Elway: Dumervil’s salary is “out of whack, hopefully he realizes that”

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The Broncos will cut defensive end Elvis Dumervil on Friday if he doesn’t take a significant pay cut. Although all indications are that Dumervil isn’t willing to cut his pay by as much as the Broncos want, Denver front office boss John Elway says he wants Dumervil to realize that there’s just no way he’s ever going to get paid the $12 million salary on his current contract.

It’s so far out of whack,” Elway told the Denver Post of Dumervil’s salary. “Hopefully, he realizes that.”

Elway says he feels bad asking a good player to take a pay cut and understands why players resist. But he also said it’s just part of the business.

“These are the deals that wrench your gut,” Elway said. “As an ex-player, I hate to see that. I hated to see that happen to a teammate. And I hate having to do it, in the position I’m in. But I’ve got to do what’s best for this football team.”

It’s looking like Elway will decide that what’s best for the Broncos is to release Dumervil and sign another defensive end.

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  1. If Dumervil is smart, he’ll take a look at the free agent signings and take the cut in Denver…unless he is willing to take the cut and play in Miami 🙂

  2. Then you shouldn’t have signed him to that deal. Why is it that so few contracts are played out in their entirety? Either the team gets into cap trouble and has to cut the player or restructure the deal, or the player performs better than expected and holds out or pleads for a pay raise…

  3. Why not ask PAY A TON manning for a salary discount?? saves you about 10-15 million easy??
    what they gonna do when Von Miller’s contract comes up soon.. and Pay A TOn retires soon??

  4. When do the ‘cold-hearted Elway’ stories start? Or are they saved for Belichick? Elway is untouchable, Ozzie Newsome is smart. When B.B. does it, he’s cold and doesn’t ‘respect’ players.

    The Broncos signed a contract with Dumervil, and now they’re going to reneg.

  5. FinFan68 says:
    Mar 14, 2013 9:35 PM
    If Dumervil is smart, he’ll take a look at the free agent signings and take the cut in Denver…unless he is willing to take the cut and play in Miami

    IM WITH YOU!!!!

  6. Elvis is praying that they cut him.

    He knows the Chiefs are the new owners of the AFC West. He knows the Broncos are O L D and signing more old timers. Mannings neck will give out by week 3.

    Elvis wants a campionship and he knows he will never win one in Denver. He is fully aware of the brilliant minds in KC shrewdly assembling a team that will dominant for years.

  7. It’s looking like Elway will decide that what’s best for the Broncos is to release Dumervil and sign another defensive end.
    Sure, if Seattle doesn’t sign them all first.

  8. Tell Elway that he should come up with his own words …”out of whack” contracts was coined by the Raiders GM McKenzie when he got the job.

  9. “Out of Whack” is carved into a wooden sign hanging in Reggie McKenzie’s office. When teams can sign one-dimensional DE’s by the truckload for 5M, why pay one guy more than twice that amount?

  10. I love him as a broncos fan but dumervil’s one dimensional. You dont get paid 12 mil to be one dimensional, esp when you’re not even the best pass rusher on the defense. If he doesnt take the cut just sign freeney for situational rushes and save that money for extensions for clady woodyard and decker next season.

  11. I sure hope they work this out,we killed Free Agency now we need to keep our core people,but $12 mill is pretty steep hopefully they get something done…


  12. As a Charger fan let me say Dumervil is an effin beast, he deserved every penny he’s being paid because just a few seasons ago he was a killing machine on the field which earned him the contract he has.

    He’s being paid a lot at the most premium position you can play, and the reason they’re doing this is because they got another pass rusher just like him on the other side of the line that’s going to demand the same kind of money

    PLEASE RELEASE HIM, from a begging Chager fan

  13. Elway got lucky with manning. We’ll see how he does in a couple of years when manning retires.

  14. Vikings need to do something like this with Jared Allen and his $14.5m salary, although I would have him restructure his deal by adding on to it.

