Michael Bennett agrees to terms with Seahawks (yes, Seahawks)

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The rich keep on gettin’ richer.

Defensive end Michael Bennett, who visited the Dolphins on Thursday, has agreed to terms on a one-year, $5 million contract with the Seahawks.

Yes, the Seahawks.

Bennett started his career with the Buccaneers.  He was believed to be one of the hottest pass-rushing commodities in free agency.

His deal strikes another blow to a worse-than-expected market for pass rushers.  With young guys at the top of class not getting huge money, the veterans have no chance.

142 responses to “Michael Bennett agrees to terms with Seahawks (yes, Seahawks)

  1. Bennett has the stain of Buc upon him. A stain that will infect the Seahawks as they prepare for Chip Kellys world domination tour 2013. And there is simply nothing that anyone can do about this.

  2. Freeney … and the rest the market value has gone…

    now they need ot take a pay cut and sign a small 1-yr deal with a bad team where they can start/play and try to have a big yr to get a big contract next FA period.

  3. “Bennett started his career with the Buccaneers.”
    No he was a Seahawk first and then was cut by Mora

  4. Eagles never got that message about pass rushers, consider how much they overpaid Barwin.

  5. Amazing how all these teams can spend so much money, yet the league just destroys the redskins, something isn’t right…

  6. Bennett actually started his career in Seattle. He was released by Tim Ruskell even though he showed great promise as a pass rusher.

    Glad he came back, he never should have been let go.

  7. Holy crap Seattle is getting loaded. To people complaining about salary cap 70% of Seattle is a bunch of 5th-7th rounders we got for cheap. Lol

  8. Now we just draft OG, DT, OG, DT, OG, DT, OG, DT and let the 8 rookies battle over the one or two available roster spots…My god we are stacked! Going to be an amazing 2013, then it’ll get tough deciding who to keep and watching others walk away.

  9. The Hawks have been aggressive this offseason on both offense and defense so far. Can’t wait to see what the draft brings. Go Hawks!

  10. towniesman says:

    Isn’t there a salary cap in the NFL or is pete carroll at it again.
    Here we go, Slimeball Pete is cheating, that is the only explanation. It couldnt be that they are just a very smart front office making moves that fill specific needs. They are within the cap and know exactly what they are doing, simmer down.

  11. This Seahawk fan wants to pull an Eric Cartman and climb into my freezer until September.

  12. RE: Isn’t there a salary cap in the NFL or is pete carroll at it again

    It helps when you only pay your starting QB about $700,000 per year. Free up ALOT of cap space that way.

  13. Seattle trying to corner the market on pass rushers? Who’s next, Osi Umenyiora?

  14. With the rash of DE signings it doesn’t look like a vote of confidence for Bruce Irvin

  15. The Seahawks are heading into next season guns blazing. Anything less than a SuperBowl will be met with great backlash. They got a taste and realize what they have. SF and Seattle are gonna get scary good because these guys should all reach their prime around the same time. The Niners and Seahawks look like the NFCs Pittsburg and Baltimore.

  16. Seems like a bad deal for Bennett. A 1 year prove it deal, then he hits the market again, after playing on a stacked defense, that even if he plays well it’s going to be hard to put up individual numbers, because everyone else makes plays too

  17. Looks like Seattle sees its window as now. After this year they’ll start the slow death of salary-cap hell as the rookie deals start to fall off and these new deals start to take bigger cap hits.

  18. Pass rusher is what the Hawks needed. If Clemons comes back we will have Clemons, Bennett, Irvin, and Avril, wow, what an improvement.

  19. Ok, I’m getting mixed up here. Are the hawks dream team 2.0 and the 49rs 3.0, or the other way around.

  20. wilson may make 700k but they got flynns contract on there too , 49ers got rid of their cap eating backup qb as their starting qb makes 480k a yr

  21. Looks like good moves, but no team that has gone bonkers in March has ever done anything the following season. Chemistry matters in the NFL, and putting a lot of highly paid new faces in a lockers room automatically alters it.

