Report: Jets not actively shopping Revis


Maybe Jets G.M. John Idzik should tell the media — repeatedly — that he has “no intent” to trade cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Actually, Idzik could be moving in that direction.

Weeks after it was first reported that the Jets would like to trade Revis, Brian Costello of the New York Post reports that the Jets are not “actively shopping” Revis, and that they aren’t “committed” to trading him.

While it’s regarded as bad form to speculate about sources, it’s fairly clear that the Jets have decided to break from their vow of silence regarding Revis, opting instead to discreetly use the media to get their message out.  And while we don’t buy that the Jets want to keep Revis for the last year of a contract that lets him walk away free and clear in 2014 (after all, we didn’t buy Minnesota’s “no intent” claim on Harvin), it was overdue for the Jets to push back against the momentum pointing to a trade.

With the Buccaneers not offering what the Jets want (i.e., a package headlined by a 2013 first-round pick), the Jets need to make it clear that they have a viable alternative — even if they don’t.  And they also need to ensure that the media and the fans realize there’s a chance the Jets ultimately will be loving the one they’re with, even if it’s only for one more season.

In the end, pretending that they don’t want to trade Revis could be the only way to pull it off.

57 responses to “Report: Jets not actively shopping Revis

  1. The bold move would be to trade him for what you can get right now and to hell with the naysayers. He needs to do what’s right for the team, not what will make the fans and media howl the least.

  2. Clown organization. Shopping him and publicly admit it now you say you aren’t lol. Coming from a cowboy fan and seeing just how corny a franchise can be run the jets take the cake

  3. Let me know when you guys decide to actually do some reporting instead of just writing an article about everything you hear on Twitter.

  4. As a Bucs fan the Jets are really screwing this up, no one is paying them a 1st this season for a player who can’t even work-out at this point, they should take the 2nd, 4th and Blount that the Bucs seem to be offering.

  5. Idzik leaves the anonymity of Seattle and is thrust right into the spotlight in NYC by having to make a very tough decision for any GM.

    Then the guy who used to have his job goes out and makes Idzik’s job harder by proclaiming Revis must not be traded for anything less than the Vikings got for Harvin.

    So now if he takes less than that, he’ll be criticized for being weak, and if he can’t make a trade at all, Revis leaves next year with no compensation…and the biggest media machine in the USA is right there to cover every step of the process.

    Good luck with that, John.

  6. Good! Please Bucs, resign Bennet and Miller. Send out the Jet and pick up Grimes. Revis is a cancer and I am sure most fans are on the fence. If we get him then cool I hope he plays nice! If we don’t then we dodged that bullet!

  7. I dont understand how you could trade Revis and not expect a first round pick in return. Why are you trying to trade the guy anyway? He is the only proven commodity on the team.

  8. Get rid of him for whatever a team will offer, then pick up grimes for only 2/3s his salary and be done with the circus…

    You are not getting the Seattle deal… The teams that give up tons of picks for players, Redskins and Raiders are not in position to do so (and they have changed regimes to NOT do such ridiculous trades)…

  9. Geez, the hyperactive NYC media strikes again, and the national hyperactive media goes right along with it afraid of being outscooped by the next guy.

  10. Maybe its that Revis sees he’s got no market at the price he’s asking for, and the Jets will move to secure him long term at a reasonable price.

    If nobody is talking to Revis’ agents, what keeps the Jets from dialing them up?

  11. Stupid not to trade him to Tampa if they are getting a 2nd rounder (an early 2nd rounder at that), What do the Bucs care if they don’t get him, they will keep thier pick and go sign Nnamdi or Grimes, win/win for the Bucs, stupidity on the jets!

  12. kingpel says: Mar 14, 2013 10:39 AM

    I don’t understand how you could trade Revis and not expect a first round pick in return. Why are you trying to trade the guy anyway? He is the only proven commodity on the team.

    They want to trade him because he has one year left on a deal, is a pain in the rear end, just had an ACL tear, they don’t want to pay him, Woody J thinks he knows how to run a team, and he kills the locker room morale!

    Where you been?

  13. they’re not shopping him b/c everybody turned them down! whose going to pay $16 million for a cornerback with drama who is coming off a torn ACL.

  14. Jets are stupid if they don’t take a 1st round draft pick for him, whether that be this year or next year. No way will Dominick give up his first this year. His contract is up at the end of next year and he will be gone. He’ll walk away and the Jets won’t get anything for him. Coming from a Bucs fan, give it a deadline and quit wasting time with this. CB’s like Grimes and Sean Smith won’t be around forever..and we all know the Bucs need a corners!