  15. Elway needs to shut up. Pretty sure his made some bad choices on contracts with that team. Also pretty sure there are players exceeding their contracts on that team, looking at you Von Miller. Switch their contracts, either way they aren’t going to get more salary cap room

  16. It may not mean much, but Denver, Seattle, Frisco, have to be considered front runners thus far. Dumervil has been hurt…a lot. Unless he thinks he can sign on with Seattle or Frisco he has to know no one will pay him his current contract if he gets cut. His best choice for winning AND getting paid is to restructure short term with Denver and get paid somewhere else in a year or two after he finishes a whole season. He may even pick up a ring along the way.

  17. Elway acts as though he didn’t put ink to paper on this deal. Hold up your end of the bargain, John.

  18. Amazing. When Players don’t honor their contract, they are bashed heavily by corporate media…yet, this is the reverse. HONOR THE MAN’S CONTRACT!

  19. So just how do you argue with a boss that lead his team through multiple coaches to six conference championship games and five Super Bowls? Do you listen to what he is actually saying as you stare at the back to back Super Bowl Rings that are dwarfed by the simple high school looking Hall of Fame ring?

    Take the pay cut for an honest chance at a shot of one those pieces of hardware.

  20. I’m gonna show my Patriot fan colors here: but its interesting how when the Pats are ruthless when it comes to player contracts and generally the business side of football, they’re an evil empire. Yet when any other team does it…”it’s just business”. Here you have a player whose done nothing but play-out a contract that the Broncos gave him, and now the Broncos wanna say the contract THEY offered is “out of whack”. Where’s the outrage?

  21. Seahawks are apparently hiring.

    This seems like one of those classic AFC West scenarios where a team pisses of a player or coach and that person signs with a rival and smokes them for the next 5 years. I’d love to see him in a rotation at Arrowhead, but SD makes a lot of sense.

  22. Maybe Mgmt should uphold their contracts they offer… Anyway… Their just lucky this isn’t 2014, Redskins could use a Dumervil… Next year, the Skins are going to make so many FA signings that “make sense”… unlike the Dolphins… The rest of the league will take notice. Can’t Wait! In other news, we still have RG3 & you don’t!

  23. Elway screwed up Elvis’s contract ? Stick to your guns Elvis ,if for no other reason ,your name is Elvis …

  24. If he takes a pay cut just because Denver overpaid for a 90 year old QB who can’t play in the cold…he’s Dumervil than I thought.

  25. what is elway talking about. Allen, Peppers, Hali, Long, Johnson are right around where Elvis is right now. Elvis might be the best out of that bunch. So maybe what Elway should say is we only want to pay our QB the big bucks….question is what do they think freeney is going to take after making 19 last year.

  26. this is @@@@@@@ stupid im a die hard broncos fan this is the worst thing we can do dumervil is a big part of broncos things like this mess up chemistry on a team and makes players in locker room see oh this can happen to me when dumervil a great player and team player

  27. To all those whining about players demanding a new contract when they outplay their original one. .. What ever happened to honoring the contract you signed. Nobody forced Denver to sign the contract now the should honor it. Those were the words you used about players demanding more money when under contract. Where are you now?

  28. peyton manning needs to take a pay cuz but he tring to get all his buddies from colts this is dumb i bet u anything either some one in afc west will get him or patriots and he will go to any of the above patriots might be smart and get him and he will make peyton pay and broncos is my team but i would love to see that happen if we do dumervil dirty like patriots did welker

  29. Doom is definitely not looking at what Kruger and Avril got. He and his agent must be in La La Land. The first year of this contract he is on he made 12Million and did not play a down the whole season. Greed is going to land him out of the playoffs and still with a pay-cut. Another example of a pro athlete that cannot read the writing on the wall!

  30. Hey John,
    So it surprises you that he has a large salary after he was signed to a 61 million dollar contract and then guarenteed 43 million of it?

    I am not sure this has been thought of yet but, how about offering a contract you are willing to pay?