  22. Bravo Seahawks Nation. Fuhrer Pete Carroll does it again. The Seattle Fiefdom is becoming very intriguing.

  23. They’ve signed 3 players. Not 10. Two of them on 1 and 2 year deals I don’t think that will mess up the chemistry on this team.

  24. So a lot of you are wondering How They can afford all of this…..Simple: Russell W. is getting paid next to nothing cap wise….unlike the Super Bowl Champs Paying One Guy 20 freaking million bucks!!!!

  25. damn. this is pretty much uncharted territory for us hawks fans. we have never particularly been a chosen destination for free agents. and yeah, it’s a little bit exciting.

    these things go in cycles. next year it will be some other team. and yes, we know we’ve yet to win a title. but let us enjoy this for just a little bit.

  26. Damn Richers! Good for the Hawks though, iron sharpens iron as the saying goes. Both of these teams (9ers/Hawks) are going to be very sharp it appears!

    Give the Hawks credit; they are making great moves. The 9ers like to bottom feed in free agency so don’t expect an “answer” to this anytime soon from the 9ers. All questions will be answered starting in September.

  27. zpizzo says:
    Mar 14, 2013 7:37 PM
    the seahawks better win now because they will be in the lowest depths of cap hell in coming years

    Uneducated comment. These ‘prove it’ deals work in favor for Seattle and it ensures they can pay Wilson, Thomas, Sherman, and whoever else down the line.

    What Seattle is doing is smart and calculated.

  28. hendeeze says:

    With the rash of DE signings it doesn’t look like a vote of confidence for Bruce Irvin


    Avril was brought in as likely insurance for Clemons (same size, weight, and speed). Bennett is a replacement for Jason Jones and will likely play DT like Jones did.

    They haven’t brought anyone in to challenge for Irvin’s spot.

  29. Denver is only other team getting better. Pick up Freeny and we have top 2 defense. No freak 70 yard bomb this season. Broncos to the big game.

  30. desertviking64 says:

    High priced new guys will piss old players off.


    1 year, $5 million is a high priced new guy?

  31. leggett17 says:Mar 14, 2013 7:54 PM

    It’s still a crappy, insecure city filled with dumb ass hippies. But hey congrats seachickens.


    Says the 7-11 night manager from Jacksonville.

  32. lionsdraftguy says:Mar 14, 2013 7:36 PM

    Well at least he didnt go to the classless 49ers.

    Cause Pete Carroll is full of it right, class I mean.

  33. Keep chirpin’ seabirds, seagulls, whatever you are! You’ve never accomplished anything in your whole history and until you do, you’re nothing.

  34. Don’t know why everyone is including Clemons who cracked his knee thanks to Dan Snyder. Recent signings are necessary to have any pass rush. Irvin was no where in the Championship game.

    If Seattle is counting on Irvin and Avril to hold up against the run they have another thing coming. third and medium yardage will become running plays with these two on the field.

    Bennett is a good signing even if for one year.

  35. As a Vikings I fan I have to start with get bent Percy you spoiled kid. That being said bravo Seahawks organization. It does look fun out yonder and if I was a fan I’d be happy. Remember all balloons have an elasticity it can come back from.

  36. Russell Wilson’s base salary for 2012 was 390K. He also just received a NFL rookie pool performance bonus of 222K. This pool is a new incentive by the league for rookies since the new CBA strictly limits their compensation for 3 years. Any of you who think that the Seahawks or Pete had anything to do with the new rookie salary structure have been living under a rock.

    One more thing. Russell’s performance on the field has been rewarded with over 10 times his salary in endorsement cash. He’s doing just fine and he deserves every dollar.


  37. Seattle fans – notice all the hate? Wear it as a badge of honor – all winners are hated on this site. They’ll attack your city, your head coach, your city/state’s politics, your player’s mommas!

