Kevin Kolb may jump in to Jets quarterback competition

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Make room, Mark Sanchez, David Garrard, Greg McElroy, Tim Tebow and Matt Simms. Kevin Kolb may soon be joining you in the Jets’ quarterback meetings.

Although Kolb is still under contract with the Cardinals and his future hasn’t been determined, if Arizona cuts him the Jets are ready to get in on the action.

In fact, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that if the price is right, Kolb will not just be on the Jets’ roster but will be the favorite to be the Week One starter.

Mehta’s report came on the heels of a report from Ian Rapoport of NFL Network that the Cardinals plan to cut Kolb before Saturday, when they would owe him a $2 million bonus if he’s still on the roster.

Kolb to the Jets could make some sense: He has previously played for Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg in Philadelphia and already has a feel for the kind of offense the Jets are planning to run this season.

At the moment, the expectation is that Sanchez will compete with Garrard to be the Jets’ starter, that McElroy will be given a chance but is a long shot, that Tebow will be released and that Simms is on the team to be a camp arm. Given that situation, Kolb may look at the Jets as the place where he has the best chance to start.

99 responses to “Kevin Kolb may jump in to Jets quarterback competition

  1. Garrard signed with Jets because its his best chance. Any team with Sanchez as your starter is a great opportunity.

  2. Anyone but Sanchez. I’d take Vito Babe Pirelli over Sanchez. I can’t take another year of his incompetence.

  3. At least Sanchez has gotten his team to an AFC champioship game. What has Kolb ever done other than be an overpaid gamble? As a Redskins fan I feel for Jets fan. Nothing worse than having no shot due to missing the most important position.

  4. stockpiling mediocre quarterbacks is like flicking boogers at a wall. you can only hope one sticks.

  5. David Carr, Byron Leftwich, Caleb Hanie … they’re still available. See no reason why they wouldn’t be signed based on the Jets’ approach to QB play.

  6. if i were rex ryan i would just quit at this point…gonna be hard for him to find another head coaching job when the jets win 2 games and start 4 differen’t qb’s

  7. For all the QBs not named Sanchez on the Jets. If you can’t beat him out… retire. You have no business being an NFL QB.

  8. I’m kinda rooting for Kolb on this one. I think he showed some promise when he was healthy in Arizona. He’s play obviously didn’t come close to the money he was making, but if the jets get him for cheap I think he can beat out all of those QBs to be the day one starter.

  9. Wow. Adding yet another horrible QB to the mix. Seems like they should cut this whole cast of clowns they currently have and pick up Fitzpatrick. He’s the best option of the bunch, knows the division, and could buy some time until they can draft and develop a real QB.

  10. As a Patriots fan, if here is a god in heaven, please let this happen…..nah, it’s too good to be true.

  11. Hilarious.

    Sanchez hasn’t wowed anyone of late, but at least he gets up after a hit.

    Kolb was given the starter’s job in Philly after McNab departed and was knocked out of his very first game.

    With the Cards the guy missed more games than he played in, what with his toe hurting or his ears ringing.

    Here in AZ, we were constantly regaled with stories in the paper of what a man’s man Kolb was, what with his chewin’ tobacky and love of killing wild boars with a knife.

    After seeing Kolb get knocked out of games by mere deflecting arm tackles, many guessed those “wild boars” were, in reality, probably potbelly piglets staked to the ground.

    As one who loves watching the Rex Ryan collapse, the Jets are DEFINITELY the home for Kevin “Jeremiah Johnson” Kolb.

  12. ksranum says:Mar 14, 2013 12:29 PM

    Why dont they just add Matt Cassel just for the heck of it?

    Might as well get Ryan Fitzpatrick and JaMarcus Russel too.

  13. The Jets starting line should include 10 quaterbacks and Mangold at center.

    The other opposing team would then have no idea who will be passing the ball and to whom

    Good old qauterbeak sneak

  14. lol at dolphin fans..mark sanchez has won 4 road playoff games, the dolphins have lost one playoff home game in the last 13 years or so..your idea of a great season is .500..if we are a circus, you guys are a side show

  15. I just gotta say that anyone who still admits to being a jets fan is a TRUE fan of thier team. I don’t care who you are and what team you cheer for, call them what they are. Jets fans are some loyal fans these days. I salute you all, even as I chortle at your team.

  16. It’s like the Island of Misfit Toys. Only the squirt gun that shoots jelly is still more accurate than any QB the Jets will have in camp.

  17. Its funny, you all complain and mock the Jets for not signing a real QB but hinestly, what QB’s were out there to grab? Given the Jets cap situation Mike T. put them in they have no options but to be cheap and possible draft a QB. These moves make sense. For the first time in 5 years the Jets can go into camp with a legit QB battle instead of just giving the QB job to Sanchez.

