Report: Donald Jones to visit Patriots Thursday


The remaking of the Patriots receiving corps continues.

A day after the Patriots said goodbye to Wes Welker and replaced him with Danny Amendola, they are reportedly set to meet with former Bills receiver Donald Jones. Tim Graham of the Buffalo News reports that Jones is expected to visit the Patriots on Thursday.

Jones was set to become a restricted free agent this offseason, but the Bills decided not to tender him a contract. That made him an unrestricted free agent coming off a year that saw him get shut down in December because of a medical condition that has nothing to do with football. Jones had 41 catches for 443 yards and four touchdowns before his year came to an end, his best numbers since joining the Bills in 2012, and scored two of those touchdowns in games against New England.

Should Jones land a contract with the Patriots, it will likely increase speculation about Brandon Lloyd’s future with the team. There’s been a lot of talk that the team would pass on paying Lloyd a $3 million option bonus after his first season with the team. That decision needs to come by Saturday, so the timing of Jones’ visit probably isn’t coincidental.

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  1. I knew it wouldn’t take long for someone to comment that Donald Jones is the Pats answer. Just looking at receivers that “can take the top off”. The Patriots will sign at least 3 more FA receivers. DHB ???

    I loved WW but it looks like he was not really in their plans. Belichick seems to feel that he can replace the slot with a younger version.

    The offense isn’t broken, lets see how the plan unfolds because after only one signing so far it looks like Belichick knows the market will come to him. I am interested to see what we do about the D.

    In Bill We Trust

  2. I thought they were going to be interested in David Nelson off of the Bills roster. Bigger target – BB showed interest out of college.

  3. Come on….get Brady some real help. Using the money he helped them save on Amendola instead of Welker will only make sense if they get another legit threat for Brady.

    It didn’t work with Ocho Cinco, Branch, Lloyd…now Jones? Come on.

    They should have been waiting by Mike Wallace’s front door at 4 on monday. Would have been a match made in heaven if you ask me.

  4. Do the Patriots even need a WR? I thought they were going Amendola and four Tight Ends.

  5. Really…Are the Patriots turning into the Harry Sinden Boston Bruins? Shopping in the bargain basement for washed-up players and only concerned with putting a$$es in the seats? I’m really disgusted with them right now. All I can say is that it must have been quite the falling out between BB and Welker for him to bolt. The fact that he went to Denver is the real knife in the heart. Leon Washington,Donald Jones??? Come on…

  6. Relax, just because they bring a guy in does not mean they are going to sign him.

    They do this every year and every year people over react. How many different WR did they bring in last season just for a look? About 5 and none of them made the roster.

  7. Bradygirl you can’t be much of a Pats fan since you seem to know nothing if their history under Belichick. The 3 SB winning teams were loaded with bargain basement vets whose strengths BB took advantage of. I seem to remember similar comments about Welker being no answer when the Pats brought him in, and Jets fans ridiculing the Pats for picking up Woodhead.

    Belichick sees the advantages in players that many other teams don’t.

  8. Who cares? Do we really want another year of the Patriots looking like the Colts. Even if Amendola is not as productive as Welker (and just about anyone would be as productive as Lloyd), the Pats would come out ahead both financially and in terms of competitiveness if they just make a few upgrades to that defense. The secondary has not been good since 2004.

  9. Jones will probably be signed by the Patriots. He is not very fast, but is quick out of his breaks. He has real good hands and is a decent blocker. I was really surprised that the Bills just gave up on Jones and Nelson. I don’t think they realize that It wasn’t the Receivers fault of why they looked bad at times, It was Fitzpatrick’s average arm. I wish they would have at least given them both a shot in Training Camp, then if they weren’t satisfied dump them. Now the Patriots and Tom Brady will make Jones much better. If he is signed, I bet he is in the top 10 for Receiving stats this year. Bad move Nix.

  10. Let’s face it…WW was gone once he turned down the 2 yr./ 16 mill fully guaranteed contract last year. As it turns out, WW misread the market and his value to other teams. Also, there is no doubt that the offense is changing with Ballard and the running backs. Remember how it was with Antoine Smith and Dillon. Power offense and take alot of pressure off an aging Brady.
    Never doubt what McDaniels and Dabol can come up with scheme-wise. That said, I can’t understand this guy from Buffalo!

  11. From Bradygirl12

    Really…Are the Patriots turning into the Harry Sinden Boston Bruins? Shopping in the bargain basement for washed-up players and only concerned with putting a$$es in the seats? I’m really disgusted with them right now. All I can say is that it must have been quite the falling out between BB and Welker for him to bolt. The fact that he went to Denver is the real knife in the heart. Leon Washington,Donald Jones??? Come on…

    Total BS Here.

    You know what was a real knife to the heart? Watching Welker drop that ball in the SB, and then watching Welker drop another pass vs. the Ravens that not only went through his hands, the pass was so good it hit him directly in the facemask as it went through. He catches that…it’s first and 10..we likely get another 3, maybe even 7 and who knows from there.

    This team won on SB’s with DEFENSES and great special teams, with clutch QB play when needed. Not a great offense, not a great passing game. We’ve tried that route for since 2007 and all it’s gotten the fans is crushing defeat after crushing defeat at the end of seasons. We lost the Ravens game when Talib got hurt because he literally took away their best WR so we could double everywhere else.

    BB cares about long-term sustainability (see the ridiculous 12 year record) and he’s done it making tough choices. Yeah, he’s screws them up from time to time but you really think he makes this move if its not ultimately OK with Tom Brady?

  12. Take it from a Bills fan, Donald Jones is not a good player unless he’s being brought in as a 4th WR.

  13. BradyGirl…Leon Washington would be here returning kicks, that is it.

    I like Amendola as for one, WW can’t be replaced so move on, two, this guy has talent. Durability is certainly a major issue but we can’t determine how many games he’ll play this year until it happens.

    I would love Jennings, but isn’t going to happen. But the physicality, smarts, and crisp routes he runs is what they need ultimately. Get someone that can fight off a physical secondary other than Gronk.

    However, take the money and spend on D! I want some intimidators back there like we used to have during the SB years.

    I don’t judge the off season until Training camp is underway. Too many changes until then…

  14. The front 7 in pretty stout….could use more speed at LB to cover a little better but our Run D is one of the better units in the league. If we can sign Talib, and find someone who can make WR’s nervous to play safety our D will be good enough to make a deep run.

    Keep Vollmer, Talib and I think we’ll be OK.

  15. “BB” just doesn’t get it. The Patriots have needed a wide receiver with size and speed who could go deep since 2009, when Randy Moss mentally checked out. Sorry BB, but a journeyman receiver like Donald Jones, who is already 32 years old, just isn’t going to cut it. Brady should demand a trade.

  16. To those who piled on me for my comment:

    That’s my opinion. You guys have yours,I have mine. I love Welker. I’m gonna miss him,no matter what happened in the past. He’s a HOF receiver,and he was fun to watch. I just hate that they lowballed him,especially after Brady took a pay cut to keep him. Tell me I’m full of BS or whatever…that’s my opinion.

  17. “BB” just doesn’t get it.

    Obviously. He’s only been to 7 Super Bowls.
    Like to see a list of the ones that actually “get it.”

  18. ijahru says: azarkhan you may want to check your facts on Jones. He isn’t 32

    You’re right-he is only 25. I clicked on the link in the article, which is wrong.

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