Nnamdi Asomugha visiting 49ers Thursday


When cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha was a free agent in 2011, the 49ers were interested in him.

Now that he’s back on the open market, the 49ers are interested again. The big difference from the first time is that the 49ers never got Asomugha to visit them before he wound up signing with the Eagles. This time, though, Asomugha is going to make it to San Francisco.

Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com reports that Asomugha, who started his career in the Bay Area with the Raiders, will meet with the 49ers on Thursday. It’s believed to be his first visit to a team since he was cut by the Eagles on Tuesday and there may not be a second if both sides decide that there’s a fit in terms of scheme and salary. If they don’t, the Broncos, Cardinals, Texans and Saints have also reportedly shown interest in signing Asomugha although it’s not known if other moves made on Wednesday might have changed any of those outlooks.

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee also reports that the 49ers’ initial interest in free agent cornerback Sean Smith has cooled, something that might make them push a little bit harder to get a deal done with Asomugha on Thursday.

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  1. nnamdi loves the bay area. plus playing along those linebackers and d line, he would play more free. if the niners put a good offer on the table im sure he will take it. i have a feeling this will be his only visit. welcome back to the bay nnamdi!

  2. Ehhh…we’ll see how this works out. Nnamdi looked horrible for 2 seasons in Philly. I guess in the correct scheme he would be a steal (because he’s gonna come cheap).

    Not excited, but not oppsed

  3. Steeley McBeam says:
    Mar 14, 2013 10:37 AM
    Cold War 2013: Seattle vs. San Fransisco
    And the Seahawks are the ‘Evil Empire’ right ??

    Sign Nnamdi !!

  4. Have fun with Nnamdi, father time has caught up with him QUICK… He hasn’t lost a step, he’s lost 6 steps!!
    Never seen a guy get so burnt, so many times!
    AND don’t say it was the system, man, zone, etc…. Juan and Todd put him in every formation possible, and he failed, hard, continuously, repeatedly!!!

    But the 9er’s are used to working with crap secondary, so he’ll fit right in!

  5. Philly fans keep whining about Nnamdi’s last two seasons, too funny.

    I think it had more to do with an O-line coach running the defense.

    Nnamdi will play at a high level this year and philly fan will freak out, it’s going to be awesome.

  6. Trust me…this guy has lost more than a step or two. He was burned constantly in Philly. You don’t want him. Let him go to the Jets or Cleveland where he won’t screw up a good franchise.

  7. As an Eagles fan, all I can say is good luck with that Niners.. you’ll need it. He was overmatched , blew routine assignments ( couldn’t even execute a cover 2 in the Carolina game last year, with embarrassing results), and was a lousy teammate, blaming others(usually a safety) for his mistakes. The highlight of his season was when FOX analyst John Lynch, while broadcasting a Bucs-Eagles game last year, referred to the efforts of Nnamdi and DRC in the previous week’s game, as “disrepectful to his coaches, teammates, and the game of football in general”

  8. 9er fans…its not a matter of scheme or getting back to his old form. He’s slow. Hes lost a step, or as one nfl scout put it, “he’s lost 3 steps!” You can’t coach speed. Either you have it or you don’t. He knows what he’s doing, he just can’t get to where he needs to be on the field to do it. When a corner reaches that point in his career he has two options…move to safety if you can tackle and take on running backs or retire. Since Nnamdi can’t tackle, or maybe won’t, he’s going to look washed up as long as he remains in the NFL. I’m disappointed we didn’t see this coming. Our hopes were so high, likes yours may be now. But heed my caution, he’s not who he was in Oakland anymore.

  9. He is gonna have a super coaching staff, that why it didn’t work out for him on the Eagles, Asomugha is coming home to the Bay Area and Woodson is gonna company him too San Fran, our Division going to be great with the Seattle and San Fran rival, if them two sign with us, we going to be awesome, I wanted Desmond Bryant but we got Dorsey instead.

  10. The only scheme that will utilize his talents is the ponzi scheme he’s got working on the people still believing he’s a top-tier corner.

    If you watched any of the tape on him over the past two years, you’ll see it wasn’t the scheme he was playing in but how he had no first step on WR’s off the press and how horrible he was in the open field.

    This guy is a fraud. I hope Dallas signs him.

  11. Screw over rated Seattle, the crybaby fortywhinners and the dream wannabe team eagles! And miami your now the laughing stock of the nfl with your over spending on other teams garbage! Haha

  12. It’s funny how people slam Philly bc nhamdi is terrible now. Eagles put him in every scheme imaginable to get him to perform and he got burnt every time. Coaching? His 2 secondary coaches were dick jouran and tod bowels. Both got hired the next year as dc’s for other teams. He cant run or tackle. Going back to the west coast is going to fix him? Yea right please sign him so y’all can give up multiple 80 yard td’s by the game!! Dude sucks!

  13. Even with the trade of smith, they acquired Boldin for 6 mil and have 2 others signed. Where is this $ coming from?

  14. I think it comes down to Nnamdi vs. Carlos Rogers. I don’t see SF carrying both unless they cut someone else. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rogers gets cut if/when the Niners sign Nnamdi.