  18. The second worst starting quarterback from 2012 is now the worst starting quarterback in the league.

  19. I’d start Tebow over any of those guys with their personnel…or lack there of. At least a predictable run option offense would eliminate the needs for wr’s, especially since they don’t have any.

  20. The front office has to be doing this on purpose.

    “How far do you think we can push Jets fans this year after Tebow mania last year?”

    REX: MOAR QBs!

    “Great idea Rex, let’s bring in 7 backup quarterbacks and keep all of them on the roster!”

    This is better than television comedy.

  21. All those ppl making comments about Kolb are ridiculous, Mehta’s reports are always wrong — btw, let’s all be honest here, as bad as the Jets have been these past 2-years, there is NO WAY, they’ve decided Kolb will be their starter, prior to him even being cut. This story is garbage, that Mehta guy is def doing acid in the mornings.

  22. Unfortunately for Kolb, regardless of what he or anyone’s been told, there will be “open” competition but as long as Ryan is the HC Sanchez will always be the starter and benched for no more than 1/2 a game at a time in non-consecutive games.

  23. @adobot says:Mar 14, 2013 12:43 PM

    It must be a lonely little world you live in. 1969 was a looong time ago buddy. The jets have been the worst franchise in the AFC East. Look it up.

  24. now I get it, they’re going to have a whole team of nothing but sub par QB’s. That’ll really confuse the opposing Defenses!
    I thought it was john idzik, not john idiot!

  25. Why don’t they just cut Sanchez? The money is already guaranteed and isn’t that the reason they’re reaching for the David Garrards and possibly Kevin Kolbs of the world: to breathe down the Sanchize’s neck? Call it sunken cost, cut him loose, deal with the consequences of doing so, and move on.

  26. All due respect to Garrard, but after what we saw in Miami last year, can he really be expected to make it through camp without injury? Plus, he really seemed to lack the fire/leadership necessary for a starting NFL quarterback.

    Kolb would be a mild upgrade over Sanchez.

    Meanwhile, Buffalo is waiting to scoop up Tebow once he is cut.

  27. Kolb did torch the Patriots when the Cardinals beat the Patriots in Foxborough…but then again Sanchez and Fitzpatrick did the same.

    It doesn’t matter who the NJ Jets have as QB, so long as the clown figure Rex Ryan is coach, they will be terrible.

  28. this just off the new ticker…….. the jets plan on having four qb’s in rotation this year; a different one on each down with Tebow stepping in on 4th and 40 and punting.

  29. The irony is I feel sorry for Sanchez because they didn’t cut him loose from this zoo and let him go -anywhere would have been better.

  30. You really think the Jets have no WR’s? HAHAHA…..when healthy Holmes was a very good WR for the Jets and last season Kerley proved just how good he can be.

  31. that’s sad when Tebow is the only QB on the roster that has a winning record. When they refused to play him last season it showed me what a headline grabbing sham it was to trade for him. Bring him break Sanchez’s already low confidence and then don’t play him. Sanchez isn’t better than Orton who lost his job to tebow. I’d hate to be a jets fan, they either don’t know what it takes to win or don’t want to. Like letting shon Greene go was dumb too. They will never win with Rex coaching. They make the Raiders seem competent. I hope. they go 0-16

  32. You kind of have to feel a little bad for the Jets because of their QB situation, but I’m not one of those people.
    As a diehard fan of the Buffalo Bills for the last twenty-four years, our fanbase has been through worse with the QB.
    We went years and years with huge success with our great #12 Jim Kelly and then: dun-dun-dunnnnnnnnnnnnnn-

    Todd Collins- Not kidding.
    Alex Van Pelt- Nice guy though.
    Doug Flutie- Loved, but didn’t last long enough.
    Rob Johnson- What a mistake!
    Drew Bledsoe- Gave us hope, then fell apart.
    J.P. Losman- Started great, but eventually failed.
    Kelly Holcomb- Really?
    Trent Edwards- Started nicely, turned into CC (Captain Checkdown)
    Ryan Fitzpatrick- Started average, then gave us 4-6 weeks of happiness before showing us that he is just an average QB, Period.
    Next? What Tarvaris Jackson? Matt Barkley? Ryan Nassib? E.J. Manuel? Seems as the pattern will still remain.

    So, should I feel bad for the Jets? Probably not.

  33. If the Jets get him, run something resembling a balanced offense and don’t force him out of his comfort zone, he is a perfectly competent game manager. They won’t win a SB on his back, but he would be fine, and probably better than Sanchez. The Cards screwed with his mechanics when he got there and let him get his brains beaten in behind a horrific O-line, but he is better than what he showed there.