  31. “Elway says he feels bad asking a good player to take a pay cut and understands why players resist. But he also said it’s just part of the business.”…

    So… is Elway going to practice more “fiscal responsibility” and ask Manning (who signed a five-year, $96 million contract) to restructure… probably not.

  32. ask the vikings of 2009 and 2010 how trying to build a championship through free agency works…

    or the eagles of 2011, 2012

    all the recent superbowl champions were teams that were built primarily through their drafts. the only exception I can think of is Drew Brees in New Orleans.

  33. Who cares about this overhyped team? As long as ole Peyton is still the qb, they’ll look great in the regular season, and then get blasted out of the playoffs in the first round. Hate all you want, but unless Manning faces off against Rex Grossman again, he won’t be bringing home a Lombardi trophy.

  34. clayjayhawk says:
    Mar 14, 2013 9:35 PM
    Awesome another guy Green bay wont even call!

    He is under contract. Why would Green Bay call him? At least wait until someone is released to complain first.

  35. I’m sure the teammates of Horseface said the same until Terrell Davis carried him to a pair of Super Bowl wins.

  36. It’s ironic how fans are so against players(employees) trying to get paid.
    In uour life, do you agree with management(owners) cutting your pay, or layong you off for “the good of the company(twam)?
    Yeah, that’s what i thought.

  37. Insert foot in mouth, Elway..

    Look, as a Pats fan, and being born in the era of Elways time in the NFL, I like him, I think he was a great QB, I have nothing negative to say.

    But don’t toss the whole, as an ex-player non-sense. Since being hired, you have been a businessman first, player second to all moves. Dont play the player first, businessman second card now, especially when we all know what you will do: cut him.

    Be a businessman, that was your whole attitude with Manning, and going down the line. It only makes you look like a ******

  38. I hate to see athletes make this kind of money. But this is not right on the Broncos part. Teams hate it when players are under contract yet hold out for more money. So then why is it right for the team to come along and say your making to much when they were the ones that gave you that deal? Elway says his contract “is so far out of whack”. Yet the team gave him that deal!

  39. Contract out of whack? Well who is the idiot in the front office that structured it, how about that dope takes a “significant pay cut”. Stand your ground Elvis

  40. Will you take the veteran minimum to wear the burgundy and gold? hahahaha that’s about all we can offer you.

    Oh, you can aslo gain access to shanahan’s private tanning bed, picky any one (1) individual sock from RG3’s collection, aaaaaaaand DeAngelo hall’s old du-rags.

  41. Hey horseface, you were the one to offer it to him in the first place – why shouldn’t he expect to get what you offered?

  42. You know what’s out of whack? Teams giving guys contracts to appease them, and having no interest in honoring the contract. The NFL contract system is so screwed up. “You want to get paid? Here, let me give you a four year deal for this amount. And then in two years we will ask you to take a pay cut. Or we will cut you, and you get nothing.”

  43. When a Player has overachieved and outplayed their contract, the Teams all blame them.
    Now they want it the other way to. Dumervil signed the last contract and expected this to be a part of it. he took less before for more now.
    Stand your ground Elvis. Pride is more important.

  44. Then why did the Broncos agree to the contract? I realize that it’s part of he “biz”, but it sounds like a double standard to me.

    Release him Denver, you owe him at least that much. Let him find a home before the money dries up.

  45. It is tge business side that suck but if average Dumervil don’t get with the program he can kick rocks.

  46. a player is a bad guy if he wants to renegotiate his signed cpntract upwards NUT it is OK for the owner to want to lower te salary he signed off on to pay him once? what strange logic

  47. If Dumervil’s salary is out of whack and doesn’t realizes that, then maybe he should go eat some hay. He can make things out of clay and lay by the bay, he just may, what do you say?

  48. If Dumervile’s contract is so out of whack at $12mil, what is Mario Williams’s contract at $16 mil. Elvis’s is not out of whack. Elway wants his cake and eat it, too. Run out and sign everybody else and then cut your own player’s throat, even though a comparable DE is making tons more in Buffalo. Then publicly try to infer that your player is selfish. That’s crap!

