Raiders hosting Terence Newman

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Bengals free agent cornerback Terence Newman will visit Oakland on Thursday, Matt Maiocco of reported Thursday morning.

Newman will be 35 in September, and it’s unlikely he would be a long-term fit in Oakland. That said, Newman played well for the Bengals a season ago, notching 75 tackles and intercepting two passes in 15 starts for Cincinnati. Pro Football Focus, which tracks and rates player performance, graded him as the No. 19 player at his position last season.

The Raiders added three serviceable, lower-profile defensive free agents on Wednesday: linebacker Kaluka Maiava, defensive tackle Pat Sims and defensive end Jason Hunter. Sims, like Newman, played for Cincinnati last season.

19 responses to “Raiders hosting Terence Newman

  1. These guys are all just one year players until the Raiders can get from under all the “dead money.” All the cuts started last year and they will build through the draft with young guys. With that being said, it is a long painful road ahead.

  2. I don’t mind it. I’d like to see the DB’s filled with veterans that don’t command a lot while fixing the front 7.

    I think the entire D can be rebuilt in just a few more moves.

    1. Commit to a 3-4
    2. sign craft vet DB’s
    3. get a pass rusher to pair with Houston on the right (Dumerville?)
    4. Draft a solid young pass rusher at #3 to pair with Kelly on the left.
    5. Sign Connor and rotate Connor, Maivai and Burris at MLB till a usefull combo emerges.
    6. Plug Sims in at NT.

  3. Like Newman is going to spend the last year or so in Oakland over a playoff team in Cincy. Don’t buy it he’s trying to run his price up. If you want him Mike Brown he’s yours.

  4. logicalvoicesays says: Mar 14, 2013 10:15 AM

    I remember when Santana Moss crunched this bum year after year while the Redskins owned the Cowboys as usual. ***********************************************

    Well that would explain why the Cowboys lead the series 62-42. Dang you make Real Redskin fans look dumb.

  5. Kinda surprised he hasn’t resigned with the Bengals.
    Maybe they think they will have PacMan and that Dre Kirkpatrick will be ready.
    They should sign Newman and move Leon Hall to Safety

  6. Not sure why Old Reg is going after CBs well on the wrong side of 30. Meanwhile, he lets a young stud d-lineman like Bryant walk? How is that building for the future?

    I know. I know. Salary cap. Al Davis. Blah. Blah. Blah.

    If excuses were wins the new regime and McKenzie apologists would be destined for a 19-0 season.

  7. Lol were NOT goin to a 3-4 I think that would set us back even more since we dnt have the personnel…and were signing dbs bcuz that iz our weakest part our team..if we can git sumthin out of Sims and draft DT Floyd or trade down nd get he DT from Utah..and add sum picks…our secondary is as good as our pass rush..were closer then what ppl say/think to bein competitive bt not quite there.

  8. Raider fans hang tight.

    Would you rather go 7-9 maybe 8-8 and continue to wallow in mediocrity for a few years signing overpriced average players or bite the bullet now probably go 3-13 – draft Clowney and have a ton of cap money to spend in 2014 and contend for a Super Bowl for many years.

    I’ll write for 2013 if it means many years of BIG TIME success down the road.

  9. He would be a good addition for the minimum. Reggie Mckenzie making moves! Hopefully some news will pour in later saying the Raiders signed Nick Roach.

  10. Should have signed him. I don’t think we have two starting CBs on the roster right now. We need some starters and some leaders for the locker room. Why create the cap room if you’re not going to use it?

  11. damn… as a Frank Youell Field faithful until this week’s transactions it’s time for me to acknowledge the writing on the wall. ” Gut the last few decent players. Destroy the fanbase Reggie. That’ll make the move to LA easier. Congrats on your AARP drafting scheme. Social Security cheaper than franchise tags. Oh… sign Warren Sapp to head PR. SAD SAD SAD

  12. Reg is patching holes with mainly one year no guarantee contracts and letting themcompete for positions after he drafts. Otherwise they will fall back into line or get cut at years end. I can see what he is doing with no money or a lot of draft pics. He is working the cap and building through the draft just like he said he would do. We Raider Natiofans need to be more patient then Al was. Thats why we’re in this mess! When plan is complete, the superbowls will start rolling in again! Good things come to those who wait, patiently!

  13. t8ertot says: Mar 14, 2013 12:30 PM

    Where’s joetoronto? Your beloved, pathetic, Faiders want players from your most hated team, the Bengals? The irony…
    Nobody cares which team players come from. The Bengals had no problem with Thomas Howard. Newman and Pacman Jones both looked pretty solid last season. I wouldn’t mind seeing either one in Oakland this year. It’s a non-issue. Speaking of pathetic, did you see NFLN’s top 10 worst teams of all time? The Bengals got in with any team from the 90’s. Oakland is just trying to recreate your magic.

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