Schiano on Revis trade: “Everything’s a possibility”


As the signs continue to point to the Bucs trying to trade for Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, the Buccaneers wisely aren’t talking.

Coach Greg Schiano addressed the situation on Wednesday with NFL Network, after the Bucs introduced new safety Dashon Goldson.

Everything’s a possibility,” Schiano said (via, “but we’re not allowed to talk about players under contract with other teams.”

While it’s tampering to express interest in players under contract with another team, it’s not tampering to say that a team has no interest.  Schiano opted not to take that route.

“We’re trying to get better and anybody that can help us do that, they’re definitely on our radar.”

Revis is definitely on the Buccaneers’ radar.  The question is whether the Jets will pull the trigger on a trade.

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  1. Bucs can’t wait too long for a deal. The longer the Jets drag this out, the less leverage Tampa has as the FA corner market depletes. Jets would be stupid to pass on a first next year if the alternative is losing Revis for nothing.

  2. Bucs should give the Jets untill 12pm tomorrow to accept the deal on the table. I would then let Revis know thru back channels that when becomes a free agent next year that the Bucs should be his first stop. If you Jet fans are pissed that you are not getting a 1st rounder this year… just think how pissed you will be when leaves next year without any compensation.

  3. Revis is worth the risk of a 13th pick in a soft draft! But if the Bucks win the superbowl (Thats a BIG if ) that first round pick next year is a 31th pick for the best corner in the NFL… Thats a terrible deal for the Jets!

    The Jets should get a First round pick THIS YEAR! not the Next! If Revis hits the open market then there are plenty of teams that can sign him like the Bills, Dolphins, Browns, Eagles… ect The Jets can also resign Revis at the end of next year before the season is over since they will have much more cap space by 2014 when Sanchez is kicked to the curb.

    The Bucks want to have their cake and eat it too… you cant get EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to the best corner in the NFL for nothing this year and use him for an entire year to win in a tough division and only end up give up a low draft pick! Revis may never be the same again with an ACL injury, but that is up to the physical to decide the risk. There is no guarantee that the Bucks wont draft a bust with that 13th pick.

  4. Jets (SMH)…you are in a rebuilding year, the guy is a headache to your organization, and he is recovering from an injury and you’re trying to get BANK for him?????!!!!!! PLLLLEEEEASSE!!!!!!! The deal that the Bucs are offering is more than enough…take the deal and move on!!!!

  5. This is Darrelle Revis we’re talking about.

    If the Bucs have actually worked out a contract with him under the table, as some have speculated, you have to believe they’re willing to give up a later pick this year and the 1st in ’14.

    The question is who blinks first and the Jets don’t have to trade Revis right now. They can wait for him to start running outside in a month and try again just before the draft.

    I think the pressure is on the Bucs right now. The FA CB’s are starting to sign elsewhere and if the Bucs want one of those guys they have to make the Revis decision pretty quickly.

  6. @Judalation….. I’m sorry but the is no “K” present in the name Buccaneers, my friend it’s Buc, but to reply the Bucs know that there 13 overal pick this yea is incredibly more valuable then the Seahawks 25 pick, The Buccaneers feel along with most of the league that they will give up a second this year, along with others and possibly a young Rb:Wr or next years first will be closer in value to what Seatles was this year.

  7. I’m glad Mark Dominik and Bucs front office aren’t offering a 2013 first round pick. Sorry but this is a business and we don’t know how Revis will look after the ACL tear. Hoping for his sake everything is in the clear but there are quite a few CB’s out there and it’s a buyer’s market. Offering a first round pick in this year’s draft is a moronic, knee-jerk move more suited for the imbeciles in the jets front office. And it’s the Bucs, not the bucks. We’re not fans of an NBA team in Milwaukee.

  8. What a dilemma for the Bucs!

    To make the trade worth while, he has to be signed to a long term $$$$$ contract and the Bucs don’t even know about his leg.

    They can’t wait until the facts are known, because the draft will be over.

    No way they give up a first round and only rent him for a year.

    If I were the Bucs, I’d pass.

  9. The problem is we don’t no if Revis is going to be the same player, how much of a drop off in play is there going to be because of the ACL? You expect a first rounder on top of making him the highest paid defensive player with the injury questions, f that. 2nd his year and a conditional first in 2014 if he makes the pro bowl it’s escalated to a first.

  10. I think the Bucs can still wait around til the draft and sign a “top-tier” CB in the meantime, and still trade for Revis under the cap while cutting Eric Wright and his non-guaranteed $7.75 M salary.

  11. Been back and forth on this subject. On one hand, we were the WORST passing D last year “Giants game, anyone?” So grabbing arguably the “BEST” CB in the game (ACL or not) is a no brainer.

    Other hand, do we want to be handcuffed by a diva, financially or otherwise if he decides to turn sour in two years?

    I firmly believe M.D. would have all his affairs in order prior to executing this trade. I’m in favor of it.

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