  49. Best comment by FinFan… it’s unreal how slow and down the market has been for defensive ends. Just take a look at the contract Cliff Avril had to settle for. If Dumervil isn’t real careful, he’s going to end up with far less money for a team drafting in the top 5 instead of at least getting to play for a legit Super Bowl contender.

  50. This is what happens to FA champs. Sign backloaded deals, 2 years later that player is cut, or takes a cut. Everything has to be fixed NOW! When the draft is the best method to improve the team. Clayjayhawk, why do the Packers need old, used up football players? They have proven to be a helluvadraft and develop team.

  51. Would love to see the Pats pick this guy up! And it would be sweet revenge for their grabbing Welker

  52. If his contract is so far out of whack, who is on the other side of that whacky contract which both parties signed?

  53. radioactivechimp says: Mar 14, 2013 9:36 PM

    Then you shouldn’t have signed him to that deal. Why is it that so few contracts are played out in their entirety? Either the team gets into cap trouble and has to cut the player or restructure the deal, or the player performs better than expected and holds out or pleads for a pay raise
    He didn’t sign him douchetool. McDonald did. You remember the clown? Love Doom but let’s see him get 12M with a chance to run the board somewhere else. Honestly can’t believe there has been no “horse face” type comments yet. Tell any team to drop 12,ooo,ooo dollars or stop the criticism John is doing pretty good and Elvis better realize that this is his best chance.

  54. brutus9448 says: Mar 14, 2013 9:49 PM

    Elway got lucky with manning. We’ll see how he does in a couple of years when manning retires.
    Riiiiight. Elway got lucky. Kinda like you when cousin Sue was available for the prom? Manning CHOSE Denver for a reason. To win. He didn’t need money, he could hire your whole clan to jobs at Papas, or if you chip in and get one of you a degree, a job at one of his car dealerships. Yeah, John got lucky.

  55. I can understand people thumbing down on a lot of these comments, but seriously. Why don’t the owners just get it over with and collude with each other and only sign one year deals. When you sign a contract with someone for a determined length, it’s expected to be honored unless it’s in the NFL. I can understand saying someone’s contract is “out of whack”, but the fact is that it takes two sides to agree on a deal. Stop signing people to long term deals only to change the terms when it no longer suits you. And that goes for players AND owners.

    Contracts take 2 parties to sign. That should be ironclad. When you make a mutual agreement to do something for a certain amount of time, it should be honored. But then again, maybe I’m crazy.

  56. hmmmm… He had his best season playing for McDaniels in a hybrid 3-4 OLB/ 4-3 DE position – just what the Patriots have been searching for. Go ahead and cut him, Broncos, and see if the Pats can’t make him an All-Pro again for less than you would pay Welker. Belichick’s revenge!

  57. Elway didn’t sign this clown. McDaniels and his merry band of misfits did.

    This is simply the final burning bag of dog feces left on the doorstep of Dove Valley by the former coach. Elway is just trying to extinguish it.

    Who backs up the Brinks truck for a guy who has 17 sacks in the same season his defense was ranked #26?

    Only McDaniels would display the arrogance and insolence to pay a one trick pony to financially cripple a team that has appeared in more Super Bowls than 29 other teams.

  58. i been saying broncos need to get adrain wilson now the patriots are elway a fool and if we get rid of dumervil he dumb but if we are cant we try to trade for revis and use dumervil to do that and then sign revis with the difference in money from dumervil contract atleast pay revis dumervil money

  59. The NFL salary cap is a joke. The NFL is the only league that allows the owners and GMs to toy with all these contracts and play the fuzzy math game. They don’t guarantee the money…and they back load the contracts to unrealistic numbers that they know they have no intention of paying so they can circumvent the cap restrictions and screw a player twice…”in the best interests of the football TEAM” of course.