    SF and Sea are bringing some serious cred back to the NFC West but don’t count out StL with Jeff Fisher.

  15. I said it before. To the 49er fans doesn’t matter how bad a player has been years before. They believe somehow their player of interest will drink from the fountain of youth when he signs his contract & be an All Pro and destroy the league. Randy Moss anyone? Louis Delmas/Glenn Dorsey….Delusional…..

  16. For all the haters the guy would be coming to the 49ers to be our 3rd or 4th CB. Name a better 4th CB in the NFL right now? Just like Glenn Dorsey, all we are asking is you be a hard working roll player.

  17. All te eagle fans here are acting like if we get Nnamdi the 49ers defense all of sudden is gunna be the worse in the league u guys are actin like Nnamdi was all to blame for the Eagles season last year!!!!

  18. The first year with the Eagles, I thought they were using him wrong.

    The second year with the Eagles I realized, with certainty, that he is done. He’s finished as an NFL corner. Period.

  19. He doesn’t care anymore. Once he got his guaranteed money, henstartedmpreparing for his post-football life, and not doing anything that could possibly get him hurt is part and parcel with that.

  20. How is someone finished as a nfl corner when 5 teams want to sign him texans broncos cardinals saints and the 49ers he must have something left in the tank if 3 playoffs teams are interested in him!!!!

  21. If the Niners sign him, haters might be surprised at the results. Say what you want about the Niners, but you’ve got to admit that the Niners coaching staff has a way of getting the most out of their players by figuring out what they do best and letting them do it. I could see Fangio lining Asomugha up on the opposition’s tallest wideout and just letting him go one on one with him all game. That’s what he’s best at doing – physical, press, one-on-one. I’d like to see him show all the haters they were wrong and drive Philly fan up the wall.

  22. Asomugha was misused by the Eagles. Gotta blame the Eagles coaches, starting wth Andy Ried. He’s back home in the Bay area. Wish it was with the Raiders, who could sure use him, but he should be fine with the 49ers. Good luck to him. He’s a good guy.

  23. By trading Smith and letting Akers, Goldson, Sopoaga, Walker and Moss go, SF saved about $25 mil and have so far spent only $10 mil of that on Boldin and Dorsey. They still have some room for another FA or two at reasonable prices plus their picks.

  24. Vic Fangio isn’t a nimrod like Juan Castillo. He won’t waste him playing a zone coverage scheme. Fangio will use Nnamdi the way he’s meant to be used – man-to-man coverage.

  25. Have at it San Fran. This guy is simply NOT the type of guy you want on your team. Good person:yes But dedicated to his raft? He’ll No! You can’t pin his lack of success in Philly on coaching,the guy simply has NO love for the game and is in it strictly for the money.

  26. It’s funny cause everything 49ers fans are saying is exactly how Eagles fans were a year ago with nnamdi. Everyone would say he can’t be that bad he just needs another chance he will get it together. Let me tell you from watching him as an Eagles fan he has no desire to play the game anymore he has no heart or intensity. There are players that came out and said that he would eat lunch in his car and would not talk to anyone. Whatever team he goes to I feel so sorry for because there fans will be fed the same hope we were when we got him thinking he would help much. Get ready to watch teams throw deep balls all over your team all game long

  27. Wow this would be huge to the secondary. Rogers and Osomaguah with Whitner the Hitner and maybe another Vet or top draft pick at Safety. Definently would be one of the best secondaries in the NFL!

    Nhamdi couldn’t have dropped down in talent in one year it must have been scheme and lack of leadership on that Philly team. He will be back to top form with SF!

  28. myosin10…. it wasnt just 1 year that Nnamdi went down hill. It started his last year in Oakland teams finally started throwing at him again and when they did they forgot why they ever stopped. He wasnt bad or anything but he definitely wasnt the guy who shot down half the field anymore. Teams through against him and had success.

    He then went to Philly and got torched in his 1st season. Then his 2nd season in Philly the same thing happened. But at least in the 1st season he was trying. He plan gave up by week 8. Once a WR made 1 move that worked he quit. He would chase down the play or try to recover. If he got blocked forget it he was done for the play. No effort to fight off blocks and the tackling was no existent. He also got bullied in man the man. He would get hand checked at the line and threw completely off balance. And when he actually did attempt a 5 yard bump he would get blown back.

    I will give him this when he actually was in step with a receiver they could not catch the ball. But that was few and far between. His legs just arent fast enough to keep up. After a wr makes a cut Nnamdi always ended up a few steps behind. Which happens to a lot of CBs, but they can recover and Nnamdi just doesnt have the closing speed anymore or the drive to do it anyway.

    When he got beat it was never his fault. He always pointed at the S, LB, or other CB and gesture like they were suppose to be. Most of the time it was all BS. He takes no responsibility for himself.

    That’s just not the type of guy a team 1 game away for a championship needs. The 49ers are a team built on integrity. And even though Nnamdi’s integrity off the field is unquestionable , being involved in multiple charities, his integrity on the field is anything but.

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