    Inter-divisional hate is expected, but expect a lot more side busters on all of your threads offering their worthless 2 cents. If you respond to it you are only feeding the trolls and keeping them healthy.

  38. Hey seahawks bashing turds look at the years of both Avril and Bennett’s contracts. The seahawks are paying them hardly anything for 2 and 1 years. After that they will pay Sherman, Wilson and the rest of the young gang while drafting grat along the way. These were great short term deals for the hawks there will be no long term overpaid free agent (redskin) mistakes.

  39. leggett17 why you talkin smack about Seattle for no reason. My 18 year old ass isn’t a hippie just like a bunch of dudes in Seattle. You’re just butt hurt that the Jaguars suck. We’re not talkin smack about your city so get out of here punk. I don’t know who you’re talkin to

  40. I am not a Seahawks Fan (but I don’t dislike them either). The same nasty crap is going on in every Dolphins, Browns, Colts postings. Yes, Teams that were financially responsible are now reaping the benefits and on a spending spree. Tons a jealous haters out there. You don’t have to even be nice (granted being anonymous gives most of you guts), but at least try and present yourselves as somewhat knowledgeable. Good Signing Seattle.

  41. logicalvoicesays says: Mar 14, 2013 7:35 PM

    Zero. Superbowls.

    Want to see how it looks in person? Come to Redskins Park…we have THREE to show you.
    Yeah, but those are all in black and white. The ones they pass out these days are in full color.

  42. Seahawks are looking to win now, and aren’t signing any deals that will kill them later.

    Jealous, much?

  43. i love sports hate. nobody here hates the cardinals or bill’s so the seahawks must be doing something right.

    all the hawks need now is a olb and a 3rd corner to cover opponents slot receiver.

  44. To all the 49r Fans: Can’t wait to play you guys 3 times next year. It is going to be a blast. Best of Luck. I pick one of us to be in the SB and be a favorite to win it all.

    To the rest of the NFL Fans: The Seahawks have been doing everything they can to improve to be a competitive, elite, consistent Team. No matter what you say about the past 35 years, the next few are going to reguire your team to play your best to have a chance to win. Again, Best of Luck.

    Go Hawks!

  45. These are the results of drafting well. The Seahawks can afford to take gambles with picks due to their depth, and by having a young group of starters, they can afford to splurge on short-term contracts that will be up when the likes of Sherm, BB, Russ, etc come up. Schneider has this team dialed in. The ‘Skins are in the trouble they are because they have a weak front-office, and owner.

  46. Face it NFL, the rest of you are going to be our b*tches. We’re going to bloody your nose, steal you lunch money and take your girlfriend to the prom for the next half-decade.

    Get used to it.

  47. logicalvoicesays says:
    Mar 14, 2013 7:35 PM
    Zero. Superbowls.

    Want to see how it looks in person? Come to Redskins Park…we have THREE to show you.

    Sure, that sounds like fun. I didn’t get the chance to see them last time I was there because I was too busy cheering on my Hawks as they beat your mighty Skins.

  48. These guys must be coming for the the legal marijuana. They come out to Seattle light up a joint with Pete Carroll and that’s it. They sign before the smoke clears for less than they are worth.

  49. As a 49ers fan by default I can’t stand the Seachickens but them getting better only ups the competitive ante for Harbaugh and company which is creating an amazing rivalry! Good stuff.

  50. oh man there are a LOT of Seahawks fans here these days.

    Reminds me of the time when all The Eagles fans were here….saying much the same thing.

  51. NOOOO!!!!!! He could’ve gotten more if he actually went to Detroit like he was suppose to!!!

  52. Seacluck fans are clueless I remember last season this time these morons were telling us Niner fans to watch out blah blah blah …You will always be “little brother” ..Seahawk fans are just the jealous little brother..Plus your coach is a proven loser in the NFL..Wake me up when these posers actually win something! Niners win the West again..You guys are good but we got more talent and a way better coaxhing staff…Get ready for the pain you northwest lames!

