Patriots can seek $2.5 million from Jonathan Fanene

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The Patriots have the ability to seek $2.5 million in bonus money given to former defensive lineman Jonathan Fanene, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported Thursday.

Fanene, who signed with the Patriots last March after seven seasons with the Bengals, was released in August.

According to Rapoport, during a physical examination, Fanene did not disclose his use of “painkilling medication.”

The bonus dispute pits the NFL and Patriots against the NFLPA and Fanene, Rapoport said.

UPDATE: 2:40 p.m. EST: Rapoport reports that the Patriots have the legal right to seek the money, not that it is a done deal. Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe had a similar report.

33 responses to “Patriots can seek $2.5 million from Jonathan Fanene

  1. Oooo, bullies. Someone notify Michelle O and Napolitano!!
    In a related item, are you 10 years old?

  2. patssteelersorgiants says: Mar 14, 2013 2:26 PM

    Leave it up to Bob Crafty to figure out a way to cheat a player out of his contract.
    Really. And just how did “Crafty” force him to violate the terms of his contract? And it would be “Krafty” in case you need to update your speak-n-spell.

  3. Some stats from ESPNBoston:

    Lining Up In The Slot Last Season (Including Playoffs)
    Welker Amendola
    Rec per game 5.5 4.6
    Yds per game 67.9 45.2
    Rec pct 66.0 66.2
    Drops 13 1

    13 drops for Welker. 13. Love the guy, I mean LOVE the guy, but still..

  4. Maybe the Pats should have a random day of drug testing, conducted by impartial sources to make sure none of their players are cheating them now

  5. Is there some sort of retroactive affect to their cap number? With teams being able to move cap space to the following year, one might think there could be an additional 2.5 mil to their cap this year. Or am I confusing several unrelated cap rules?

  6. illogicalvoice says: Mar 14, 2013 2:24 PM

    New * England * Patriots * are bullies. (*)


    Is it even REMOTELY possible that “illogical voice” believes anyone reading this site would take ANY comment he/she posts seriously after the continuous stream of inane, Fanboy, delusional rants about RG3 and the Skins

    Seriously fanboy?

    Can you possibly NOT KNOW that you are the laughing stock of PFT?
    Is that even possible?

  7. @mullman76:

    NO ONE cares what you post.
    Deal with it and stop being so ignorant.

    You along with all the other haters have no real knowledge of whether or not they were helped by doing what everyone else did.

    Grow up

  8. Love the comments from the haters(better known as insecure fans ).

    Yes the Patriots must be cheaters and bullies for trying to get back 2.5 M paid to a player who misrepresented an injury and violated his contract.

    I bet every one of these posters would bend over to pick up a nickel on the street !

  9. $2.5 million could make the difference in being able to keep Talib. That secondary was much better with him than it was without.

  10. @thenyolive The most likely scenario is that IF the Patriots actually recover the money, then they will be allowed to role over some of the cap space that was charged against them for the 2012 season into whatever season’s cap when the money was recovered.

  11. What goes around comes around. You cheat, somebody down the road will get u back this case the Pats should just let it go because they’ve played those games before..Robert Craft should say “hey JONATHAN, i feel you bro. I’ve been there and still have the t shirt that I won”

  12. Figures the Patriots would look down every avenue to re-coup money they lost in a bad decision. As always, the NFL owner wallet protectors are out in force today.

  13. You Patriot haters make me laugh. What would you rather have? A team with 4-5 high played players and 30 holes and will never be a contender, or a team that spreads the wealth and makes sure that they are strong from 1-52 and that’s why they are in the hunt every year and that’s why you hate them. It’s called jealousy.

    Enjoy that with your crow.

  14. The Patriot Haters are truly a pathetic bunch. The “Cheaters” as you call them were caught cheating for the 2007 season, when it became illegal. It was not illegal until the memo was sent from the Commissioner’s office after the 2005 season….well after the Super Bowls were won. Get over it already….once they were told of “cheating” to start the 2007, they only went out and ran the table on EVERYONE in the regular season. Face facts….you just cling to something someone said and can’t think for yourself.

  15. Ahhh some of you never fail to live up to low expectations. Thanks! 😉

    Yes Kraft runs the NFL, that’s why his team got the most unprecedented penalties up to that time for ignoring a memo. If there were a wonderlic test for posting here, the amount of commenters would be cut in half.

    And none of you would pursue it in court if someone defrauded you…riiiight.

  16. Report comment
    substanceoverceremony says: Mar 14, 2013 2:37 PM

    Some stats from ESPNBoston:

    Lining Up In The Slot Last Season (Including Playoffs)
    Welker Amendola
    Rec per game 5.5 4.6
    Yds per game 67.9 45.2
    Rec pct 66.0 66.2
    Drops 13 1

    13 drops for Welker. 13. Love the guy, I mean LOVE the guy, but still..


    its easy to drop the ball 1 time when you play in 12 games over 2 years and no playoff games in your career. Amendola isnt even in the same convo as Welker.

  17. “kazkal says:
    Mar 14, 2013 2:43 PM
    Starting to think Kraft is even cheaper then Mike Brown I didn’t think that was possible.”

    That would be because when you say you’re thinking you’re not actually using your brain to, you know, think.

    The Pats spend to the limit of the cap or very close to it and have every year since Kraft bought the team.

    Kraft is also one of only 2 NFL owners who paid for his own stadium instead of extorting hundreds of millions of dollars from the taxpayers during a bad economy.

    Not to mention the charity contributions which are fairly large every year.

    So please, hate if you want, but try educating yourself about who you’re hating.

  18. Kraft built the stadium when corporate owners were running amuck making money hand over fist. At the expense of all of US.

  19. wrenches2pipes says:Mar 14, 2013 4:41 PM

    Kraft built the stadium when corporate owners were running amuck making money hand over fist. At the expense of all of US.


    Another moron that doesn’t know what he was talking about. When Kraft built the stadium he was offerred a brand new stadium if he moved the team to Hartford. He declined, built the stadium with his own money and only asked that Mass. spend $1mil on fixing the roads that lead to the stadium. He is also one of a very selcet few (he might be the only) owners that does not have a PSL requirement in place for the fan base. Robert Kraft is probably the best owner in all of sports and it showed when the players gave him a hug when he entered ontp the negotiations that ended the lockout.

  20. Aren’t they shooting guys up with Torodol before, during, and after every game in the NFL?

    What is the difference here? This plagues the NFL, leads to worse injuries, and harsher long term-effects on player’s bodies. Hope they take back the $2.5 Mil and put it into a pension fund for the guys who get too banged up to walk.

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