Rodgers-Cromartie: Broncos are a real team, not a “Dream Team”


The Broncos are making a lot of noise in free agency with moves that included signing cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. But Rodgers-Cromartie has already been on a team that was lauded for its free agent signings, and he’d rather not relive that experience.

Rodgers-Cromartie acknowledged today at his introductory press conference in Denver that his experience with the “Dream Team” in Philadelphia made him weary of fans and media members who want to anoint the Broncos the team to beat because of what they’ve done in March.

“When you have a lot of talented guys like that a lot of things are expected of you,” he said. “Don’t get caught up in the hype of names of people on the roster.”

Rodgers-Cromartie said he’s still not totally sure why things didn’t work out for the Eagles, who went 8-8 and 4-12 in the two years since Vince Young infamously anointed them the Dream Team.

“It seemed like we had everything,” he said. “The coaches, the players — sometimes in football it just doesn’t go your way.”

The Broncos, Rodgers-Cromartie said, have already made clear to him that they’re going to have a workmanlike mentality, and they’re not going to celebrate just because they’ve made some big-name free-agent signings.

They also probably won’t sign Vince Young.

82 responses to “Rodgers-Cromartie: Broncos are a real team, not a “Dream Team”

  1. Huge difference between the Eagles and the Broncos. Mike Vick, and Peyton Manning. If Manning was on the Eagles they probably would have won a Super Bowl.

  2. If he plays hard, he could be a top 10 corner in the league. Big IF. I hope he does well, he needed a culture change. Good luck DRC.

  3. You didn’t hear! The seahawks are the new “dream team”, the broncos are a team that can actually compete for the title though.

  4. Hey DRC you are a quitter. You play when you feel like it. Youre also a huge punk with limited game. Anybody watch that Eagles Cowboys game last year? You were punked all over the field. I saw it you saw it and Chip Kelly saw it.

  5. Your headline makes it seem like he is trashing Philadelphia. When all he is saying is that the broncos are about hard work. Terrible journalism. I hope the broncos get the DRC from the Cardinals and not the under-performing player we had to watch for two years with the Eagles.

  6. Seems to me that the players are the ones who failed the “dream team”. All of these supposed star players came up lame in Philly. I bet many of them bounce back, but DRC and everyone else still have a lot to prove. I wasn’t that impressed with DRC in AZ. Was he not a real player in Philly?

  7. DRC shouldn’t be aloud to speak, he might have been the worst CB in the leauge last year, he gets beat all the time hes so scared of contact its actually comical, there is no talent there at all, so have fun talking mayb if you were half decent you wouldnt have to take a 1 year deal

  8. This guy has elite speed, great size for a corner, and he always said all the right things in Philly BUT…god d@mn was he a terrible cornerback. It’s no wonder he went to a college in the Ohio Valley Conference.

  9. flavordave says: Mar 14, 2013 8:06 PM

    Hey DRC you are a quitter. You play when you feel like it. Youre also a huge punk with limited game. Anybody watch that Eagles Cowboys game last year? You were punked all over the field. I saw it you saw it and Chip Kelly saw it.

    Stat wise DRC last season was the 3rd best CB in the league.

  10. Actually, VY wouldn’t be a bad back up bridge between Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler.

  11. “Stat wise DRC last season was the 3rd best CB in the league.”


    Whatever stat website you got that from is clearly a P0S

    If that’s the case I would think he’d have done a littler better than a 1 yr deal as well?

  12. The difference is John Fox and Jack Del Rio, and to play for them you’ll need to have a strong Work ethic, and better be ready to put in hours of preparation. Last year the Broncos won 13 games, and right after that last regular season win, Fox said it still wasn’t good enough.

    Thats the difference between this team and the 2012 Eagles.

  13. See what you get broncos? One of the dream team bandits running his mouth again. The eagles are free from dream team because none of those losers are here anymore. Not one remain! VY, Nnamdi, Steve smith,Ronnie, Babin, Cullen. R.I.P Dream team officially 3/13/2013.

