Phase One of free agency likely ends with Landry deal

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With safety LaRon Landry parlaying his one year with the Jets into a four-year, $24 million contract in Indy, the first phase of 2013 free agency has unofficially concluded.

The thinking is that teams and agents will regroup and reset on Thursday morning, with teams starting to look for bargains and agents continuing to look for teams.

Look for more short-term deals to be done — especially with Landry’s gamble from 2012 providing a clear example of the benefit of picking the right team and having a big year.

Landry’s deal, we’re told, is a real $6 million annual contract, with no fluff or back-end filler.  He’ll make $18 million over three, and of the $14 million in guaranteed money a whopping $11 million of it is fully guaranteed.

So let’s all get a little sleep.  Except for Curtis Crabtree, the West Coaster who handles the graveyard shift.

24 responses to “Phase One of free agency likely ends with Landry deal

  1. I’m hoping that the Patriots will make another move that will take the sting out of the Welker debacle. It’s going to take something big. The Amendola signing can’t be the deal they make.

  2. Don’t you think the Cliff Avril deal with the Hawks that ESPN and others are reporting is worth a meniton? I do.

  3. Landry is monster. He will play similar to what Bob Sanders did prior to the rash of injuries.

  4. It’s nice to hear you guys acknowledging the “graveyard shift” – I’m not a west coast guy who whines about the “east coast bias”, but this site slows down early for us on the west coast. I know the news slows down, but at least post comments at the normal speed instead of every hour.

    Hopefully the 9ers (and yeah damn the Seahawks) make you pay a little bit more attention to the west. It’s best in the west. All day football starting at 10AM.

  5. On the next NBC Sports app update please get rid of that stupid feature that every time you accidentally tilt your phone it goes right to the top of the article. Annoying reading a long comment section.

  6. Landry will play less than Bob Sanders. He will forever and always be known as Bob Sanders 2.0

  7. Whopping? The NFL players have the worst CBA in pro sports. Seriously….the NBA players negotiate a better CBA with a corrupt PA.

  8. Landry will be just fine, haters get a life, Colts taking names n knockin folks smooth da -*&% out! !!

  9. Jets had a solid secondary that made him look better than he is perceived. Not much of a coverage guy. If he can stay healthy you’ll have to see how he gels. I think Colts overpaid for the one-year wonder.

  10. Sigh… I will miss Landry not because he was great… but he was exciting to watch. He would literally take one person out of the game every week with his big hits. I think the Colts saw that when they played the Jets and he destroyed their running game… Now the Jets are officially crap next year!

  11. Landry and Bethea at Safety for the Colts with Zbikowski as a backup… I’ll take it!

    The Colts have addressed 2 big needs: RT and S.

    They still have quite a bit of money / cap space to work with as well.

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