michigan fan, so I’m not some Spartans slappy, either. Dude deserves some respect even though he probably isn’t the second coming of Steve Young.

  12. The good news is that he couldn’t be any worse that what was on the field last year.

    When you are looking forward to a quarterback competition between Drew Stanton (the guy that was chased off of the JETS by Tim Tebow) and *potentially* Matt Cassel (the guy who was beaten out by Brady Quinn)… I feel for you, Cards fans. I really do.

  13. A lot of teams is going to the spread Drew have good legs it would fix one of his strength and the short passing game would work.
    Get a O that fix his strength and he could be OK.

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