    All NFL teams use guys up and then find ways not to pay them their due. It’s getting gross. This year if a fine example of a broken system. “Hey Anquan…I know you basically owned the post season and made Flacco look like more than a mediocre $10-$12 million a year guy…and got him the most ridiculous contract ever….and were the real MVP….but can you take a pay cut? You aren’t really worth $6 million a year.”

    I hate the donkeys and I would love to see Dumervil go somewhere else…not in the AFC West. I’m a Raiders fan, so I know first hand what a factor this guy is in a game. I’m just saying that this is symptomatic of a much larger issue for the players. They did a good job negotiating a rookie pay scale in the CBA…I’m sure with little resistance because it also benefits the owners…next time I would be trying to fix the very owner friendly, one sided, imaginary contract language.

    All of this renegotiation and cutting of players is garbage…and there is a very simple fix for it. All money in all contracts must be guaranteed up to “insert player negotiated percentage here” and must be dispersed evenly throughout the duration of the contract. If you cut a player before his contract is up…you are still obligated to pay the guaranteed percentage for the remaining years….and that exact same number is your cap hit for one year after his release…or something to that effect.

    I’m not a lawyer or a CEO. I just know that the NFL is the only league that continually gets to screw it’s players out of money….and act like it’s good business. Yeah….maybe for the billionaires….but not for the millionaires….or any of the role players that grind it out year after year for short money. It’s a very one sided negotiation…yet everyone always thinks the players are A holes when they want to renegotiate before their contract is up. Now you see why. Good for them…get your money.

    These teams bone a lot of good players out of hard earned money regularly. The salary cap is a joke. It is designed to create some semblance of competitive equality and league parody…not any player protection. Just my opinion.

  60. So, will Elway say the same thing when 2nd and 3rd year players far outplay their “out of whack” rookie contacts and eagerly give them the proper compensation?

  61. Elway took a few pay cuts as a player to win. Voluntarily. To me this sounds like the Welker leaving NE story. Dumervil sounds like hes out the door, and the Broncos most likely have Freeney signed. We will see in a few hours!

  62. So, what you are saying Elway (greatest quarterback of all time) is that NFL contracts aren’t worth the paper they are printed on?

    Nobody forced you guys to sign him to that contract. If I were Elvis Dumervil I would call their bluff; and if they cut me I would sign with another AFC West team and terrorize them twice a year.

  63. Now if Elvis was underpaid and asking for a new contract early, everyone would be on here saying he signed a contract so he needs to honor it. Why is everyone expects the player to “honor” the contracts but the teams…not so much. Both player and team signed Elvis’ contract. The Broncos need to honor it. If not, remember this the next time a player says his low contract is out of whack and the broncos need to pay more.

    Just saying!!!

  64. “But I’ve got to do what’s best for this football team.”


    Elway has to do what’s best for Pat Bowlen’s bottom line and his own $5MM+ annual salary!

  65. But seriously, the real bottom line is Manning will crap his pants in the play-offs- like he always does (unlike his little brother) and it won’t mean a thing who Elway brings in to improve the team!

  66. “It’s so far out of whack,” Elway told the Denver Post of Dumervil’s salary. “We gave all the money to Peyton, only to find out he doesn’t have an arm anymore.”

    “Hopefully, he realizes that.”

  67. But yet they can pay 6 million per year for a slot receiver, 31 years old…..right? OR how about Cromartie?….

  68. Elway didn’t sign him to that contract. His predecessor did.

    The contract is out of whack because, since being signed to the deal, Elvis has missed an entire season and not put up great stats – even in the pass rushing game.

    He’s a liability in run support and Del Rio has him playing a wide-9 role which forces him to be one dimensional as a pass rusher. Elvis’ best strength is his varied skillset. He’s no longer able to set tackles up with various moves like he had in the past.

    There’s a lot of misinformation. Elvis is not trying to get cut. He initially asked for release, saw the pass rush market cap out at $7.5 mil per year, and decided to try to work something out in Denver.

    I’m a huge fan. I love Doom, but the scheme fit isn’t great relative to a $12 million cap hit. Cutting him would leave, off the top of my head, $4 million in dead money, but it’s more than that.