  14. Screw the Donkeys…sick of every story being about them. We all know they will choke when it matters.

  15. After the way he played last year he should just keep his mouth shut. All the talent in the world with the heart and brains of a mouse.

  16. OK football fans, let’s give this guy the credit to go where they are serious about football. The Eagles were not a real NFL team last season? Why? When Kolb can come back and torch them for playing the same basic defense they had when Kolb was there a few years ago, and where Kolb and the Cards defense did their tap dance all over the Eagles all game long, you know you are not a real team.

    So stop the stupid talk and fake bravado and start over by being a real, hard hitting, high effort team again. Then the rest of the NFL and especially its players will respect your franchise again. Until that happens, the Eagles and their fans will be the bottom feeders of the NFL.

  17. Pretty strong words coming from a guy that quit on his team last season. I was one of the people that wanted the Eagles to keep this guy. However, now I hope he falls flat on his face in Denver. Punk!

  18. DRC & Nnamdi were in the wrong scheme the past 2 seasons. What they really need to excel is to be in a scheme that doesn’t require them to tackle anyone or cover them man-on-man.

  19. DRC has so much talent and potential, just doesn’t have the heart. And I hope he realizes that he was one of the main reasons the “Dream Team” failed. Maybe in Denver he’ll learn how to tackle.

  20. snowpea84 says:
    Mar 14, 2013 8:37 PM
    I wonder if having Manning under center has anything to do with them being better than a team with Vick under center.
    Revis played ok with Sanchez so im gonna saaay… no.

  21. Dear Broncos fans:

    Good luck with DRC. A one year deal is perfect, because hopefully for you, it will light a fire under a talented yet otherwise lazy and underachieving ass.

    This guy is a name and a name only. Don’t be too impressed with the signing.

    An eagles or cards fan

  22. The Eagles actually made the playoffs in the 3 years before you got there you clown DRC. And the Broncos actually won a playoff game the year before Herman Munster got there.

  23. Hey DRC! Good riddance! You were a terrible corner who looked completely clueless and that you did not care. Your “play” was an embarassment. Goodbye.

  24. Glad DRC picked up on it after one hour of being a Bronco. Fact is the Eagles didn’t want you, never negotiated or attempted to keep you. Why. Because your a talented dumb guy who drives coaches nuts. You quit on the team meaning you quit on your teammates. This is your 3rd organization in 4 years which tells me all I need to know.

  25. The guy that let Dez Bryant drag him into the endzone on his back for 5 yards has no room to talk. He is such a lazy player and has no work ethic at all. Also, the Broncos better get used to him holding receivers 5 times a game and giving up penalties.

  26. He’s just not that good, but keep telling yourself it was the “scheme” he was in. Whatever makes you feel better clowns

  27. rg3andout says:
    Mar 14, 2013 7:59 PM
    ouch eagles fans

    Ouch? There was never an insult. Stop trying to insult our team just because the skins are owned by an idiot, coached by a remedial, and last but certainly not least have no star quarterback to start the season. Now that’s not an insult either… Just fact

  28. When your defensive coordinator from your only pro bowl season doesn’t want you back that’s saying something. Good luck with him Denver, you are going to need it

  29. Tracy Porter is a better CB than DRC and we all saw how well that went in Denver last season.

  30. Hey DRC you aren’t a quitter. Let’s play when you feel like it. Youre also a huge hunk with limitless game. Anybody watch that Eagles Cowboys game last year? You spunked all over the field. I saw it you saw it and Chip Kelly saw it.

  31. his hat isn’t tilted enough for my likin’

    anybody else get sick of these idiot athlete/coach personas that say “we’re gonna work like real workin men in steel plants so we don’t come off too confident out of fear it might be put on the espn news ticker if we lose and look bad.

  32. if denver was any good they would have made more noise in the playoffs. they had balt on the ropes and couldn’t put them away. denv has a great defense and great QB, but that is only in the reg season. in the playoffs, their def got shredded at home and peyton did what he had done his entire over rated career — implode in the playoffs en route to an early exit. this past yr was denver’s yr, and they didn’t go anywhere. tougher sledding from here on out.