  15. Take it or leave it jets. No one besides your idiotic organization would trade a 1st for a guy that can’t even work out @ this point. No offense to Revis and his stellar accomplishments but he’s not Percy Harvin’s input on offense no matter what your moron of an ex-GM says. Two totally different trade scenarios that the pathetic jets front office can’t comprehend.

  16. Love the haters. Jets will be fine — with or without revis. Rex will have a top 10 d without Revis — top 5 with him — problem 4 jets is Sanchez, they need a real QB

  17. The Jets can’t get what they want. The Harvin trade is not a baseline. Harvin is a malcontent just like Revis but Harvin puts up points and is not injured. If the Jets can get something above what they would get in a comp pick after he leaves next year they should take it. The relationship is shattered because Revis feels disrespected and for some reason that means a lot to him. (Guess it’s only business when he is dictating the terms) I bet they were expecting more for him but a CB is not a true game changer. They complement a solid defense well but are not at all valuable on a weak defense.

  18. The Jet’s need Kim Kardashian to do the sideline interviews and a Jets reality show…………..that is about the only way fans would have less respect for this team!

  19. Problem w/ the Grimes/Smith scenario is that neither one of them is that good, and in Smith’s case, he doesn’t even want to tackle.

    It just amazes me the money that is being thrown around for this sub-par FA group. 13 mil for Wallace, 8 mil for Cook, and now Smith wants to get paid? based on what?

  20. I understand that Revis was a game changing corner before he hurt his knee. But seriously I think the asking price that the Jets are rumored to be looking for is going to prevent any deal. In Revis you have a player with a history of being a malcontent on money, more than willing to sit out even under contract if he’s unhappy. He’s coming off a major knee injury, and nobody will really know how it’ll impact him this season & in the future. If his ability to run & make quick cuts on grass and turf is even slightly hampered, at CB that’s significant. And the Jets supposedly want picks like in the Percy Harvin deal. So a rival Gm is going to trade a #1 this year, a #3 next year and maybe more, commit to 13-16million per year on a guy that you really don’t know whether he’s going to be the best again, or just good. I think the Jets are stuck between a rock and a hard place here.

  21. This is a great move by the jets. They are just waiting for the CB salaries to go down which they are so they can get Revis to sign a cheaper contract. They know Revis loves new York so he will agree to a smaller deal. Good job to our new gm. Watch he will sign a new contract with the jets

  22. Jets should take a 2rd pick this yr and a conditional gor next yr depending how many games he plays an at what level. If he is a pro bowl it could be a one. If he is dud then they get nothing

  23. I think it’s becoming quite obvious that the hack filled New York media have been left hanging on this too long. They don’t know what’s going on. They have no clue, they have no sources and everything is just a guess.

    What is baffling to me is that they seem to ignore the very fact that there is a trade window until week 9. Jets are under no pressure to trade now. I am a Jets fan and I love Revis. I think he’s a phenomenal player. Hate to see him go. Say what you want about him, but when he’s on the field and not holding out (which I remind you, he can’t) he’s a true pro. He never takes a play off. He definitely will return the same player, if not better.

    Why is it so unreasonable that a surprise team comes out hot at the start of the season and their no. 1 corner goes down? Maybe Idzik is holding out for that and gets a bevy of picks on the back of Revis’s return to form.

    Just report something when you have something concrete. This is getting annoying.

  24. they are showing they will not take anything less than what they want. I still have a feeling they will use all this is promote a deal. They want to see what they can compare with. Especially since Asomuagh was cut they might get him for less. Either way people like you will trash talk the team in whatever they do. This guy is worth 1st and 3rd minimum or else they wouldn’t wanna pay him big money. Teams are using the injury and contact as leverage to pay nothing for him.

  25. This always happens right before someone is traded. The bucs just need to give in and give up the first rounder. They’re goin to have to save a little money after trading for revis anyway. They need revis more than they need the first round pick. Turn your defense from below mediocre to extraordinary overnight, c’mon dom get it done it will be worth it.

  26. Looks like a year with the malcontent Mevi$ being a team cancer with the jests.

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving franchise. 44 years and counting…

  27. The Jets have a plan, and they know exaxtly what they;re doing. They’re just not sharing it with you idiots at this time. And yes, I’d like fries with that!

  28. Is this the media’s way of wrestling the circus trophy away from the Jets? Cause they’re the ones looking like clowns having so many un named sources.

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