Rodger Saffold’s agent eases back from talk of trade demand


At the moment, the Rams only have one left tackle, and it’s Rodger Saffold.

So his agent is trying to slide gently away from a report that Saffold would ask for a trade if the Rams signed free agent Jake Long.

Agent Alan Herman made no secret of the idea that Saffold would prefer to not move to the right side, however.

“I’m sure if you would ask Rodger what position he’d want to play, he’d want to be a left tackle,” Herman said, via Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “That’s his position. It’s a paying position in the league. He’s played left tackle his whole life since he was a little kid. Why would he want to move to the other side?”

Herman said he hasn’t broached the subject with Rams officials or his client.

“I think people are trying to get ahead of the curve here,” Herman said. “See what happens, and we go from there. If they sign the guy [Long], I’m sure Rodger’s going to be the first one to say: ‘I want to be a left tackle.’ What happens at that point?”

The most likely scenario is that Saffold plays out the final year of his rookie contract, since he doesn’t have a terrible amount of leverage, assuming the Rams land Long at all.

6 responses to “Rodger Saffold’s agent eases back from talk of trade demand

  1. I’m still trying to figure out why the Rams would want to replace him with Long when Saffold played better last season. They should go after Vollmer or Andre Smith.

  2. Roger Saffold is not a good left tackle of any sort. The last game Seahawks/Rams he was given excellent protection but Bradford/Jackson has had one of the worst offensive lines in football since he was drafted is the reason he should be moved to the right side. Rams should draft a left tackle & set their corner stone for 10 years. They have the top tier draft picks and are just a few offensive moves away from Seahawks and 49ers and will need to replace that safety who would have been a Pro Bowler in the AFC.

  3. Maybe his client should be asking himself why his team is considering overpaying for an over rated replacement instead of locking said client up before his rookie contract expires.

    Sounds like this guy is much more concerned about what other people are doing to him than what he’s done to put himself in the position he’s in.

  4. If your goal is to be traded, maybe you shouldn’t take away the any leverage the Rams would have by making your intentions known like a whining baby to your media connections.


  5. Saffold seems like good dude he was great guest on Scott Ferrall’s show on SiriusXM (so was FLorio) and he is just annoyed like any1 woul dbe when they are talked about being replaced…its moot anyway JL is not going to StL and neither is anyone else except their draft picks.

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