    Also, to say Denver has cap issues is ignorant at best. Denver has masterfully managed the cap. Restructuring deals is a great way to create problems for yourself down the road and many teams fall victim, or are forced into, this.

    So by having Peyton take a pay cut, which he has offered, you’re mortgaging the future with big contracts coming up – like Clady, Thomas, Decker, and Miller.

    Right now, when those contracts come due, Peyton will most likely not be on the books and Denver can maintain a high roster level.

    What bad contracts has Elway put into place wjmoffat? Oh that’s right. You’re speaking on a topic you have zero knowledge about.

  69. He’s gonna put of his blue suede shoes and play for my teddy bears. Thank you, thank you very much…

  70. Where is the integrity when it comes to contracts… Sooner or later the players agents better realize where money is real, or where it’s just a cut waiting to happen…

  71. What???? Where the heck are my contract is a contract folks? Chris Johnson rushed for 2000+ yards and 1350+ yards in back to back seasons. He was paid under $1.5 million for each of those seasons and decided to sit out because his contract was out of whack for his production and he wanted a new one that paid him what his talent was worth.

    You guys on here absolutely killed him. Killed him. Now :Broncos management is doing the same thing Johnson did and I don’t see even a fraction of the insults and contract is a contract talk. Hypocrites. Every single one of you that ever posted that contract is a contract bull need to be on here right now defending every player that’s being pressured to renegotiate his contract for less money.

  72. Of thee hundreds of pictures of Elway that are out there – couldn’t you find one that is more flattering?

  73. I hope Mr Dumervil is aware that his old defensive boss is now heading the show over here in Oakland….Elvis and Lamarr next to each other could be a deadly combo….get someone to bite on Geno at #3 and get paired with a deadly pass rusher on the other side….Come on Elway! Let him go so he can come back to kill you!!!!

  74. Uh, the Broncos did sign that deal right? He’s still a good player, right? By “this is a business” do you mean that ” we never intend to honor the later, more expensive years in a contract?” NFL contracts are such crap…for players AND teams.

  75. When he was finished Elway then said “Nay” trotted off back to the barn where he beded down for the night

  76. Did someone hold a gun to the Broncos’ head to force them to sign the deal? I hate that fans never notice when teams do shady crap like this. But when players hold out, fans are so quick to line up behind the team.

  77. @Iknoweverything says:Mar 14, 2013 9:37 PM

    Elvis is praying that they cut him.

    He knows the Chiefs are the new owners of the AFC West. He knows the Broncos are O L D and signing more old timers. Mannings neck will give out by week 3.

    Elvis wants a campionship and he knows he will never win one in Denver. He is fully aware of the brilliant minds in KC shrewdly assembling a team that will dominant for years.
    Hey PFT: Will you quit letting logicalvoicesays from opening 3rd & 4th accounts here?


    The rest of PFT

  78. Love how the players get labeled greedy and not team guys when they ask for a raise or hold out during their contract. But management can can decide half way through the contract “its out of whack”. The bronco’s came up with the contract, the bronco’s signed the contract. Pay out the contract you agreed to Bronco’s.
    Interesting you don’t think pay a ton’s contract is out of whack. For a guy with no arm strength to throw late across the middle consistently.

  79. Let me see if I got this straight.
    When a player signs a contract, out-performs his salary and demands a new deal he is cast a greedy pariah by the team and fans. But when a team signs a contract (a bad one at that) that over pays a player, the owner/GM can rip it up, cut the player, and still cast him as a greedy pariah. Something is rotten in the state of Denver…

  80. He’ll end up in Miami if they release him. Theres a reason why their saving so much cap space.

  81. Eagles have lots of cap space. Bring this beast in!!! While I agree with his salary being extremely high you can’t blame these guys for trying to get the highest salary possible because as we have seen with almost everyone who signs these monster contracts these days, even thou it might say its a 6 year deal we all know these guys are playing from a year to year basis and can be let go at any point with teams not having to honor the rest of the contract. Go get your money!!!