  33. This story is laughable. Does the media really believe they can drum this up? It’s an injustice to even utter these four names in the same sentence or bother making a comparison…

    Peyton Manning/John Elway and Mike Vick/Vince Young

    Perhaps it’s more applicable to compare the dream team with say, Dan Snyder/Jim Zorn/Albert Haynesworth. Muuuuuuch Better!

  34. Wow this guy has the balls to talk tough after stealing money for the past season? This guy played hard for about 3 games. He has talent, but he’s such a punk and a bad guy to have in your locker room.

  35. Not with Manning as their QB. Choke artist. Peyton has more one and done early exit playoff seasons than anyone active in the NFL (8). Has a sub .500 playoff record (9-11). And has as many playoff wins and Super Bowl wins as Joe Flacco.

    If you want to win the regular season, get on the Manning train. It’s only going to get you a disappointing playoff loss though.

  36. @birdgang1029

    “DRC shouldn’t be aloud to speak”

    And you shouldn’t be aloud (sic) to type.

  37. DRC’s next open field tackle will be his first open field tackle. Its one thing to be a bad tackler if you can cover, but he can’t do that either.

    If you didn’t have your cousins last name you would have been a mid round pick.

  38. He never said what you put in the title? I don’t have a problem with what he said and neither should anyone else.

  39. “Looking forward to Philly exposing Denver’s corners this year”? Is pot legal in Philly now? The reason your corners suck, is because you have had no pass rush since Reggie frickin White! Philly fans are quite possibly the most miserable people on the planet. Your team blows, you haven’t signed squat, and you have no idea who is under center. Good luck this decade.

  40. You Philly fans are as dumb as you sound, it wasn’t DRC who mentioned the dream team, that was all Vince young. I watched DRC in his cardinals days and he was pretty damn good, Philly just wasn’t the right system for him. Y’all sound like a bunch of jealous fans because the eagles didn’t do much in FA and you have no clue how your team is gonna pan out next season. No disrespect to Vick but if he’s anything like last season, good luck going 4-12 again. Don’t get mad because the broncos are light years ahead of the eagles for SB contentions. Say what you want about how manning is a choker, how many time have the eagles choked period. And yes players are joining the broncos because of manning and a legitimate shot all winning a SB, do you think they’ll sign in Denver if Tebow was still here, hell no. Peyton’s first year there proved that the players played better all around from the previous year, he’s a leader and demands hard work. Vick could never get his guys to play at a high level.

  41. He said nothing of the sort. Your irresponsible reporting is more than partly responsible for these dorks continuing with this dream team garbage. Grow up and do better.

  42. The best thing I remember about drc was against dez Bryant. Dallas was in the red zone drc was playing about ten yards off dez romo sees snaps the ball and before dez gets off the line he throws to Bryant. Dez catches the ball at the line of scrimmage and proceeds to literally walk drc about 13 yards into the endzone. It was comical to see a professional athelete who is supposed to be the top guy at his position be walked like a child into the endzone lol. The good thing about him being in Denver is what wideouts does he have to cover out west none

  43. When are these punk journalists going to stop with the Dream Team references? It’s been 2 years now! And on top of that, Rodgers Cromartie didn’t say anything in his press conference even remotely similar to the “Broncos are a Real Team, Not a “Dream Team”” title that you credit to him. Hacks!

  44. DRC,
    Play ball and keep your mouth shut. There is a reason you are signed to a 1 year deal. Stop blaming your play on your teammates and coaches. You were promising when you came to Philly, but after watching your tapes in AZ. You weren’t that impressive. It looked better than what we had. But a Corvette with a 4 cylinder is laughable, as was your time in AZ. and Philly. All show no go.

  45. To: broncosnative and johnnyballgame7

    Good Luck getting the top seed again this year and choking in the first round.

    You guys havent won squat since Elway, Shut your mouth and smoke your hippie lettuce..

    I know I know, we have an empty Lombardi case. But Denver once did too. Sit back relax and enjoy your MILE HIGH for now.

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