Phase One of free agency likely ends with Landry deal

Getty Images

With safety LaRon Landry parlaying his one year with the Jets into a four-year, $24 million contract in Indy, the first phase of 2013 free agency has unofficially concluded.

The thinking is that teams and agents will regroup and reset on Thursday morning, with teams starting to look for bargains and agents continuing to look for teams.

Look for more short-term deals to be done — especially with Landry’s gamble from 2012 providing a clear example of the benefit of picking the right team and having a big year.

Landry’s deal, we’re told, is a real $6 million annual contract, with no fluff or back-end filler.  He’ll make $18 million over three, and of the $14 million in guaranteed money a whopping $11 million of it is fully guaranteed.

So let’s all get a little sleep.  Except for Curtis Crabtree, the West Coaster who handles the graveyard shift.