Leon Washington says he’s a Patriot


It looks like Leon Washington is back in the AFC East.

A couple of hours after tweeting “negotiations!!!” while meeting with the Patriots, the former Jets and Seahawks running back and return man sent out a picture of himself wearing a hat with the team’s logo. There’s no official word from the team, but the picture looks like it was taken at the league’s facility and there’s little reason to think Washington would lie about landing a deal.

Washington could step right into the punt return role vacated by Wes Welker, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see him play a variety of roles for the Patriots in 2013. Bill Belichick has never been shy about using players in multiple ways and Washington has been a running, receiving and returning threat during his NFL career.

33 responses to “Leon Washington says he’s a Patriot

  1. I love this addition for New England. Washington is a team player, goodguy and a very underrated return specialist. Also one of my favorite Noles of all time.

  2. As a broncos fan,I’m never excited about the patriots signings,but I must admit this is a good under the radar signing and I know Mr.Bill will find ways to get Washington the ball in space ala eldeman&woodhead,the Broncos vs.Pats Showdown is gonna be the game of the year can’t wait!!!!


  3. They were ranked 26th in kickoff return last season.
    If that’s the reason they got him it will be a big upgrade.

  4. Not a patriot fan, but you have to respect the way they continue to carry on. Often times, signing guys with talent, but overlooked.

  5. Hate seeing good Jets players go to the evil empire, which is why i’m glad DeVito chose KC…but that’s a good pick up for the Pats. He’ll be a Kevin Faulk out of the backfield

  6. Between Leon and Jeff Demps, they have some serious speed and quicks coming onto the roster. Nice job Pats.

  7. One thing I’ve noticed about your articles about the Pats, Edelman was the primary punt returner until he got hurt, not until he got hurt did it become Welker. Edelman is still a UFA so it may not matter but still might as well get all the facts correct.

  8. dynaco says:

    It’s Shaun Ellis all over again.
    Silly little Pats never get it.


    That’s an odd comparison. You must be a Yets fan, and in which case, good luck next year.

  9. dynaco says:

    It’s Shaun Ellis all over again.
    Silly little Pats never get it.


    That’s an odd comparison. You must be a Yets fan — in this case, good luck next year.

  10. True, but neither Demps or the team have said he won’t be playing. Hence “insurance”.

  11. Why do you insist upon calling Welker the primary punt returner? Edelman was the primary returner last season, and was doing a monster job until he broke his foot. Welker was the back up returner. Washington or Cribbs would be replacing Edelman in that role, not Welker.

  12. Seahawks fan here…Pats fans should rest assured knowing that this is a very solid pickup. But more importantly, Leon is a great, great man. Will miss him out here in Seattle.

    AND you steal our best sports radio personality in Mike Salk. Gawddamn!

  13. Oh goodie! Nothing against Leon,but (3) days into free agency with (25) mill in cap space the Pats have taken a step back at slot receiver and added a 30 year old return man. Was scoring points a problem,or was it defense. They need good corners,and a stud safety etc,etc. The clock is ticking with quite a few of the “A” players already snapped up. Whatever!

  14. Will you stop saying that Welker was the team’s PR! He was only filling in for Edelman. If Welker re-signed with the Pats (Edelman too), who would return punts? Edelman. If Edelman does not re-sign (I think he will), then Washington would takeover PR. He will definitely be the KR in NE. If Edelman is back, he will return punts. Washington will only be the KR.

    Does this signing mean the end of Woodhead in NE?

  15. I planned on coming on here and wishing my boy Leon good luck in the future, but now I also must point out how hilarious it is how butt hurt Pats fans get over calling Welker the punt returner. HaHa calm down guys it’s not that big of a deal, Welker did return punts last year and he was the punt returner before Edleman came along. I know it was Edleman’s job last year, but he got hurt and it became Welkers.

  16. Man this dude killed the Pats when he was a NYJ. Was hoping they’d grab him when the Jets wanted to trade him because he was coming off injury.

    Herm Edwards said on NFL32 that Washington was the guy the NYJ drafted with the pick they got in trade for him from KC. Interesting.

  17. Hated to see the Seahawks let Leon Washington go, I hoped we would keep him as our return guy and let Harvin play mostly WR. Our loss is the Patriots gain. Versatile, talented, smart, sure handed and pure class. Leon should fit in nicely with his new team.

  18. Great pick up! One of a kind player! Some of his decision making has cost the Seahawks tons of momentum in the beginning of this year. He was also robbed of the All-Time return record on a bogus call. Thanks for the memories Leon! Go Hawks!

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