Redskins reach agreement with Jeremy Trueblood

The Redskins and Buccaneers free agent offensive tackle Jeremy Trueblood reached a deal contingent on a physical, NFL writer Jenna Laine reported Thursday.

Trueblood was scheduled to visit Washington this weekend, as Laine and Mike Jones of the Washington Post noted, but a deal was struck earlier.

Trueblood, who turns 30 in May, has primarily played right tackle in his NFL career. He appeared in eight games a season ago, starting one. However, Redskins general manager Bruce Allen, formerly of the Bucs, is familiar with Trueblood, as PFT’s Darin Gantt noted this morning.

Tyler Polumbus, the Redskins’ starting right tackle from a season ago, is slated to be visiting Jacksonville on Thursday and Friday.

34 responses to “Redskins reach agreement with Jeremy Trueblood

  1. Note to Tyler Polumbus: If J’ville offers anything more than a half eaten ham sandwich and a bag of Skittles, you should take it. Your locker in D.C. is being reassigned as we speak.

  2. Enjoy the barrage of holding and personal foul penalties that comes with him, Washington. Good luck with this hot head.

  3. Tom Compton, Maurice Hurt, Tony Pashos, and Jeremy Trueblood. They are creating as much competition as they can given the cap crap. I would think one if not more of these guys can play up to, if not beyond, the capabilities of Polumbus.

  4. Well if logicalvoice thinks its a good move, you obviously know its not a very good move. Take it from a Bucs fan, enjoy the holding and facemask penalties, we sure won’t miss him.

  5. I’m a Bucs fan. We haven’t won much in recent years. Between Tanard Jackson, Jeremy Trueblood, and Raheem Morris, can somebody tell me why the Redskins seem to be so fascinated with picking up people that even we don’t want?

    IIRC, Trueblood led the league two separate years in penalties for an offensive lineman. Could not be happier the guy is gone.

  6. this guy had a promising start to his career in Tampa. I remember he and Davin Joseph were supposed to be the bookends there. He never really lived up to the hype. I hope he succeeds here in the land of zone blocking

  7. skins fan here, polumbus was better than any of the guys the previous poster listed in terms of discipline speed and strength. I’m not sure about this unless shanny just wants competition and plans on drafting like three right tackles in the next draft. polumbus came on strong at the end of the season and is a serviceable backup in any zone blocking scheme and I’m not happy we can’t afford the peanuts it costs to hire him….

    salary cap hell 2013!!

  8. As long as this guy has enough gas left in the tank for at least 2 season, he will be a great compliment to Trent Williams at LT and will give RGIII the ability to become a pocket passer.

  9. Gotta hand it to logicalvoicesays, I do actively seek redskins articles just to see what he’ll say next.

  10. Turnstile Trueblood will get RGIII killed…. At least on the right side, he’ll see it coming…..

    Be prepared for the snap of the ball and The QB immediately running for his life…… Which of course will happen after consecutive false start penalties

  11. jimmyt says:
    Mar 14, 2013 12:17 PM
    What’s the over-under on the odds that logicalvoice was even alive the last time the Skins won a championship?


    More accurately what is the over under he is a Dallas fan that knows trolling is a art.

  12. Trueblood proved atrocious as a starter th last several years, surrounded by very talented linemates. Lost his job lat year to a scrub unstaffed FA off the streets. He shoul be used OnLY as quality depth on the bench

  13. i’m glad for trueblood that he found a spot. in tampa he couldnt beat a backups backup for the ROT starting position.

  14. logicalvoicesays says:
    Mar 14, 2013 12:18 PM
    I gotta laugh at those of you who thumb me down. The Washington Redskins are the flagship franchise in professional football wheather you like it or not.
    Feel free to laugh at me, because I “thumbed you down”. If you can call the Washington Redskins the “flagship franchise in professional football”, then you are obviously a.) a buffoon, or b.) joking, or c.) just dying for attention, whether it be negative or not.

  15. Good pick up for the skins….

    Better overall for the rest of the NFC East!!!

    Good job Shammy! Just what the doctor ordered for a recovering QB.

  16. Shrewd moves. Welcome to the best franchise in professional football. We win championships.

    this is a very fail statement, skins havent been relevent since reagan was in office

  17. YEah, good luck with that DC, this is a guy who lost his starting job to a 4 year college basketball player with a whopping 6 whole college football games of experience. Trueblood is a human turnstile with a bad habit of false starts and personal fouls.

  18. Well, like someone else said, between Pashos, Polumbus, Hurt,now this guy, plus Tom Compton, SOMEBODY’S got to be better than the others, and probably will be an improvement over Polumbus….

    Keep running left, Alfred! Oh, and Bobby-develop some timing patterns with these receivers, forget standing around back there like Jason Campbell looking for someone to come open….You’ll get creamed, and Cousins will take over!

  19. Logicalvoice….what EXACTLY makes you the Flagship franchise in the league. When was the last time you won anything? You just made the playoffs for the first time since George Bush 1 was in office and you blew out your franchise QB’s knee to get their.
    Your owner tries to break the FA bank every year and fails more than succeeds…yet he won’t spring for a new field knowing you have the worst one in the league?
    I shutter to think what a sad life you must have, thinking you actually have a franchise that is relevant, let alone good! Pity really.

  20. I love the “relative” quotes. Dont you see? The Skins could literally not play next season and we would still be more talked about than 90% of the league. Media Darlings and Historic, one of the most profitable franchises and a ravenous fan base….get out of here.

  21. That’s funnyA Bengal fan talking about a team not being relevant when was the last time the Bengals were relevant 1988 maybe? BTW The Skins last made the playoffs in 2007.The Skins will always be relevant because people are always talking about us when we are good or when we are awful .

  22. flmike says: Mar 14, 2013 1:10 PM

    YEah, good luck with that DC, this is a guy who lost his starting job to a 4 year college basketball player with a whopping 6 whole college football games of experience. Trueblood is a human turnstile with a bad habit of false starts and personal fouls.
    You say this like Washington’s front office looked at all the free agent tackles and said “This guy. Jeremy Trueblood is the future of this team.” If that was the attitude your comment would be totally valid. However it clearly isn’t. The front office doesn’t see a need to hobble the team in future years by backloading major free agent signings this year. If they hadn’t been docked 36m in cap space for doing the same thing that literally half the league did, they would certainly not be targeting Jeremy F. Trueblood.

  23. skinsrollyou says: Mar 14, 2013 1:21 PM

    Actually, they won a superbowl with bush in office. I love the entertainment that all you morons give me on a daily basis.
    Clinton actually. It was his fifteenth day in office, so no difference at all, but it does sound better. Although they did also win during the Bush administration and the Reagan administration.

    Maybe the key to the Redskins’ success is not free agency or the draft, it’s having a president with an approval rating over 40% .

  24. Why are skins fans acting like they carry the same popularity or relevance as Truly historic and relevant franchises like the steelers, packers, cowboys, giants, etc? Skins are no more relevant historically or now than the chiefs are. You aren’t a media darling, the only reason you’ve been in the media in the past 2 decades is for bad publicity and having THE worst business plan in the NFL since then. That doesn’t make you “media darlings”, it makes you the Clevland Browns, except in their defense the Browns haven’t tried nearly as hard to be good in that time

  25. logicalvoicesays says: Mar 14, 2013 12:18 PM

    I gotta laugh at those of you who thumb me down. ——–
    You get the thumbs down because we don’t have a finger up option.

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