Jeremy Trueblood visit shows the spot Redskins are in


With the free agent market more active than lucrative, the one aspect we’ve been missing this year is the traditional drunken-sailor spending by the Redskins.

While salary cap penalties levied by the league caused that restraint, they arer trying to make a move or two.

According to Mike Jones of the Washington Post, the Redskins will bring in Buccaneers tackle Jeremy Trueblood for a visit this weekend.

The Redskins recently added Tony Pashos, but with Jordan Black, Jammal Brown and Tyler Polumbus all free agents, they’re looking for someone at right tackle.

Redskins general manager Bruce Allen was in Tampa when Trueblood was drafted, and knows him well. Trueblood battled shoulder problems last year, but has been a capable player when well.

30 responses to “Jeremy Trueblood visit shows the spot Redskins are in

  1. How does this show the spot they are in? All of the RT’s on the roster from last year are terrible, which is why they are free agents this year.

  2. Oh no. The Redskins are bargain shopping…

    If only they could throw lots of cash at all the “good” players. Because that startegy never failed.

    Amiright Philly?

  3. The traditional “drunken-sailor” FA spending ended with the Synder-Cerrato mgmt era three years ago. With the exception of the McNabb trade, the Shanny-Allen mgmt has produced 30 draft picks in the last three years, with 21 remaining on the current active roster and contributing to the success. The current FO look to diligently manage the cap, build through the draft and make smart FA acquisitions to supplement the draft, and who are in or approaching their prime. They are getting it right with the current regime, despite the “Cap Penalty”

  4. Even without John Mara’s $18-million-dollar attempt at tipping the competitive balance in the NFC East, I don’t think you’d see any “drunken sailor spending” by the Redskins. Not this year, nor any other year Mike Shanahan is calling the personnel shots.

  5. With that o-line RG3 should consider sitting this entire season out. There is plenty of time for him to do great things in the NFL, but this year doesn’t appear to be one of them.

  6. The redskins havent spent like “drunken sailors” since 2009, next are you going to report on Michael Jackson’s death and the new york yankees winning the world series……you hack

  7. Snyder handing blank checks to players never prospered for the franchise anyway and losing Alexander is my only regret. I don’t see our East opponents doing anything worthy so far and last I checked, the Skins won the division with most of our starters out anyway. Lets move on to training camp and get to work!

  8. We’ve passed that mantle on — first to the Jets, then the Eagles.

    Now it’s up for grabs for worst free agent signing. San Francisco? Seattle? Miami? Even Cleveland is trying to be awful ($40 million for Paul “I couldn’t stop a runaway tricycle from getting a 1st down” Kruger? Seriously?)

  9. Here’s the idiotic thing about this article. Since the Shanahan Allen regime has taken over name a huge contract or as you wrote “drunken sailor” contract they’ve executed. I’m sure you can’t because guess what they haven’t. It’s a little sickening reading these articles referring to the Redskins approach as if these are still the Cerrato/Snyder run team. May I suggest doing a little more research before you put garbage out like this.

  10. Why do people who obviously don’t follow or understand the state of the Redksins feel the need to comment? Some of these posts are dillusional at best. Wasn’t a penalty? RG should sit because the #1 rushing line is all back other than a bad RT? Go away please.

  11. The Redskins haven’t spent like Drunken Sailors since the Cardinals were a good team.

    Your Cardinals articles don’t mention Kurt Warner, Edgerrin James, or Super Bowl XLIII. Why should your Redskins articles mention Free Agent splurging? Hack indeed.

  12. Big skins fan here…

    As much as this cap penalty hurts, I’m kind of glad we have it now. It is FORCING us to go young, cheap, and develop from within. If we had the $18M this year, we would have overpaid on 2-3 FAs that may or may not pan out.

  13. meanwhile whats going on in dallas? to all the smart asses saying its not a penalty then why did dallas get punished?
    yeah thought so
    you fail ricky

  14. Having a salary cap of 105 Million this year will put the skins in excellent position during 2014. They will be compete for the NFC E crown this year, but will be at least $25 million under the cap after the season. The Mara BS could be a blessing in disguise.

  15. props to fink for the quip: Paul “I couldn’t stop a runaway tricycle from getting a 1st down” Kruger

  16. Logicalvoicesays strategically stayed away from this one, because he knows his team is in deep doo doo at OL.

    I’ll take your Trueblood and raise you Jason Pierre Paul you dumbass!

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