Steelers have Beanie Wells in for a physical


The Cardinals signed Rashard Mendenhall as a free agent this week to close a hole at running back that opened when they released Beanie Wells.

Mendenhall’s departure left the Steelers with an opening of their own in the backfield. Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the Steelers started looking into options to fill their opening by bringing Wells in for a physical this week.

Wells’ knees have given him plenty of problems and there were reports out of Arizona that the Cardinals thought his right knee would continue to be troublesome in the future. We don’t know what the doctors in Pittsburgh found during their examination, but Wells hasn’t signed with the team so there could be concerns on the Steelers part as well.

Or they could just be waiting to see who else might become an option for them at running back as free agency progresses while keeping Wells in their back pocket until the time comes for them to revisit that option.

37 responses to “Steelers have Beanie Wells in for a physical

  1. Loved Beanie. Wish him all the best, but especially to find a team where he is appreciated, not hated by his own coach.

  2. Because I was just thinking how the Steelers needed to bring in a guy that is going to be on IR 6-10 games a season and ineffective when healthy.

  3. Well, I bet he’d be cheap but I hope they look at other backs before they settle on him. It’s been a buyer’s market for backs the last few years and I’d like to think the steelers could get someone better than him even at the vet minimum. Maybe his running style is a good fit for the new zone blocking scheme the steelers are installing this year? If they sign him, I sure hope so.

  4. Oops steelerben I accidently hit the report button while trying to stomp down hard on the like button for your post. My bad, brother! Your post has high quality sarcasm and I appreciate your effort lol.

  5. Oh because this is the guy that’s going to take them to the top. Hah! So this is who a broke franchise targets in free agency.

  6. Don’t know how Beanie Well’s knee could be bad for a team that thinks that Rashard Mendenhall’s knee is good for them.
    Works both way here…

  7. Great swap. Nothing like releasing your first round bust with injury issues and replacing him with another teams first round bust with injury issues.

  8. However, I’ll once again throw out the line, “it only counts if he makes the team.” If I’m looking at it from that point of view, I hope they sign 17 beanie wells. Only the ones that are any good will end up getting paid.

  9. Is it possible to get hurt during a physical? We’ll all soon find out. You can do it Beanie!

  10. @ravenator…..Shhhhhhhhhhh!

    You open your mouth….ignorant things come out.

    Just this week…
    …anquan boldin is not going to be traded
    …ellerbe is the ratbirds #1 priority. NO WAY he leaves via free agency
    …the “wizard of oz” has a plan. Wait until you see it in action
    …joe flaccid is an elite quarterback

    The “wizard of oz” is currently scrambling to replace about half his starting defense. He’s got little cash in the till and it’s only going to get worse in subsequent years. A bad defense is now going to be downright awful. the “luck” in luckimore has run out. No one wants to stick around on joe flaccid’s sinking ship.

    As the Nest Burns…


  11. What does wells bring that Dwyer and Redman don’t already have? Nothing. Steelers need a quicker receiving type back, not another big back.

    Steelers would be better with Stephens Howling from the Cards. He could fill the role they tried to fill with Rainey last year.

  12. ravenator says:
    Mar 14, 2013 1:04 PM
    Oh because this is the guy that’s going to take them to the top. Hah! So this is who a broke franchise targets in free agency.

    You may want to worry about your team before you start talking about ours. Last I checked you had next to nothing left on defense and all you have left on offense is Joe “I just cashed in big but it cost me all the talent around me” Flacco!

  13. Funny to me how a Ravens fan (ravenator) rants about the steelers being old and how they will be finishing last in the division, always finds the time to comment on every steelers related story.

  14. I doubt very much that the Steelers will sign Wells…The only way they sign him is if he comes cheap and the medical staff feels that his knee won’t be a problem….Doubt it very much though!

    This would be a GREAT move. This guy is going to be the “steel” of free agency.
    He played behind the worst O-Line & QB situation in Arizona the past 3 years. Wells will rush for 1500 yards and 17 TDs this year.
    Go Beanie
    Go Steelers

  16. Saw Beanie run like a mother at The OSU. Maybe the weather is to arid in AZ and his bones dried out. Go Bucks!!!

  17. Raveneater must be on Spring Break from 1st grade to be on line this early. Either that or her Mother kept her out of school.

  18. With his past injury problems, the guy will come cheap. He has low mileage (because of injuries, I know) and could still develop into a #1 back. If its a cheap (and I guarantee it is), one-year deal, I love it. If it is anything more than a one- year deal, not so much.

    And Steven Jackson won’t be getting paid big time in free agency, but he is DEFINITELY more expensive than Beanie at this point.

  19. as a buckeye fan and a steeler fan the thing beanie has that redman and dwyer dont have is the homerun ability and there arent many guys that have that much like mendenhall. Plus Arizona has notoriously had one of the worst offensive lines in the league for that past 7-8 years. Good luck running the ball in az they cant block

  20. We will use beanie is some way shape or form, he will most likely be used for goal line situations or 3rd and inches situations , I really don’t see him starting, this is more of a depth chart battle with baron batch.

  21. Why do so many Ravens fans hang out on Steelers posts? I mean they post more than us sometimes. This raventor seems to be the king of the trolls. He must be a real pathetic looser. Probably lives in his parents basement.

  22. Here’s the thing- Dwyer and Redman are restricted free agents, so Im sure the steelers are only kicking the tires on beanie just in case they lose one or both of them. Otherwise, having all those guys would be a little redundant.

    so there’s that, plus the only way the steelers are signing wells is if he passes all their tests and is willing to sign at a fraction of the price mendenhall was for.

    So yes, Id much rather have a healthy Wells for a 1/3 of the price of Mendenhall.

  23. I’ve seen Beanie do some amazing things at times, and yes he does get hurt a lot. But you never know, he could be great in Pittsburgh he could be bad. Guess we will have to wait and see.

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