PFT Live: Dolphins can’t fall in ‘Dream Team’ trap

Wes Welker is heading west to Denver, and Mike Florio wonders if the Patriots had their eye on Danny Amendola even before Welker departed. Florio also talks about the crop of talent in the cornerback market, but wonders why more moves haven’t been made. The Eagles may have ruined it for future teams, and Florio discusses the stigma that comes along with become free agency winners and says the new-look Dolphins can’t fall in this trap.

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1 responses to “PFT Live: Dolphins can’t fall in ‘Dream Team’ trap

  1. Wait a minute, so Elway is a genius for mortgaging the franchise for a 14 year vet on the decline with a total of 7 playoff wins to a $ 100 million contract. A player that is so arrogant and headstrong that every decision has to be approved by him. A player that totally choked and couldn’t even produce a playoff win with the team Tim Tebow won one with last year. Now Elway get props for signing Welker who only signed with Denver because he wanted to stick it to Bill Belichick. Okay that makes total sense if the new chic is signing over the hill big names free agents to huge contracts just to sell some jerseys. Get a clue.

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