  53. I honestly don’t know how Seattle is doing it but other players do want to come here and its gotta be what Pete & John Schneider have built. Crack a joke and say its about the money – Avril & Bennett aren’t getting much. But this defense already was something special # 1 scoring defense. I don’t see how they can keep all the pieces in a few years but its going to be one show the next few years without question. This isn’t old talent – Its young guys entering their prime with Russell Wilson as their leader. Go Hawks!

  54. Hi! I’m GM Johnny Blowmywad! I may challenge for a title (fingers crossed on injuries since I have no depth) but boy howdy won’t the fans remain loyal after I blow all my picks and cap money trying to maintain a goal of a championship I could never quite reach as franchise goes back to it’s proper cellar dwelling.

    If only I built via the draft, creating depth and continual competition instead of handing everything to a couple of FAs and creating a “get mine” mentality on the team.

  55. There are 3 certanties in life
    1. Taxes
    2. Death
    3. March champions don’t go anywhere in february

    Enjoy while you can you seachickens fans

  56. Love to Seattle from S.F. but… whoever makes it don’t under estimate the East Coast bias. I call it West Coast oppression. Never forget …last year…never forget…Seattle/ Pittsburgh S.B. debauchery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Bennett has the stain of Uncle Buc upon him. A stain that will infect as they prepare for Chip Kellys world dominatrix tour 2013. And there is simply nothing that anyone can do about this.

  58. Bennett could well be a one year wonder – last year everyone was pleasantly surprised by his sack totals for a non-contending team, but now he’ll expected to be a big contributor to a playoff team….that said, with Avril on board they’ll be less pressure and for 1 yr/$5M there’s very little risk for Seattle – you have to admire what they’ve done.

  59. If the Refs decide to start calling Seahawks game fairly then they will be lucky to break .500 this season!
    I have never seen a team that cheats on almost every play while the refs look on and keep their flags in their pockets.
    The replacement refs were Seahawks fans but I expected it to change back to normal when the real refs returned, it got worse !

  60. he didnt play for the vikings what are the seachickens thinking?


    Maybe they thought it was former Vikings RB Michael Bennett?

  61. I am a Seahawks fan, and you guys need to tone it down a bit!! SF and Atlanta are VERY good and anything can happen.

    Also, rarely does the “Dream Team” thing work, so I am surprised we are doing this. We might be overreaching and get caught with our hand in the cookie jar.

    Go Hawks!

  62. Enough with this “Dream Team” garbage already… Now-a-days any team that signs 2 high-priced players, people are quick to throw, “It’s a “dream team” into the conversation…. Truthfully, there was only 1 true “Dream Team” and it belongs to the sport of basketball; when you have, Micahel Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson on one team…. Now that’s a DREAM TEAM!!! That word has become the new, “I love you”, it just holds no value anymore. IMO

  63. Both the seahawks and 49ers are making excellent moves during this offseason. They both will be a force to be reckoned with during the next few seasons. I’m a 49er fan and as much as i hate all division rivals, only a fool wouldn’t respect seattle. I expect them to split the season, each team winning at home and having a close hard fought game that is determined by clock management and depth. The niners will win i believe because of depth and coaching. 2013 is gonna be a great year.

  64. DE is the new WR.

    If you’re a ‘Hawkologist, you’ll remember the way we played around with veteran WR1s in camp and preseason last year. T.O., Braylon Edwards, Antonio Bryant, etc.

    This is the same thing, writ large. Bring ’em in, see if they fit, dump ’em if they don’t. We can afford the cap hits, not that there’s a hit worth mentioning on 1-2 year deals.

    Or maybe not. It sure looks like a pattern, though.

  65. Wow nice pick up seahawks….. Clap clap in your face like when Richard Sherman gets burned… YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE WEST FROM US..You wont..It will be fun!!

  66. lionsdraftguy says:
    Mar 14, 2013 7:36 PM
    Well at least he didnt go to the classless 49ers.


    Or the pathetic Lions.