  34. The amount of press the Jets get is staggering. Kolb hasn’t even been cut by the Cardinals and he might not be.Kolb may jump into ANY teams competition… MAY. I May get up and conquer the world today, but i’ll probably just waste the day surfing the internet.

  35. The Jets are clearly not interested in competing this year. They’re going to be doing the same thing the Raiders are doing, cleaning up cap mess and preparing to rebuild for the future.

  36. Vinny Testaverde right now is better than any of those guys. Why haven’t the Jets given him a call? Or dare I say it, Brett Favre for that matter.

    The Jets must have found a QB in the 2014 draft they like and are setting themselves up for a 3-13 season this year. Only thing that makes any sense as to why they would bring in all of these has beens and never was QB’s.

  37. I feel sorry for my son-in-law, it must be painful for him to endure the Jets. And I feel sorry for me too, as he always buys me Jets shirts. They’re starting to stink up my closet.

  38. No thanks…Garrard is better than Kolb stats wise… Kolb is basicly another Mark Sanchez stats wise. Also he is too expensive for the Jets. I think Kolb knows he is not starter material and just wants to get solid backup money and the bears, Vikings, and even Jaguars are a better fit than the Jets.

  39. Which team will be the bigger clown fest with QBs: Jets or Raiders (if they sign Vince Young)?

  40. What amazes me is these “fans” come to these Jets articles to post. Shows a definite pschological badge of inferiority compensated by mocking the Jets.

    If any one of these “alleged” fans would think that Jets fans could have been Giants fans and avoid all this suffering with FOUR Lombardis.

    So in the end you haters could only wish to have an ounce of loyalty that we Jet fans possess. So no matter what you write, deep down you know you’d be band wagoning by now.

  41. Maybe I will pay the $300, tryout at a regional combine to try and make the Jets. That will be my best option to start

  42. “Kolb hasn’t even been cut by the Cardinals and he might not be.”

    The minute Arians and the Cards signed Drew Stanton (Wednesday) Kolb was a goner. Want to know when? Before he’s due another $2 million which takes place on Saturday.

    Hasta la vista, Kevin.

    But after watching King Rex sit on Tebow rather than embarrass himself by playing him and have Tebow show him up by actually winning a game, Kolb better hope he doesn’t land in the Big Apple, where winning isn’t the objective but protecting King Rex’s fragile ego is.

  43. Forget about Kolb, Sanchez, Garrard, or any other QB except for Broadway Matty Leinart who just escaped from Raider Hell.

    Heck, he can’t be any worse than any of these guys and he once was money before Ken Whisenhunt screwed up his mind and his game. Getting him away from the west coast and USC would be good change and godd chance to get his game back together.

  44. lrjets says:Mar 14, 2013 2:11 PM

    What amazes me is these “fans” come to these Jets articles to post. Shows a definite pschological badge of inferiority compensated by mocking the Jets.

    If any one of these “alleged” fans would think that Jets fans could have been Giants fans and avoid all this suffering with FOUR Lombardis.

    So in the end you haters could only wish to have an ounce of loyalty that we Jet fans possess. So no matter what you write, deep down you know you’d be band wagoning by now.



  45. Wow I love this for Kolb and the Jets. I watched him in Training camp and in games when he was an Eagles and I know his potential. He will never be a Brady or Manning not even a Eli or Mcnabb. But he can certainly be a better version of the Alex Smith we have seen the last 2 years.

    The guy has talent he just needs a team that will give him a lil time in the pocket and an offense better suited to his style of play. With Mornhinweg and the Jets he will get both those things.

    I think he would instantly become the best QB on the roster for what the Jets offense wants to do. In an off season where the pickings are slim for QBs infree agency and the draft, Kolb is the Jets best bet.

    I say sign him to a 2 year $11m contract with a 3rd year vesting option. That way he can help the Jets transition through this qb barren year and the following year after that. That way qb they hopefully have drafted by then to be their future, can learn the system without the pressure of having to start as a rookie qb in NY, or if the pickings at qb havent improved, then once again be a transition for the Jets .

    And if he plays well, then they will still have him under control for year 3. When they can decide if he is their answer at qb or if he was just a good transition to their future franchise qb. If its the latter then they could possibly flip him for a mid to late round pick.

    And if he doesnt play well then no hurt no foul. His option for year 3 wont vest and he will just be the guy that helped bridge the gap between the disappointing Sanchez era to the hopefully future franchise QB’s era. Doing so by helping the new guy adjust to the system and the NFL game. While also taking the heat off of him that he otherwise would have had from the media and fans as a rookie QB in New York.

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