ProFootballTalk: Revis no longer on the market?

Mike Florio updates us on the latest Darrelle Revis trade rumors and wonders if the shutdown DB is better off staying in New York. Free agent DBs haven’t struck it rich this off-season, and the Jets may want to take advantage of this by inking Revis to a team-friendly deal.

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4 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Revis no longer on the market?

  1. I’m sorry, but what the Jets gonna offer him, maybe that16 million he want but they can’t offer a Super Bowl, hope he is happy, maybe he said he is the best player because he get that money but if you don’t play in the Super Bowl, you are not the best. Now he just make me sick. I know this is a business, guess he don’t wanna go to the Super Bowl.

  2. First off, speak English. Second, he is a cornerback. What does playing in the Super Bowl have to do with it? The guy is phenomenal. And, I am one of the many Jets fans that are all for him being traded. But, you have to call it what it is, he is the best corner in the game. A cornerback’s success is not based on going to a Super Bowl. He is not a quarterback. And that isn’t even all that true for quarterbacks, because there are dozens of SB winners that weren’t better than Dan Marino, amongst others that never won a Super Bowl. Bottom line, Revis is the best in the game. DEAL WITH IT

  3. Maybe they end up signing him for 4 years @ 40-45 million, wouldn’t be the worst thing for either side.

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