  82. If Elvis takes a pay cut just because Denver gave a gazillion dollars to a 90 year old QB that can’t play in cold weather…he’s Dumervil than I thought.

  83. I hate when these teams bitch about players wanting more money, all while they are pushing the player into the public and telling them take a pay cut or we cut you. Its wrong and unfair. Contracts should be concrete with exceptions for injury. It is basically saying, here we will pay you this amount over 4 years, but in 3 years we are going to make you take a pay cut or we will cut you.
    Players should have the contract drawn up to say that the team cannot void it at any point, for any reason.

  84. “As an ex-player, I hate to see that.” Apparently he doesn’t hate using the media to humiliate a player and goad him into taking a pay cut. Hopefuly Tebow’s god will smite this POS.

  85. Elvis is worth every dime of his contract cause if he wasnt why would Elway be trying to justify him self in media? Elvis should go play anywhere else but denver will be paying part of that contract anyway. Hey Elway .. paying for Elvis while he is playing for another team is out of whack

  86. How about the first year of the current contract where he earned 12 Million and did not play?

  87. For those who don’t know… which seems to be everyone posting on this board… his original contract was under McDaniels… different management. Elvis is highly overpaid and the Broncos can get a pass rusher who is just as good for half the price. The Broncos are doing the right thing here. I still love Elvis but if he wants a ring he’s going to need to take a pay cut. On a side note my biggest laugh of the day was from an earlier poster who said the Chiefs are going to dominate for years… LMAO!!! Still can’t stop chuckling from that one.

  88. If it is out whack, it is their fault. They offered and he accepted. Why shouldn’t he?! Now they want to walk away from the deal? This is why I have a hard time with management. You want players to honor the contract? You set the example! No matter how much it hurts!

  89. seansds3d your comment makes absolutely no sense.

    His contract is with the broncos. Josh mcdaniels or whomever signed him to it is irrelevant as to the validity of said contract. If that were the case, every time a team brought in a new GM or person responsible for signing players, all the old contracts, while still having years on them, would be terminated. Elway represents the broncos football club as did mcdaniels. Therefore, any contract signed by elway today would be valid even if he left tomorrow.

    That’s like saying the bank rep you met with to sign your mortgage papers left the bank therefore that mortgage should be voided. He was a representative of the bank. Your mortgage wasn’t with that guy just like Elvis’ contract is with the broncos not elway or mcdaniels or the Easter bunny.

  90. seansds3d says:
    Mar 15, 2013 12:38 PM

    “On a side note my biggest laugh of the day was from an earlier poster who said the Chiefs are going to dominate for years… LMAO!!! Still can’t stop chuckling from that one.”

    Hey sean, we’re all holding our breath for Peyton to retire so you donkeys can go back to 3rd place in the division where you belong.


  91. I know what you’re saying osh1205 but that’s not how football works. God I wish my mortgage would become null and void. LOL! A GM in football unlike my mortgage company is under a TON of pressure to win… and win right now or next year it could be their job on the chopping block. They can’t win by honoring bad contracts made by previous GM’s and coaches. That’s why they are able to do what they are doing. Contracts are made to be broken especially in the NFL. It’s how the game of the off season is played. My main point was that Elvis is overpaid for the market place and the Broncos can get two good players for the price of one overpaid guy. It’s a good business and football decision.

  92. Peyton manning goes down early this season, all these great signings were for nothing.

    As Manning goes, so do the Broncos.

  93. Elway wasn’t in the front office when Dumervil’s contract was constructed. Mario in Buffalo is about 7 yrs younger than Elvis. Don’t forget that McDuh was given the reigns and nearly drove the Broncos into the ground before being run out of town. The so called “GM” at the time was a “yes” man. Elway has a degree in accounting from Stanford. He was the CEO of the former arena team the Crush which was like an internship for this job with the Broncos. I think he is doing a fairly good job. As a player he constantly adjusted his contract to allow the team to sign more players.

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