Dustin Keller leaves Miami without a deal


The Rex-odus in New York has slowed, at least for a moment.

Jets tight end Dustin Keller left his free agent visit with Miami without a deal, according to Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com.

Apparently, the  two sides “will stay in touch.”

Translated, there’s a difference between what the Dolphins want to pay, and what he wants.

The gulf between the tight end deals for Jared Cook (five years, $35.1 million) and Delanie Walker (four years, $17.5 million) is wide, though Keller deserves something much closer to Cook money. But Cook’s deal is so far beyond scale that it complicates things.

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  1. The Rams ruined the TE market for everyone. Jared Cook is an overgrown receiver who can’t block with “raw-talent” that constantly gets boasted about but has never really been seen on the field on a consistent basis.

    Inflation, folks.

  2. As I said yesterday, Keller is nothing special. He’s a slightly above average TE and should be paid like one. Can’t blame the minnows for being prudent…

  3. dustin keller deserves cook money? you must have not seen one of the many times he let passes go through his hands and hit him in the face mask. used to drive me bananas. with that said, i hope he comes back to the jets on the cheap. sanchez actually looked competent when keller was healthy and playing well.

  4. “Rex-odus”? The Jets have no cap room and can’t re-sign Dustin Keller, nevermind that they don’t want to, and could have tagged him if they did. Let’s not turn this into players bailing on Rex Ryan – if the Jets had the money and the inclination, they would re-sign Keller.

  5. The Dolphins feel Keller isn’t worth top dollar, which you disagree with but you take a shot at the Jets and not the Dolphins. HACK!!!

    Two teams don’t want to pay him top dollar that you say he deserves but you rag on only one of them…. Biased maybe!?!

  6. Jets know exactly what they’re doing. They’re letting other teams overpay for the 1st rd of free agency. they’ve quietly amassed almost 20 million under the cap and will now sign players that will be bargains. Don’t be surprised if Keller, Slauson, Moore and others come back cheap with their tails between their legs. idzik is being prudent and very sharp, its a different deal in NY from now on.

  7. I like Keller and he did some damage to the Fins over the years, but I said yesterday the right move is Brandon Myers and Draft Ertz (Eiffert not worth our 12th and won’t be there anymore). Maybe his injuries from last year did not get past the physical? He has a tough market against Myers and F.Davis.

  8. the2013miamidolphins says: Mar 14, 2013 6:58 PM

    Gavin Escobar, third round….will be the fins TE
    How did the third round TE pick from last years draft work out for the fins?

  9. In the new passing NFL of today TE is a huge part of an offense and I think it will be shown with Eifert going in the top 20 of the draft and i hope it’s to the dolphins at 12 or if they trade down. I hate how people think a player isn’t worth being picked in the first, if the dude is a baller and helps us win games immediately you take him. Better then most of our first round picks, don’t want to be looking back four years from now talking about how we have no TE and passed up an all pro cause it was too high in the first to take him so we took some average DE instead.

  10. Yo nant, go check the stats before putting on paper some pretty stupid statements, like Keller is worth Cook money. Nothing could be further from the truth. Keller is a fine TE, who catches the ball from time to time.
    These TE contracts come from NE and now those idiot Rams who give Cook, who’s a so so TE, way to much money.
    Take a look at stats.

  11. If the Phins offered any where near $20 mill for four years he should have taking it. He will not get anything near that any place else. Remember the draft is around the corner and either Effert , Ertz, Kelce or Reed anyone of the three can start with the Phins and be an improvement over Fasano…or Keller.

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