Michael Bennett visiting the Dolphins


Plenty of pass rushers have flooded the open market.  Which has made it hard for many of them to get paid.

Bucs defensive end Michael Bennett will commence in earnest the process of finding a new deal when he makes a trip to Miami.

Per a league source, Bennett will be visiting the Dolphins on Thursday.

It’s the first stop on Bennett’s free-agency tour, and it comes a day after Cliff Avril signed a two-year, $15 million deal with the Seahawks.

Bennett would give the Dolphins a strong complement to Cameron Wake.  And it would create more buzz around a football team that is desperate for it.

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  1. Hoping the Dolphins make a very low offer to Bennett, maybe my bucs can get him back after all at a decent price when he realizes the market isn’t to good for him. I’d say Bennett is worth 6-7million per year.

  2. wow, this guy is overrated. i cant understand bucs fans that think this guybis better then bowers or ac. he would be a backup. i expect the dolphins are blind and sign thus guy for 3-4 year 8mio per year….OVERPAID ALERT!!!

  3. Dolphins have a great player in Odrick? Albeit he should be in the three tech. Where they are playing Starks (who is also a good player). They are really misusing Odrick though. His 11.5 sacks over the last two years almost all came from a position where he only sees about 10 plays per game (3-tech). they should have let go of Starks and gave Odrick his shot. I bet they are planning on letting Starks go after this year and low-balling Odrick next season.

  4. “And it would create more buzz around a football team that is desperate for it.”

    Strange. I shot at the Dolphins. Let it go Mike…let it go!!!

  5. Bennett would love to play for the Redskins but they don’t need him. The Redskins are overflowing with superstar talent and can’t bring sign every mediocre free agent who wants Super Bowl rings.

  6. Why is he not worth it b/c he only had 9 sacks? Look at his metric stats and you see a player entering his prime who is a complete DE. Best all around DE on market.

  7. Dolphins fan here, and while I love Ireland’s youth/speed movement this offseason, it’ll all be for naught if we don’t do something about our 17th ranked pass defense (efficiency ranking from PFF).

  8. This would be great for Miami. Bennett and Wake will take pressure off a developing secondary!

  9. Bennett is the poster boy for the “Timmay” Ruskell era in Seattle. They cut him in order to keep a 2nd kicker on the roster. A kicker who never played. Ever. For anybody.

    “Timmay !”

  10. We could really use this guy well in Detroit!! Here’s to hoping he slips out of Miami today..But for some reason I just don’t see this happening with all of the cap $ in Miami..

  11. We still have plenty of Cap left. Amazing how everyone is so concerned about how Jeff spends his money… go away all you Jr. Accountants and fake GM’s. The Fins have suffered in Cap Hell for many mediocre Seasons and this is our coming out Party. Remember when the Dolphins were fun to pick on and no one cared? Now everyone is concerned about our business. Sniff, Sniff… I smell fear and jealously. I said it before and will say it again… Football is cyclic and you will see Dolphins, 49ers, Seahawks, Bengals, Colts, Redskins (pains me to say that because of than knucklehead troll), Cowboys and Bears all in the hunt for years to come.

  12. They haven’t even spent half the cap room, as they back loaded all these contracts. (The tag on starks aside /8+ mil.) They’ll get 10 mil more on June 1st after Dansby and burnetts contracts clear. They have a lot of work to do still but will carry over cap space to compensate.

  13. meandjuliojonesdownbytheschoolyard says: Mar 14, 2013 2:22 PM

    It’d be nice to get him back for some depth, but one season of 9 sacks isn’t exactly hall of fame material. And if Avril only got two years at 15 mil Bennett needs to temper his expectations.


    No he doesn’t.

    Sea? HAWK! Sea? HAWK! Sea? HAWK!

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