  67. The NFC west is a Cards QB away from turning into murderers row. Obviously the Hawks and Niners are scary but the Rams are rock solid and gona be a tough out this year. If the Cards get a QB to go with there Defense and Larry Fitz this divisons gona be all world. Should be fun for the AFC division that gets to play these guys.

  68. To the 49ers fans jabbering away about “little brother”

    NFC west championships since 2002:

    Sea – 5
    SF – 3

    Super Bowl births:

    1 each

    Super Bowl wins:

    0 each

    Soooooo…. carry on, I guess?

  69. RW isn’t fresh out if jail. This team has leadership in all areas they don’t control people but if they don’t play hard and compete no matter the circumstances they are gone.

    Won’t be dream team 2.0 this team didn’t just sign a bunch of stars just added more stars to the draft built team.

    Haters going to always find something to hate about. Fact is since joining the west the Seahawks have won it more than anyone else. Stop with the little brother analogy just shows how nervous you niners are. And to those who have respect., much returned to your team as well as luck. On paper this is a juggernaut the that’s why they play the game, either way with a smart hardworking humble qb and hungry late round picks with confidence this team can do this thing.

  70. snaxdsp March 14, 2013, 5:49 PM PDT

    Team is still a joke. I’ll bet anyone Wilson gets RGIIId this year. Lmao.

    ————————————————————— like what, a triple digit qb rating. And division championship? Awesome, but ya i already figured that in.

  71. boyshole25 says:
    Mar 14, 2013 8:47 PM
    Seahawks and skins got it right with their qbs. Cam who?

    Although I agree with your statement of Seahawks getting it right with their QB pick (jury still out on RG3 in my opinion), Cam is still a very good QB. He did not have a strong start to the season, but he did finish strong. One of the best 6 game stretch in the NFL. His season numbers were very good. I am not a Panther’s fan either. Unfortunately, I am an Eagles fan, but I do acknowledge good play from other players.

    As for RG3, he has to show that he can run something other than a college offense that is leaving him open to injury. Unlike the Skins, the Hawks use the read-option as a change of pace. It comprises less than 20% of their snaps. That tells me that the Hawks have faith in their QB making good decisions pre-snap reads and understanding route combinations. The Skins offense is a two read college type offense. If the primary receive is not open, go to your check down or run.

  72. It’s funny how people who didn’t watch the Hawks play last year assume RW3 will get hurt like RG3… The hardest hit RW3 took was in the divisional game against the Skins, a glancing blow to the head that felt like a teammate slapping him on the head. Wilson has an uncanny ability to avoid big hits. RG3 should watch him play and take some notes. Wilson has Peyton Manning brains, Tom Brady accuracy, Fran Tarkenton mobility, and leadership skills as good as any President in the last 100 years… Seattle is about to become this decades dynasty. For those of you complaining about the salary cap, and Seattle’s future implosion due to bad contracts, etc; You obviously have not done your homework. Seattle is still 12MM under the cap for 2013, and the way Schneider and Carroll have structured these contracts, will keep the Hawks in a position to make these same kinds of moves for years to come. You all are right though, Bennett and Avril could have gotten more $$ to play elsewhere, but they might as well earn a ring or two before cashing in on FA in another year or two…

  73. Lotsa Seahawk fans clucking a lot about their “dream team.” Did the Hawk fans notice that the Niners signed Phil Dawson as its new kicker, yeah, the guy who missed just two FG attempts last year. Dawson’s signing was far more significant to winning next year than Bennett’s one-year deal.

    Well, this Niner fan has two numbers that should shock Seattle’s finest: it’s a one and a 4, as in 14 draft picks with more than half of those picks coming in Rounds 1-100. That’s a lot of choices in this tackle/CB-heavy draft or to lots of options convert some of those choices into great trades.

    It’s gonna be a slugfest the whole year (and I wouldn’t rule out a resurgent Rams team either.) I hope it ends with a dynamite NFC Championship game between these two great teams.

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