Stadium improvement funding plan moves forward in N.C.


A proposal to make improvements to the Carolina Panthers’ stadium without creating any new taxes has gotten closer to being voted upon the North Carolina House of Representatives.

According to the Charlotte Observer, the bill, which proposes to take tax revenue that would go to the Charlotte Convention Center and apply it towards sprucing up Bank of America Stadium, could be considered by the entire House by next week.

That said, the plan, as constituted, won’t completely fund the expected renovations, the Observer reported.

As the Observer reported last week, a poll showed that state residents were against any public money going toward fixing the stadium, which opened in 1996.

As PFT’s Mike Florio noted last week, those polled didn’t even like the prospect of public money going toward the stadium fixes before Deadspin published financial statements for the club that showed the Panthers making around $99 million in net profit over a two-year period from 2010 through 2012. The Panthers, in a statement issued to PFT, said that “(the) Deadspin story presents an incomplete picture of the Carolina Panthers profitability.”